Utsumi Motoo

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Conference, etc.
  • Reduced prokaryotic heterotrophic production at in situ pressure conditions in the dark ocean
    Amano-Sato Chie; Sintes Eva; Reinthaler Thomas; Utsumi M...
    European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2017/2017-04-23--2017-04-28
  • Effect of cyclic microcystin and its degradation products on transcription of the gene encoding microcystin degrading enzyme
    Shimizu K.; Okano K.; Amemiya T.; Maseda H.; Utsumi M.; S...
    12th International Symposium on Microbial Ecology/2008-08-24--2008-08-28
  • Quantification and seasonal change of microcystin-degrading bacteria by real-time PCR.
    Jimbo Y.; Okano K.; Shimizu K.; Maseda H.; Utsumi M.; Sug...
    17th Japan/Korea Symposium on Water Environment 2008/2008-10-09--2008-10-11
  • Pilot study of marine planktonic archaeal distribution in the Arctic Ocean
    Sato C.; Utsumi M.; Kuroki Y.; Uchida M.
    The 10th Arctic Science Summit Week/2009-03-23--2009-03-28