KUBO Tomoko

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Conference, etc.
  • Gap expansion in terms of living conditions in Tokyo
    Kubo Tomoko
    Urban Affairs Association 49th Annual Meeting/2019-04-24--2019-04-27
  • The growth and decline of Japanese suburban neighborhoods: A case of the Nagoya metropolitan area
    Kubo Tomoko; Toshiyuki Otsuka
    IGU Urban geography Commission Annual meeting/2018-08-11--2018-08-17
  • Expansion of uneven living conditions in Japanese cities
    Kubo Tomoko
    IGU Regional Congress/ CAG Annual Conference 2018 Quebec/2018-08-06--2018-08-10
  • 都心居住の進展と郊外の衰退:1990年代後半以降の都市居住地域構造
    久保 倫子
  • 名古屋大都市圏における居住構造の変容-東京圏との比較-.
    久保 倫子
  • The growth of city-center living and the shrinkage in suburbs: A case of the Tokyo metropolitan area.
    久保 倫子
    ISA RC43 Housing and the Built Environment meeting/2017-06-19
  • An increase in housing vacancies in Japanese aging cities: demography, urban policies, and administrative solutions
    Kubo Tomoko
    Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics mini conference/2018-06-23--2018-06-25