Takahashi Shinya

Researcher's full information

  • Effect of UV-B radiation on seedlings of two Solidago virgaurea population from the Mt. Hakusan area of Japan
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  • UV Effect on Plant Growth
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  • Diurnal Change of Cucumber CPD Photolyase Gene (CsPHR) Expression and Its Physiological Role in Growth under UV-B Irradiation
    Takahashi Shinya; Nobuyoshi Nakajima; Hikaru Saji; Noriak...
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  • Effects of UV-B Radiation on Seedlings of Two Solidago Virgaurea Populations from the Mt. Hakusan Area of Japan
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  • Determination of Cyclobutane Pyrmidine Dimer in the DNA from UV-B Irradiated Cucumber Leaves
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