Utsumi Motoo

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  • Mathematical simulation to up-scale electrolysis for effective suppression of freshwater cyanobacteria
    Sardool G.; Hamatani M.; Goto Masafumi; J. Megat Mohd Noor; ...
    Desalination and Water Treatment/55(13)/pp.3713-3724, 2015
  • A new ecosystem model describing the effects of pH on gross primary production, community respiration, and feeding by heterotrophic microorganisms.
    Daisuke Sutani; Utsumi Motoo; Y. Kato; Norio Sugiura
    Jpn. J. Water Treatment Biology/49(4)/pp.109-122, 2013-12
  • Degradation of Microcystings by Highly Efficient Photocatalyst Ag/AgBr/Ag_3PO_4 under Simulated Sunlight Irradiation
    王 欣; 楊 英男; 清水 和哉; 張 振亜; 内海 真生
    日本水処理生物学会誌 = Journal [of] Japan Biological Society of Water and Waste/49(3)/pp.85-91, 2013-09
  • Estimation of the changes in phytoplankton community composition in a volcanic acidotrophic lake, Inawashiro, Japan.
    Sutani D.; Utsumi M.; Kato Y.; Sugiura N.
    Jpn. J. Water Treatment Biology/50(2)/pp.53-69, 2014-06
    酢谷大輔; 加藤善盛; 内海真生; 杉浦則夫
  • 放線菌のジェオスミン産生に及ぼす光の影響解析
    山口 慎太郎; 内海 真生; 清水 和哉; 杉浦 則夫
    日本水処理生物学会誌. 別巻 = Journal Japan Biological Society of Water and Waste/(32)/p.3, 2012-10
  • かび臭産生藻類の個体群動態と水環境因子の関係解析
    廣川 真理子; 天野 千恵; 内海 真生; 杉浦 則夫
    日本水処理生物学会誌. 別巻 = Journal Japan Biological Society of Water and Waste/(32)/p.35, 2012-10
  • 活性汚泥法における運続/間欠曝気法の亜酸化窒素発生特性解析
    城野 晃志; 佐野 彰; 小椋 有未永; 徐 開欽; 木持 謙; 稲森 悠平; 内海 真生; 杉浦 則夫
    日本水処理生物学会誌. 別巻 = Journal Japan Biological Society of Water and Waste/(32)/p.69, 2012-10
  • Degradation kinetics of geosmin by biofilm with organic carbon as a substrate
    Tian X.; Utsumi M.; Shimizu K.; Zhang Z.; Sugiura N.
    Japanese Journal of Water Treatment Technology/49(3)/pp.93-101, 2013-08
  • Removal of microcystins (-LR, -YR, -RR) by highly efficient photocatalyst Ag/Ag3PO4 under simulated solar light condition
    Wang X.; Utsumi M.; Yang Y.; Shimizu K.; Li D.; Zhang Z.; Sugiu...
    Chemical Engineering Journal/230/pp.172-179, 2013-08
  • Correlation between Expression of mcy Gene Cluster Relevant to Microcystin Production and Cell Cycle of Microcystis viridis.
    Utsumi M.; Kameyama K.; Okano K.; Sugiura N.
    Jpn. J. Water Treatment Biology/44(4)/pp.195-202, 2008-03
  • Archaeal distribution and abundance in water masses of the Arctic Ocean, Pacific sector.
    Amano-Sato C.; Akiyama S.; Uchida M.; Shimada K.; Utsumi M.
    Aquat. Microb. Ecol./69(2)/pp.101-112, 2013-04
  • Geochemistry of sulfide chimneys and basement pillow lavas at the Southern Mariana Trough (12.55°N – 12.58°N).
    Kakegawa T. M. Utsumi and K. Marumo.
    Resource Geology/58(3)/pp.249-266, 2008-09
  • Degradation of microcystin by an electrochemical oxidative electrode cell.
    Gao Y.; Shimizu K.; Utsumi M.; Xue Q.; Feng C.; Sakharkar ...
    Environmental Technology/p.DOI:10.1080/09593330.201, 2012
  • MlrA Located in the Inner Membrane Is Essential for Initial Degradation of Microcystin in Sphingopyxis sp. C-1
    Maseda H.; Shimizu K.; Doi Y.; Inamori Y.; Utsumi M.; Sug...
    Jpn. J. Water Treatment Biology/48(3)/pp.99-107, 2012-09
  • Inhibition of Growth and Microcystins Production on Microcystis aeruginosa by Electrolytic Method
    Gao Y.; Shimizu K.; Xue Q.; Feng C.; Utsumi M.
    Jpn. J. Water Treatment Biology/48(3)/pp.125-132, 2012-09
  • Enzymatic pathway for biodegrading microcystin LR in Sphingopyxis sp. C-1.
    Shimizu Kazuya; Maseda Hideaki; Okano Kunihiro; Kurashima...
    Journal of bioscience and bioengineering/114(6)/pp.630-634, 2012-12
  • Anaerobic Coculture of Microalgae with Thermosipho globiformans and Methanocaldococcus jannaschii at 68 degrees C Enhances Generation of n-Alkane-Rich Biofuels after Pyrolysis
    Yamane Kunio; Matsuyama Shigeru; Igarashi Kensuke; Utsumi...
  • Ecosystem structure of a boiling spring with high bacterial production on Mt. Tateyama, Japan
    Sasa M.; Ishizaka S.; Asamizu T.; Aoki M.; Nojiri Y.; Higashi ...
    Arch. Hydrobiol./136/pp.563-574, 1996-01
  • Methane emission to the atmosphere and cycling ashallow eutrophic lake
    Nakamura T.; Nojiri Y.; Utsumi M.; Nozawa T.; Otsuki A.
    Arch. Hydrobiol./144/pp.383-407, 1999-01
  • 水田とメタン
    農業土木学会誌/69(10)/pp.1092-1092, 2001-01
  • Spatial and temporal changes of microcystins concentration in eutrophicated lakes in Japan.
    Sugiura N.; Kameyama K.; Saito T.; Utsumi M.; Inamori Y.; Maek...
    Eco-Engineering/14(4)/pp.11-18, 2002-01
  • Intrinsic Biodegradation of Heavy oil from NAKHODKA and the effect of exogenous fertilization at a coastal area of the sea of Japan.
    Maki H.; Utsumi M.; Koshikawa H.; Hiwatari T.; Kohata K.; Uchi...
    Water, Air and Soil Pollut./145/pp.123-138, 2003-01
  • Assessment for the complicated occurrence of nuisance odours from phytoplankton and environmental factors in a eutrophic lake.
    Sugiura N.; Utsumi M.; Wei B.; Iwami N.; Okano K.; Kawauchi Y....
    Lake & Reservoirs: Research and Management/9/pp.195-201, 2004-01
  • 21世紀は水の時代?水循環の保全に重要な微生物の機能解明.
    筑波フォーラム/(70)/pp.132-135, 2005-06
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