Miyamoto Takafumi

Researcher's full information

  • Rho-associated, coiled-coil-containing protein kinase 1 as a new player in the regulation of hepatic lipogenesis
    Miyamoto Takafumi; Matsuzaka Takashi; Shimano Hitoshi
    Journal of diabetes investigation/10(5)/pp.1165-1167, 2019-09
  • Octacosanol and policosanol prevent high-fat diet-induced obesity and metabolic disorders by activating brown adipose tissue and improving liver metabolism.
    Sharma Rahul; Matsuzaka Takashi; Kaushik Mahesh K; Sugasa...
    Scientific Reports/9(1)/p.5169, 2019-03
  • Glucocorticoid receptor suppresses gene expression of Rev-erbα (Nr1d1) through interaction with the CLOCK complex
    Murayama Yuki; Yahagi Naoya; Takeuchi Yoshinori; Aita Yu...
    FEBS letters/593(4)/pp.423-432, 2019-02
  • Identification of a p53-repressed gene module in breast cancer cells.
    Miyamoto Takafumi; Tanikawa Chizu; Yodsurang Varalee; Zha...
    Oncotarget, 2017-07
  • Identification of a novel p53 target, COL17A1, that inhibits breast cancer cell migration and invasion.
    Yodsurang Varalee; Tanikawa Chizu; Miyamoto Takafumi; Lo ...
    Oncotarget., 2017-06
  • Identification of a p53 target, CD137L, that mediates growth suppression and immune response of osteosarcoma cells.
    Tsuda Yusuke; Tanikawa Chizu; Miyamoto Takafumi; Hirata ...
    Sci Rep, 2017-09
  • Regulation of tubular recycling endosome biogenesis by the p53-MICALL1 pathway.
    Takahashi Yukie; Tanikawa Chizu; Miyamoto Takafumi; Hirat...
    Int J Oncol, 2017-08
  • Argininosuccinate synthase 1 is an intrinsic Akt repressor transactivated by p53.
    Miyamoto Takafumi; Lo Paulisally Hau Yi; Saichi Naomi; Ue...
    Sci Adv, 2017-05
  • Deconvoluting AMPK dynamics.
    Miyamoto Takafumi; Rho Elmer; Inoue Takanari
    Oncotarget, 2015-10
  • Opening the conformation is a master switch for the dual localization and phosphatase activity of PTEN.
    Nguyen Hoai-Nghia; Yang Jr-Ming; Miyamoto Takafumi; Itoh ...
    Sci Rep, 2015-07
  • Compartmentalized AMPK signaling illuminated by genetically encoded molecular sensors and actuators.
    Miyamoto Takafumi; Rho Elmer; Sample Vedangi; Akano Hiro...
    Cell Rep, 2015-04
  • A positive role of mammalian Tip41-like protein, TIPRL, in the amino-acid dependent mTORC1-signaling pathway through interaction with PP2A.
    Nakashima Akio; Tanimura-Ito Keiko; Oshiro Noriko; Eguchi...
    FEBS Lett., 2013-09
  • Synthesizing biomolecule-based Boolean logic gates.
    Miyamoto Takafumi; Razavi Shiva; DeRose Robert; Inoue Ta...
    ACS Synth Biol, 2013-02
  • Manipulating signaling at will: chemically-inducible dimerization (CID) techniques resolve problems in cell biology.
    DeRose Robert; Miyamoto Takafumi; Inoue Takanari
    Pflugers Arch, 2013-03
  • Identification of 14-3-3γ as a Mieap-interacting protein and its role in mitochondrial quality control.
    Miyamoto Takafumi; Kitamura Noriaki; Ono Masaya; Nakamura...
    Sci Rep., 2012-04
  • Rapid and orthogonal logic gating with a gibberellin-induced dimerization system.
    Miyamoto Takafumi; DeRose Robert; Suarez Allison; Ueno T...
    Nat Chem Biol., 2012-03
  • Mieap, a p53-inducible protein, controls mitochondrial quality by repairing or eliminating unhealthy mitochondria.
    Kitamura Noriaki; Nakamura Yasuyuki; Miyamoto Yuji; Miyam...
    PLoS One., 2011-01
  • Possible existence of lysosome-like organella within mitochondria and its role in mitochondrial quality control.
    Miyamoto Yuji; Kitamura Noriaki; Nakamura Yasuyuki; Futam...
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  • Regulation of apoptosis by p53-inducible transmembrane protein containing sushi domain.
    Cui Hongyan; Kamino Hiroki; Nakamura Yasuyuki; Kitamura ...
    Oncol Rep., 2010-11
  • Identification of NEEP21, encoding neuron-enriched endosomal protein of 21 kDa, as a transcriptional target of tumor suppressor p53.
    Ohnishi Shiho; Futamura Manabu; Kamino Hiroki; Nakamura ...
    Int J Oncol, 2010-11
  • AMP-activated protein kinase phosphorylates glutamine : fructose-6-phosphate amidotransferase 1 at Ser243 to modulate its enzymatic activity.
    Miyamoto Takafumi; Eguchi Satoshi; Oshiro Noriko; Yoshino...
    Genes Cells., 2009-02
  • Identification of TBC7 having TBC domain as a novel binding protein to TSC1-TSC2 complex.
    Nakashima Akio; Yoshino Ken-ichi; Miyamoto Takafumi; Eguc...
    Biochem Biophys Res Commun, 2007-07
  • The proline-rich Akt substrate of 40 kDa (PRAS40) is a physiological substrate of mammalian target of rapamycin complex 1.
    Oshiro Noriko; Takahashi Rinako; Yoshino Ken-ichiro; Tani...
    J Biol Chem, 2007-05
  • AMP-activated protein kinase phosphorylates Golgi-specific brefeldin A resistance factor 1 at Thr1337 to induce disassembly of Golgi apparatus.
    Miyamoto Takafumi; Oshiro Noriko; Yoshino Ken-ichi; Nakas...
    J Biol Chem, 2008-02
  • Cellular Application of Genetically Encoded Sensors and Impeders of AMPK
    Miyamoto Takafumi; Rho Elmer; Kim Allen; Inoue Takanari
    Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.) / AMPK: METHODS AND PROTOCOLS/1732/pp.255-272, 2018-04