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Miyamoto Takafumi

Faculty of Medicine
Official title
Assistant Professor
Research fields
Cell biology
Research projects
ELOVL6による細胞内シグナル伝達系制御メカニズムの解明2019-03 -- 2020-03宮本崇史小野医学研究財団/研究助成2,000,000Yen
オルガネラ膜動態との協奏によるSREBP-1c活性化制御メカニズムの解明2018-10 -- 2020-09宮本崇史公益財団法人MSD生命科学財団/研究助成2018-生活習慣病2,000,000Yen
オルガネラの形態を人工的に操作する技術の開発とその応用2018-04 -- 2020-03Takafumi MIYAMOTOJapan Society of for the Promotion of Science/文部科学省/新学術領域研究3,640,000Yen
p53とAMPKが織りなす多階層的ながん抑制システムの統合解析2018-04 -- 2021-03Takafumi MIYAMOTOJapan Society of for the Promotion of Science/Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research(C)4,420,000Yen
AMPKを中心とした細胞内情報処理プロセスの解明およびその制御システムの開発2018-01 -- 2022-03Takafumi MIYAMOTOMinistry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Japan/Leading Initiative for Excellent Young Researchers(LEADER)24,000,000Yen
マルチオミックス解析を用いたp53によるアミノ酸代謝制御機構の解明2015-11 -- 2018-05Takafumi MIYAMOTOTakeda Science Foundation/ライフサイエンス研究奨励2,000,000Yen
p53によるアミノ酸代謝制御機構の解析2015-04 -- 2017-03Takafumi MIYAMOTOJapan Society of for the Promotion of Science/科学研究費/若手研究(B)4,290,000Yen
Career history
2017-04 -- 2017-12東京大学大学院 クリニカルシークエンス分野 特任助教
2014-12 -- 2017-03東京大学医科学研究所 シークエンス技術開発分野 特任助教
2014-09 -- 2014-11東京大学医科学研究所 シークエンス技術開発分野 特任研究員
2011-04 -- 2014-08Johns Hopkins University Cell Biology Postdoctoral Fellow (Apr2011 - Mar2013)
2008-04 -- 2011-03国立がん研究センター研究所 生物物理部 リサーチレジデント(公益財団法人 がん研究振興財団)
Academic background
2004-04 -- 2008-03神戸大学大学院 医学研究科 医科学専攻Completed
2002-04 -- 2004-03岡山県立大学大学院 保健福祉学研究科 栄養学専攻Completed
1998-04 -- 2002-03岡山県立大学 保健福祉学部 栄養学科Graduated
2008-03MedicineKobe university
Licenses and qualifications
Academic societies
2012-08 -- (current)The Molecular Biology Society of Japan
Refereed academic journal/Refereed international conference paper
  • Identification of a p53-repressed gene module in breast cancer cells.
    Miyamoto Takafumi; Tanikawa Chizu; Yodsurang Varalee; Zha...
    Oncotarget, 2017-07
  • Identification of a novel p53 target, COL17A1, that inhibits breast cancer cell migration and invasion.
    Yodsurang Varalee; Tanikawa Chizu; Miyamoto Takafumi; Lo ...
    Oncotarget., 2017-06
  • Identification of a p53 target, CD137L, that mediates growth suppression and immune response of osteosarcoma cells.
    Tsuda Yusuke; Tanikawa Chizu; Miyamoto Takafumi; Hirata M...
    Sci Rep, 2017-09
  • Regulation of tubular recycling endosome biogenesis by the p53-MICALL1 pathway.
    Takahashi Yukie; Tanikawa Chizu; Miyamoto Takafumi; Hirat...
    Int J Oncol, 2017-08
  • Argininosuccinate synthase 1 is an intrinsic Akt repressor transactivated by p53.
    Miyamoto Takafumi; Lo Paulisally Hau Yi; Saichi Naomi; Ue...
    Sci Adv, 2017-05
  • Deconvoluting AMPK dynamics.
    Miyamoto Takafumi; Rho Elmer; Inoue Takanari
    Oncotarget, 2015-10
  • Opening the conformation is a master switch for the dual localization and phosphatase activity of PTEN.
    Nguyen Hoai-Nghia; Yang Jr-Ming; Miyamoto Takafumi; Itoh ...
    Sci Rep, 2015-07
  • Compartmentalized AMPK signaling illuminated by genetically encoded molecular sensors and actuators.
