Matsumura Atsushi

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  • Implementation of the automatic recommender function on social picture book recommender system
    松村敦; 濱沖肯志郎; 榎本祐季; 三島悠希
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  • Characteristics of the hedonic shopping motivation on Internet
    嵯峨千鶴; 松村 敦
    11th Spring Conference of Japan Society of Kansei Engineering: Proceedings, 2016-03
  • Effects of the Reading Picture Books by Exaggerated Performance on Young Childrens Story Comprehension and Impression of the Story
    松村 敦; 森 円花; 宇陀 則彦
    Japan Journal of Educational Technology/39(Suppl.)/pp.125-128, 2016-01
  • Verification of the Effectiveness of the e-Learning System which Cause Cognitive Conflict
    門脇直哉; 松村敦; 宇陀則彦
    情報処理学会第77回全国大会講演論文集/4/pp.697-698, 2015-03
  • Analysis of annotations to the e-book for preference extraction
    鈴木啓史; 松村敦; 宇陀則彦
    情報処理学会第77回全国大会講演論文集/1/pp.583-584, 2015-03
  • A system for visualizing relationships of discussion in story music
    橋本昌枝; 松村敦; 宇陀則彦
    情報処理学会第77回全国大会講演論文集/1/pp.561-562, 2015-03
  • Effects of the Questions after Reading Picture Books on Young Children’s Story Comprehension and Image Formation
    松村敦; 根岸舞; 宇陀 則彦
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  • Construction of the Digital Archive Reflecting the Structure of the Original Collection
    田中 僚; 松村 敦; 宇陀 則彦
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  • Construction of the Library Information Science Archives based on the Analyzing the Original Collection
    田中 僚; 芦川 大樹; 松村 敦; 宇陀 則彦
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  • Information Architecture for Research Infrastructure Archives of the 21st Century Library and Information Professionals Education
    宇陀則彦; 松村 敦; 阪口哲男; 三森弘; 水嶋英治; 逸村裕
    Digital Libraries/(45), 2013-09
  • LogView: Lifelog browsing system supporting reflection
    米島まどか; 松村 敦; 宇陀則彦
    Proceedings of the 2014 IEICE General Conference/2014(1)/p.85, 2014-03
  • Development of Creative Thinking Support System using Subjective Life Log
    村元俊一郎; 松村 敦; 宇陀則彦
    Proceedings of the 2014 IEICE General Conference/2014(2)/p.205, 2014-03
  • Cost Analysis of Construction of Library Systems to Promote Self-Development
    堀 智彰; 松村 敦; 宇陀 則彦
    ディジタル図書館/(42)/pp.3-10, 2012-03
  • Development of e-book contents for library exploration study
    堀 智彰; 益子 博貴; 村尾 真由子; 大曽根 美奈; 渡辺 雅子; 辻 慶太; 松村 敦; 宇陀 則彦
    Joho Chishiki Gakkaishi/23(2)/pp.205-212, 2013
  • A Similar Readers Discovery Method with Nippon Decimal Classification
    常川 真央; 松村 敦; 宇陀 則彦
    Journal of Information and Media Studies/12(1)/pp.42-51, 2013
  • 睡眠の質の向上を目指したAndroidアプリケーションSLook!の開発
    大久保 晋之介; 松村 敦; 宇陀 則彦
    全国大会講演論文集/2013(1)/pp.245-247, 2013-03
  • Information Architecture for Research Infrastructure Archives of the 21st Century Library and Information Professionals Education
    宇陀 則彦; 松村 敦; 阪口 哲男; 三森 弘; 水嶋 英治; 逸村 裕
    IPSJ SIG Notes/2013(6)/pp.1-8, 2013-09
  • Toward A Hub of Closed Research and Opened Research -Challenge of the Tsukuba Research Group for the Digital Humanities-
    和氣愛仁; 宇陀則彦; 永崎研宣; 松村 敦
    IPSJ SIG Notes/2013-CH-99(5)/pp.1-4, 2013-08
  • A Web Content Curation System using Cover Generate Engine on Two-Dimensional Layout
    重田桂誓; 松村敦; 宇陀則彦
    Journal of Japan Society for Fuzzy Theory and Intelligent Informatics/25(1)/p.609-623, 2013-03
  • The Relationships between Subjects of Picture Books and Children's Preferences in Reading Picture Books II -Reanalysis of Relationships between Children's Reactions and Subjects of Each Page of Picture Books
    今満 亨崇; 松村敦; 岸 広至; 宇陀 則彦
    Japan Journal of Educational Technology/36(Suppl.)/pp.189-192, 2012-12
  • A Study on Support for Picture Book Selection on Story-telling Event using Children's Reactions
    今満 亨崇; 松村 敦; 宇陀 則彦
    日本教育工学会論文誌/35(0)/pp.109-112, 2011-12
  • A Bibliographic Search System with a Focus on the User’s Knowledge Structure
    Asuka OTA; Reina HIROSE; Atsushi MATSUMURA; Norihiko UDA
    *EMPTY*, 2011-09
  • Social Picture Book Recommender System using Children's Questions
    松村 敦; 柿島 大貴; 宇陀 則彦
    Joho Chishiki Gakkaishi/21(2)/pp.143-148, 2011-05
  • Discovery Interface reflecting Class Number into Positional Markers on a Library Map : Towards Constructive Understanding of Search Results
    廣瀬 怜那; 松村 敦; 宇陀 則彦
    Joho Chishiki Gakkaishi/21(2)/pp.131-136, 2011-05
  • Shizuku2.0: Cooperative Reading Support System
    Tsunekawa; Mao; Ono; Haruki; Konishi; Kyoji; Tsuji; Keita; Matsum...
    Proceedings of the Asia-Pacific Conference on Library & Information Education & Practice: Issues, Challenges and Opportunities (A-LIEP 2011)/p.539-547, 2011-01
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