Okura Sae

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Research projects
Research on political participation of people with disabilities2017-12 -- 2017-12Sae OkuraShogaisha Research Institute/Research Grants
Comparative Energy Discourse in Japan and Germany2014-10 -- 2017-09Leslie Tkach-KawasakiJapanese Society for the Promotion of Science/課題設定による先導的人文・社会科学研究推進事業
生活保護を事例とした日本の家族政策における家族モデルの変容と家族の扶養能力のかい離に関する研究2013-09 -- 2014-03Sae OkuraUniversity of Tsukuba/University of Tsukuba Research Infrastructure Support Program
Graduate Scholarships2013-07 -- 2013-07Sae OkuraJapanese Studies Association of Australia/