Ono Seiji

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  • Effects of a simple reaction task on grading ability in the vertical jump
    宮本 健史; 木塚 朝博; 林 容市; 小野 誠司
    Taiikugaku kenkyu (Japan Journal of Physical Education, Health and Sport Sciences)/64(1)/pp.49-57, 2019
  • Evaluation of rapid force development using the maximum force produced by pulse height control
    小野 誠司; 板谷厚; 速水達也; 大山卞圭悟; 木塚
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  • 瞬発力発揮のリミットコントロール
    小野 誠司
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  • 球技系競技者における視覚反応時間と眼球運動の特性
    小野 誠司; 三浦健一郎; 川村卓; 木塚朝博
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  • Transfer of motor learning in smooth pursuit and the role of retinal error signals
    Seiji Ono
    IEICE Technical Report/118(80)/pp.25-26, 2018-06
  • A Subset of Palisade Endings Only in the Medial and Inferior Rectus Muscle in Monkey Contain Calretinin
    Lienbacher Karoline; Ono Seiji; Fleuriet Jerome; Musta...
  • The Effects of Visual Target Directions on Training of Dynamic Visual Acuity (DVA) and Concomitant Eye Movements
    Juntendo Medical Journal/64(1)/pp.69-70, 2018
  • 空間におけるGaze(注視点)制御の特性
    小野 誠司
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  • Evaluation of pulse height control for rapid isometric contractions in college sprinters
    Ono Seiji; Itaya Atsushi; Hayami Tatsuya; Ohyama-Byun Ke...
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  • Effects of visual error timing on smooth pursuit gain adaptation in humans.
    Ono Seiji; Tomohiro Kizuka
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  • Adaptation of smooth pursuit eye movements during monocular viewing
    Ono Seiji
    IEICE Technical Report/116(229)/pp.57-60, 2016-09
  • Effective method for evaluation of ball juggling skills using an unstable surface
    木塚朝博; 大田穂; 飯嶋裕美; 岩見雅人; 小野誠司
    Biomechanisms/23(0)/pp.55-65, 2016-08
  • 滑動性追跡眼球運動におけるヒトのタイミング適応の特性
    小野 誠司; 木塚朝博; 岡田守彦
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  • Response Properties of MST Parafoveal Neurons during Smooth Pursuit Adaptation
    Ono Seiji; Mustari MJ
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  • Electrical microstimulation of the superior colliculus in strabismic monkeys.
    Fleuriet J; Wolton MM; Ono Seiji; Mustari MJ
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  • Quantitative Analysis of Horizontal Eye Movements and Concentration of Serum and Plasma BDNF Level Before and After Vision Training
    Juntendo Medical Journal/62(1)/pp.77-77, 2016
  • 動きを見るための視覚−眼球運動系のメカニズム
    小野 誠司
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  • 滑動性追跡眼球運動の特性と機能
    小野 誠司
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  • The neuronal basis of on-line visual control in smooth pursuit eye movements.
    Ono Seiji
    Vision Research/11/pp.254-264, 2015
  • Vertical and oblique saccade disconjugacy in strabismus.
    Walton MM; Ono Seiji; Mustari MJ
    Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science/55/pp.275-290, 2014
  • 運動が上手くなる脳のメカニズム-運動と視覚情報処理について-
    小野 誠司
    バイオメカニズム学会誌/37(4)/pp.211-214, 2013
  • Stimulation of pontine reticular formation in monkeys with strabismus.
    Walton MM; Ono Seiji; Mustari MJ
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  • The effects of smooth pursuit adaptation on the gain of visuomotor transmission in monkeys
    Ono Seiji
    Frontiers in Systems Neuroscience/119/pp.1-11, 2013
  • Role of MSTd Extraretinal Signals in Smooth Pursuit Adaptation.
    Ono Seiji; Mustari MJ
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    Ono Seiji; Das VE; Mustari MJ
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