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Yamada Kyota

Faculty of Art and Design
Official title
Associate Professor
Research fields
Area studies
Architectural history/Design
Town planning/Architectural planning
Research keywords
Emerging Architecture
Dwelt Environment History
Dwelt Environment Design
South Asia and Indian Ocean World
Research projects
Creation of Climate Responding Dwelt Environment by Local and Scientific Knowledge Integration through Database2018-04 -- 2022-03Kyota YamadaJapan Society of for the Promotion of Science/Kiban Kenkyu (C)
Dynamisms of Modern Buddhist Architecture over Asia2013-04 -- 2016-03Kyota YamadaJapan Society of for the Promotion of Science/Kiban Kenkyu (C)
Formation and Contemporary Transformation of Colonial cities and Urban Dwellings in Sri Lanka2010-04 -- 2013-03Kyota YamadaJapan Society of for the Promotion of Science/Kiban Kenkyu (C)
Comparative Study on Formation and Transformation of Portuguese Colonial Cities in South Asia2006-04 -- 2008-03Kyota YamadaJapan Society of for the Promotion of Science/Grant-in-Aid for Research Activity start-up
Formation and Transformation of South Asian Colonial Cities -Colombo, Cochin and Nagapattinam2004-04 -- 2005-03Shuji FunoHEIWA NAKAJIMA FOUNDATION/Foundation for Asian Studies
Effect of depopulation on regional housing and its industry2009-04 -- 2012-03Masao AndoJapan Society of for the Promotion of Science/Kiban Kenkyu B
Reconstitution of Society during Post-conflict Period: Case Studies in South Asia2015-04 -- 2019-03Tatsuro FujikuraJapan Society of for the Promotion of Science/Kiban A
Comprehension on Dynamism and Transformation of Buddhist Society in Continental Southeast Asia Based on Religious-Social Mapping2014-04 -- 2018-03Yukio HayashiJapan Society of for the Promotion of Science/Kiban A
Career history
2018-11 -- (current)University of Tsukuba Faculty of Art & Design Associate Professor
2017-01 -- 2018-10Kyoto University Center for Southeast Asian Area Studies Affiliated Assistant Professor
2015-04 -- 2016-12Kyoto University Center for Integrated Area Studies Specially Appointed Assistant Professor
2009-08 -- 2015-03Kyoto University Graduate School of Asian and African Area Studies Assistant Professor
2005-11 -- 2009-07Torrori University of Environmental Studies Faculty of Environmental Design Assistant, Assistant Professor
Academic background
2002-04 -- 2005-10Kyoto University Graduate School of Engineering Architecture and Environmental DesignAccomplished credits for doctoral program
2000-04 -- 2002-03Kyoto University Graduate School of Engineering Architecture and Environmental DesignCompleted
1996-04 -- 2000-03Kyoto University Department of Engineering Faculty of ArchitectureGraduated
2006-03Ph.D.Kyoto University
Academic societies
Refereed academic journal/Refereed international conference paper
  • Vernacuralization of Architecture Planning: Towards Basic Theory for Dwelt Environment Design
    Yamada Kyota
    Proceedings of the 10thInternational Conference of Faculty of Architecture Research Unit (FARU )2017/pp.361-372, 2017-12
Other articles
  • Capturing from Human Activities the Multiscale Dynamisms of Dwelt Environment
    Yamada Kyota
    Architectural and Planning Cultures Across Regions: Digital Humanities Collaboration Towards Knowledge Integration, CIRAS-Discussion Paper/(81)/pp.121-124, 2018-03
  • Lecture10 「ヒンドゥー建築」の世界史:世界秩序を体現する寺院
    山田 協太
    世界建築史15講, 彰国社, pp.122-133, 2019-04
  • 地域に世界を読む:布野研究室・布野修司
    山田 協太
    建築フィールドワークの系譜, 昭和堂, pp.60-67, 2018-12
  • インド洋世界の十字路:コロンボムスリムの多様性
    山田 協太
    アジアに生きるイスラーム, イースト・プレス, pp.262-281, 2018-04
Conference, etc.
