Asakura Masashi

Researcher's full information

  • The effects of sport consumers' goal types and goal valance on satisfaction and happiness
    佐藤 晋太郎 押見 大地 原田 宗彦 佐藤 幹寛 朝倉 雅史 高 鏞在
    スポーツ科学研究/12/pp.101-120, 2015-01
  • A study of how teachers' beliefs affect the experiences and professional development of physical education teachers: Composition and function of their image of what a teacher is and vocational beliefs
    朝倉 雅史; 清水 紀宏
    Japan Journal of Physical Education, Health and Sport Sciences/59(1)/pp.29-51, 2014
  • 体育・スポーツ経営の研究方法について:質的データの分析方法を中心にして
    体育経営管理専門領域会報/49/pp.5-8, 2013-04
  • Teacher’s transformation of cognition about physical education class: A case study of an elementary school teacher participated in log-term training
    朝倉雅史; 清水紀宏
    筑波大学体育科学系紀要/35(1)/pp.165-181, 2012-03
  • スポーツサービスに関する一考察
    朝倉雅史; 清水紀宏
    日本体育・スポーツ経営学会第34回大会研究抄録集/pp.34-35, 2012-01
  • The process of accession to physical education teacher and their past experiences in athletic club: focusing life history of physical education teachers
    朝倉雅史; 清水紀宏
    Ibaraki journal of health and sport sciences/28(1)/pp.1-17, 2011-08
  • The ethnography of physical education teachers' beliefs
    朝倉 雅史; 清水 紀宏
    Japanese journal of management for physical education and sports/24/pp.25-46, 2010-10