Sasaki Tetsuya

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Other activities
2023-12 -- 2023-12Harassment Prevention Seminar for Faculty and Staff
2023-11 -- 2023-112023 1st FD program (Master's program of Medical Sciences) Getting along with Generative AI
2023-11 -- 2023-11Integrating Salivary Analytes into Behavioral, Developmental, and Health Science Research
2023-11 -- 2023-11The 44th WAKO Web seminar "Resources and Utilization of Biobank at Okayama University Hospital
2023-08 -- 2023-08The 33rd Science Café Topic: New hypothesis of pathophysiology of schizophrenia based on giant spines - Disruption of neuronal synaptic democracy"
2023-08 -- 2023-08Database-Driven Neuroscience (Interdisciplinary Research Seminar)
2023-08 -- 2023-08Study Group on Future Medical Education (4th meeting)
2023-08 -- 2023-08Public Web Event "Where do developmental "disabilities" lie in society?"
2023-05 -- 2023-05Survey on the Employment Status of Researchers and Teachers, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT)
2023-05 -- 2023-05Compliance Education and Awareness Activities for the Prevention of Improper Use of Education and Research Funds at the University of Tsukuba in FY2023