  • 港市コロンボ(スリランカ)歴史地区の居住環境:人、場所、ネットワークから考える
    山田 協太
  • 「信賴關係網絡與可倫坡(斯里蘭卡)歷史區域的都市景觀」(信頼関係のネットワークとコロンボ(スリランカ)歴史地区の都市景観)
    山田 協太
    Life and Migration in Maritime Asia/2018-12-20--2018-12-21
  • 地域と科学の知の統合による気候応答型居住環境の創出~気候に適応した居住環境と形態~
    山田 協太
  • 水田丞著『幕末明治初期の洋式産業施設とグラバー商会 ―19世紀の国際社会における技術移転とイギリス商人をめぐる建築史的考察』(九州大学出版会、2017年)を読む
    山田 協太
  • コロンボにおけるポストナショナリズムの経験-インド洋港市の事例として
    山田 協太
  • インド洋港市ネットワークの近代: コロンボの歴史地区から眺める
    山田 協太
2019-04 -- (?)建築デザイン領域特別研究筑波大学大学院人間総合科学研究科博士前期課程芸術専攻
2019-04 -- (?)建築デザイン領域特別演習筑波大学大学院人間総合科学研究科博士前期課程芸術専攻
2019-04 -- (?)デザイン特別演習1, 2筑波大学芸術専門学群
2019-04 -- (?)大学を開くデザインプロデュース特講・演習A-I, II筑波大学大学院人間総合科学研究科博士前期課程芸術専攻
2019-04 -- (?)デザイン演習5筑波大学芸術専門学群
2019-04 -- (?)建築デザイン演習3筑波大学芸術専門学群
2019-04 -- (?)建築デザイン演習筑波大学芸術専門学群
2019-04 -- (?)デザイン総合演習筑波大学大学院人間総合科学研究科博士前期課程芸術専攻
2019-04 -- (?)Art Design ProduceFaculty of Art & Design, University of Tsukuba
2019-04 -- (?)学外演習(建築デザイン)筑波大学芸術専門学群
  • Connective Architecture Project in Colombo, Sri Lanka: Tuition Construction and Dynamisms of Living Worlds
    山田 協太
    Islam and Multiculturalism: Islam, Modern Science and Technology/2013-01
  • Dynamisms in the Hub City of Colombo and the Urban Networks around the Bay of Bengal from the Viewpoint of Daily Activities: The Locations of Religious Architecture from the 17th Century
    山田 協太
    Islam and Multiculturalism: Between Norms and Forms/2011-11
  • Dutch Overseas Expansion and Construction of Colonial Cities
    山田 協太
    the 16th and 17th Century from Global Perspective -Possibility of Japan-Europe Comparative Urban Studies/2008-09
  • A Review on Historiography of Modern Urban History: Reconsideration of World Perspective from a Viewpoint of Colonial City Studies
    山田 協太
    The 8th Internaional Symposium on Architectural Interchanges in Asia/2010-11
  • Capturing from Human Activities: the Multiscale Dynamisms of Dwelt Environment,
    山田 協太
  • Global Environment and Mega Cities: Cognitive Science, Science for Design and Human-World Interaction Approach
    山田 協太
    International Symposium Cities Under Change/2012-10
  • Dutch Overseas Expansion and Laying out of Colonial Cities: Materialization of Simon Stevin's Ideal Model for the Early Capitalist City and its Transformation
    山田 協太
    Brain Korea 21 International Symposium: Tradition and Modernity of Architecture and Urbanism in Historic Area/2009-07
  • South Asia-East Asia Interaction and Urban Landscape Formation Viewing from Modern Buddhism Architecture
    山田 協太
    シンポジウム第十一回「近代建築史の最先端」 東アジア近代建築史研究の回顧と展望―『東アジアの近代建築』から30年―/2015-11
  • Colombo-Asia Inter-Urban Network Viewing from Urban Landscape of Modern Buddhism Architecture
    山田 協太
    Japan Society for Southeast Asian Area Studies 95th Conference/2016-06
  • Consideration on Unfolding of South Indian Merchant Activities and Formation of Port City Colombo: A Sketch of Organization and Transformation of Urban Space since the 18th Century
    山田 協太
    Japan Association for South Asian Studies 24th Annual Sessions/2011-10
  • Dwellings in the World -Possibility of Vernacular Architecture
    山田 協太
  • City and Broad World -South Indian and Sri Lankan Urban Space which Trans-Border People Spin-
    山田 協太
  • Modern Buddhism and Urban Landscape -Connection between Asia and Kyoto
    山田 協太
    景観・まちづくり大学 京のまちづくり史セミナー/2015-09
Professional activities
2019-04 -- (current)ARCHITECTURAL INSTITUTE OF JAPAN環境工学委員会人類学的アプローチ小委員会委員
2017-04 -- 2019-03ARCHITECTURAL INSTITUTE OF JAPANAnthropological Approach Working Group
2013-04 -- (current)ARCHITECTURAL INSTITUTE OF JAPANSubcommittee of Comparative Study on Dwelling Culture
University Management
2019-04 -- (current)台湾科技大学連絡調整責任者台湾科技大学連絡調整責任者
2019-04 -- (current)博士後期課程芸術専攻予算委員会委員長
2019-04 -- (current)博士前期課程芸術専攻入試委員会委員
2019-04 -- (current)芸術専門学群入試委員会委員
2019-04 -- (current)博士前期課程芸術専攻カリキュラム委員会委員
2019-04 -- (current)芸術専門学群カリキュラム委員会委員

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