Iida Takashi

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  • Realization of transparent water scintillator using fluorochemical surfactant
    Iida Takashi
    Exploration of Particle Physics and Cosmology with Neutrinos Workshop2019/2019-06-12--2019-06-14
  • Crystal growth and scintillation properties of Eu-doped Ca(BrxI1-x)(2) crystals
    Kamada Kei; Iida Takashi; Furuya Yuki; Kim Kyoung Jin...
    10th International Conference on Luminescent Detectors and Transformers of Ionizing Radiation (LUMDETR)/2018-09-09--2018-09-14
  • Development of calcium iodide (CaI2) scintillator for the study of double beta decay of 48Ca
    Iida Takashi
    15th International Conference on Scintillating Materials and their Applications (SCINT2019)/2019-09-30--2019-10-04
  • High light yield calcium iodide (CaI2) scintillator for astroparticle physics
    Iida Takashi; Yoshino Masao; Kamada Kei; Kim Kyoung Jin; ...
    The 15th Vienna Conference on Instrumentation (VCI2019)/2019-02-18--2019-02-22
  • Development of Hafnium STJ for cosmic neutrino background search
    Iida Takashi; Takemasa Ken-ichi
    The 15th Vienna Conference on Instrumentation (VCI2019)/2019-02-18--2019-02-22
  • ダブルベータ(実験レビュー)
    飯田 崇史
  • 二重ベータ崩壊探索実験のための新規シンチレータ開発
    飯田 崇史
  • 素粒子地下実験入門:日本のニュートリノ研究最前線
    飯田 崇史
  • COBAND実験報告
    飯田 崇史
  • 新規高性能シンチレータによる宇宙史研究
    飯田 崇史
  • 新規シンチレータによるニュートリノ物理
    飯田 崇史
    Scintillator for Medical, Astroparticle and Environmental Radiation Techniques II (SMART2018)/2018-05-17--2018-05-19
  • A beam profile monitor for the FIR molecular laser used to calibrate neutrino-decay-photon detectors
    竹下勉; 西村航; 鈴木健吾; 浅胡武志; 吉田 拓生; 岡島茂樹; 小川勇; 中山和也; 古屋岳; 金信弘; 竹内勇司; 飯田崇史; ...
    2018 Annual Meeting of Hokuriku Branch of JPS/2018-11-24--2018-11-24
  • Development of FD-SOI cryogenic amplifier for application to STJ readout in COBAND experiment
    TAKEUCHI YUJI; Kim S.H.; Iida T.; Takemasa K.; Asano C.; ...
    the 13th Workshop on Low Temperature Electronics (WOLTE13)/2018-09-10--2018-09-13
  • R&D of SOI-STJ Cold Amplifier for COBAND Experiment VIII
    笠島誠嘉; ⾦信弘; 武内勇司; 飯⽥崇史; 武政健⼀; 浅野千紗; 吉田 拓生; 松浦周二; Erik Ramberg; So...
    JPS 2018 Autumn Meeting/2018-09-14--2018-09-17
  • R&D of SOI cryogenic preamplifier for COBAND experiment
    浅野千紗; ⾦信弘; 武内勇司; 飯⽥崇史; 武政健⼀; 吉田 拓生; 松浦周二; Erik Ramberg; Soo-Bon...
    JPS 2018 Autumn Meeting/2018-09-14--2018-09-17
  • Design of optical systems for evaluation of STJ detectors in COBAND Experiment II
    西村航; 吉田 拓生; 岡島茂樹; 中山和也; ⾦信弘; 武内勇司; 飯⽥崇史; 武政健⼀; 松浦周二; Erik Ramber...
    JPS 2018 Autumn Meeting/2018-09-14--2018-09-17
  • Optical design and development for the COBAND experiment I
    飯⽥崇史; ⾦信弘; 武内勇司; 武政健⼀; 吉田 拓生; 松浦周二; Erik Ramberg; Soo-Bong Ki...
    JPS 2018 Autumn Meeting/2018-09-14--2018-09-17
  • Development of Hf-STJ for COBAND experiment IV
    武政健⼀; ⾦信弘; 武内勇司; 飯⽥崇史; 吉田 拓生; Erik Ramberg; Soo-Bong Kim; 他30名
    JPS 2018 Autumn Meeting/2018-09-14--2018-09-17
  • 宇宙背景ニュートリノ崩壊探索COBAND実験
    Kim Shinhong; Takeuchi Yuji; IIda Takashi; Takemasa Keni...
  • Development of Superconducting Tunnel Junction Far-Infrared Photon Detector for Cosmic Background Neutrino Decay Search - COBAND experiment
    Kim Shinhong; Takeuchi Yuji; IIda Takashi; Takemasa Keni...
    XXXIX International Conference on High Energy Physics (ICHEP 2018)/2018-07-04--2018-07-11
  • First result of the CANDLES III experiment searching for double beta decay of 48Ca
    Iida Takashi
    XXVIII International Conference on Neutrino Physics and Astrophysics (NEUTRINO2018)/2018-06-03--2018-06-09
  • Low background double beta decay search in CANDLES
    Iida Takashi
    International Workshop on Double Beta Decay and Underground Science (DBD16)/2016-11-08--2016-11-10
  • Astro-particle physics with newly developed inorganic scintillator
    Iida Takashi
    New Development In Photo-detection (NDIP17)/2017-07-03--2017-07-07
  • Multi-purpose detector using high light yield CaI2 crystal
    Iida Takashi
    XV International Conference on Topics in Astroparticle and Underground Physics (TAUP2017)/2017-07-24--2017-07-28
  • COBAND Project for Cosmic Background Neutrino Decay Search and Rocket Experiment Design
    飯田 崇史
    Tsukuba Global Science Week (TGSW2017)/2017-09-25--2017-09-27
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