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  • ビタミンB1誘導体による青斑核-前頭皮質系を介した自発運動促進機構
    秦 俊陽; 平賀 大一; グレニエ フランソワ; 岡本 正洋; 松井 崇; 征矢 英昭
  • Vitamin B1 derivative enhance physical activity via coeruleo-cortical catecholaminergic pathways.
    Toshiaki Hata; Taichi Hiraga; François Grenier; Masahiro ...
  • Acute light intensity exercise activates dopaminergic and noradrenergic coeruleo-dorsal hippocampal pathway.
    Taichi Hiraga; Toshiaki Hata; Ryo Shimoda; François Gren...
  • ビタミンB1誘導体が駆動する身体活動促進機構の新仮説:青斑核-前頭皮質系の関与
    秦 俊陽; 平賀 大一; Grenier François; 岡本 正洋; 松井 崇; 征矢 英昭
  • Role of brain glycogen on the metabolic profile in response to an acute running exercise
    Kohei Ozeki; Toshiaki Hata; Taichi Hiraga; Feenc Torma; M...
  • Pupil and blink dynamics decode mild exercise-improved executive function: a combined oculometrics-fNIRS study
    Kuwamizu Ryuta; Yamazaki Yudai; Aoike Naoki; Soya Hideaki
  • Development of a non-invasive thermometry in rats with running at various speeds using infrared thermal-imaging camera: a pilot study
    Kang Youhyang; Hiraga Taichi; Hata Toshiaki; Kunii Tatsu...
  • Monoamiergic Modulation in the Rat Nucleus Accumbens with Running
    Yanagisawa Daisuke; Hiraga Taichi; Hata Toshiaki; Okamoto...
  • Utility of very-light exercise on hippocampal memory function for young adults with depressive symptoms
    Aoike Naoki; Yamazaki Yudai; Kuwamizu Ryuta; Lee Dongmin...
  • Mild hypoxia increases pupil-linked aorusal during moderate-intensity exercise
    Yamazaki Yudai; Lee Dongmin; Kuwamizu Ryuta; Aoike Naoki...
  • Association between brainstem catecholamine level measured by melanin-imaging and functional network in the brain induced by acute mild exercise
    Nagano-Saito Atsuko; Suwabe Kazuya; Matsushita Akira; Yam...
  • The impact of clonidine on the light exercise-induced arousal and hippocampal theta rhythm
    Grenier Francois; Hiraga Taichi; Hata Toshiaki; Soya Hid...
  • Effects of dairy products content on exercise efficiency, autonomic nervous activity and mood
    Kato Morimasa; Okamoto Masahiro; Soya Hideaki
  • Effect of web-based light-intensity aerobic dance exercise on mental health and cognitive function in older adults; the second report
    Hyodo Kazuki; Watanabe Yuya; Yamaguchi Daisuke; Ueno Aik...
    ARIHHP Human High Performance Forum2023/2023-02-19--2023-02-19
  • Relation between BDNF and acute-mild-exercise-induced memory consolidation: A study using BDNF receptor antagonist ANA-12
    Koshiro Inoue; Masahiro Okamoto; Takemune Fukuie; 征矢 英昭
    ARIHHP Human High Performance Forum2023/2023-02-19--2023-02-19
  • Effect of clapping movement with groove rhythm on executive function: focusing on movement type for audiomotor entrainment
    Takemune Fukuie; Kazuya Suwabe; Koshiro Inoue; 征矢 英昭
    ARIHHP Human High Performance Forum2023/2023-02-19--2023-02-19
  • Human brain activity during very light intensity exercise using MRI-compatible ergometer
    Suwabe Kazuya; Nagano-Saito Atsuko; Yamazaki Yudai; Kuwam...
    ARIHHP Human High Performance Forum2023/2023-02-19--2023-02-19
  • Light-intensity exercise training during adolescent ameliorate abnormal transcriptomic expression profiles in prefrontal cortex of prenatal PCP-treated mice.
    Koizumi Hikaru; Okamoto Masahiro; Soya Hideaki
  • Brain mechanism underlying strong neuroplastic benefit by a combined strategy with light exercise and astaxanthin supplementation
    Hwang Dong-Joo; Oharomari Leandro-Kansuke; Lopez Claudia...
  • Dorsal hippocampal monoamine release during and following different intensity exercise: in vivo microdialysis study.
    Hiraga Taichi; Hata Toshiaki; Matsui Takashi; Shimoda Ry...
  • Effects of dairy components on endurance capacity and mood.
    Kato Morimasa; Okamoto Masahiro; Soya Hideaki
  • Brain regions activated by post-learning-mild-exercise;a pilot study.
    Inoue Koshiro; Fukuie Takemune; Okamoto Masahiro; Soya H...
  • Mild-exercise training accelerates fear extinction through hippocampal-BDNF signaling
    Shimoda Ryo; Amaya Yuki; Liu Yu-Fan; Kojima Takeshi; Koji...
    25th Annual Congress of the European College of Sport Science (ECSS)/2020-10
  • Yoga like mild exercise improves hippocampal memory. A translational study from animals to human.
    征矢 英昭
    International Conference on Yoga, Nutrition and Health/2022-06-23--2022-06-23
  • Effects of dairy products content on mood and autonomic nervous system activity.
    Morimasa Kato; Masahiro Okamoto; 征矢 英昭
    ARIHHP Human High Performance Forum2021/2022-03-19--2022-03-19
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