    Miyamoto Takafumi; Rho Elmer; Sample Vedangi; Akano Hirok...
    Cell Rep, 2015-04
  • A positive role of mammalian Tip41-like protein, TIPRL, in the amino-acid dependent mTORC1-signaling pathway through interaction with PP2A.
    Nakashima Akio; Tanimura-Ito Keiko; Oshiro Noriko; Eguchi...
    FEBS Lett., 2013-09
  • Synthesizing biomolecule-based Boolean logic gates.
    Miyamoto Takafumi; Razavi Shiva; DeRose Robert; Inoue Tak...
    ACS Synth Biol, 2013-02
  • Manipulating signaling at will: chemically-inducible dimerization (CID) techniques resolve problems in cell biology.
    DeRose Robert; Miyamoto Takafumi; Inoue Takanari
    Pflugers Arch, 2013-03
  • Identification of 14-3-3γ as a Mieap-interacting protein and its role in mitochondrial quality control.
    Miyamoto Takafumi; Kitamura Noriaki; Ono Masaya; Nakamura...
    Sci Rep., 2012-04
  • Rapid and orthogonal logic gating with a gibberellin-induced dimerization system.
    Miyamoto Takafumi; DeRose Robert; Suarez Allison; Ueno Ta...
    Nat Chem Biol., 2012-03
  • Mieap, a p53-inducible protein, controls mitochondrial quality by repairing or eliminating unhealthy mitochondria.
    Kitamura Noriaki; Nakamura Yasuyuki; Miyamoto Yuji; Miyam...
    PLoS One., 2011-01
  • Possible existence of lysosome-like organella within mitochondria and its role in mitochondrial quality control.
    Miyamoto Yuji; Kitamura Noriaki; Nakamura Yasuyuki; Futam...
    PLoS One., 2011-01
  • Regulation of apoptosis by p53-inducible transmembrane protein containing sushi domain.
    Cui Hongyan; Kamino Hiroki; Nakamura Yasuyuki; Kitamura N...
    Oncol Rep., 2010-11
  • Identification of NEEP21, encoding neuron-enriched endosomal protein of 21 kDa, as a transcriptional target of tumor suppressor p53.
    Ohnishi Shiho; Futamura Manabu; Kamino Hiroki; Nakamura Y...
    Int J Oncol, 2010-11
  • AMP-activated protein kinase phosphorylates glutamine : fructose-6-phosphate amidotransferase 1 at Ser243 to modulate its enzymatic activity.
    Miyamoto Takafumi; Eguchi Satoshi; Oshiro Noriko; Yoshino...
    Genes Cells., 2009-02
  • Identification of TBC7 having TBC domain as a novel binding protein to TSC1-TSC2 complex.
    Nakashima Akio; Yoshino Ken-ichi; Miyamoto Takafumi; Eguc...
    Biochem Biophys Res Commun, 2007-07
  • The proline-rich Akt substrate of 40 kDa (PRAS40) is a physiological substrate of mammalian target of rapamycin complex 1.
    Oshiro Noriko; Takahashi Rinako; Yoshino Ken-ichiro; Tani...
    J Biol Chem, 2007-05
  • AMP-activated protein kinase phosphorylates Golgi-specific brefeldin A resistance factor 1 at Thr1337 to induce disassembly of Golgi apparatus.
    Miyamoto Takafumi; Oshiro Noriko; Yoshino Ken-ichi; Nakas...
    J Biol Chem, 2008-02
  • Cellular Application of Genetically Encoded Sensors and Impeders of AMPK
    Miyamoto Takafumi; Rho Elmer; Kim Allen; Inoue Takanari
    Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.) / AMPK: METHODS AND PROTOCOLS/1732/pp.255-272, 2018-04
Other articles
  • 食品機能性脂質による肥満の予防と軽減(第3章 医学的な効果)
    宮本崇史; 島野 仁
    食品機能性脂質の基礎と応用, シーエムシー出版, pp.125-133, 2018-05
  • AMP-activated protein kinase phosphorylates Golgi-specific brefeldin A resistance factor 1 at Thr1337 to induce disassembly of Golgi apparatus.
    宮本 崇史
Conference, etc.
  • 脂肪酸伸長酵素Elovl6の嗅覚機能における役割(ポスター)
    志村拓哉; 松坂 賢; 大野 博; 本村香織; 宮本崇史; 関谷元...

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