OHNIWA Ryosuke

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Conference, etc.
  • Diversification of nucleoide-associated proteins (NAPs) in bacteria revealed by comparative proteomic analysis
    Ushijima Y; Ohniwa RL; Saito S; Morikawa K
    3th International Conference on Environmental, Industrial and Applied Microbiology/2009
  • 核様体タンパク質の多様性;核様体タンパク質の比較プロテオミクス解析
    大庭良介; 牛島由理; 森川一也; 齋藤慎二
  • 細菌核様体の階層構造と動態制御機構
    大庭良介; 森川一也; 齋藤慎二; 太田敏子; 金重伯; 竹安邦夫
  • ブドウ球菌感染制御に対する鼻腔上皮細胞の低応答性
    齋藤慎二; 森川一也; 大庭良介; 太田敏子
  • Contribution of cardiolipin synthase to the salt resistance
    Tsai M; Morikawa K; Ohniwa RL; Ohta T; Saito S; Hayashi H
    13th International Symposium on Staphylococci and Staphylococcal Infections/2008
  • Escherichia coli mutants deficient in nucleoide proteins exhibit distict genome folding
    Ohniwa RL; Mucyaku H; Morikawa K; Ohta T; Saito S; Wada C; Take...
    49th Annual meeting of the American Society for Cell Biology/2008
  • ヒストン様タンパク質Huが核様体構造に与える影響
    無着弘喜; 森川一也; 齋藤慎二; 太田敏子; 竹安邦夫; 大庭良介
  • Genome architecture studied by nanoscale imaging: analyses among bacterial phyla and their implication to eukaryotic genome folding
    Takeyasu K; Kim J; Ohniwa RL; Kobori T; Inose Y; Morikawa K; Oh...
    15th International Chromosome Conference/2004