Asano Atsushi

Researcher's full information

  • Migration and differentiation of gonadal germ cells under cross-sex germline chimeras condition in domestic chickens
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  • Lactotransferrin in Asian elephant (Elephas maximus) seminal plasma correlates with semen quality.
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  • Phospholipase B is activated in response to sterol removal and stimulates acrosome exocytosis in murine sperm.
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  • Factors Involved in Spontaneous Discharge of Gonadal Germ Cells from Developing Gonad of 7-day-old Chick Embryos
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  • Isolation, genetic manipulation, and transplantation of canine spermatogonial stem cells: progress toward transgenesis through the male germ-line.
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  • 筑波大学農林技術センターにおける1998年から2011年までの飼料用トウモロコシの生育ならびに収量調査結果
    片桐孝志; 秋葉よしえ; 山本倫成; 岡田一男; 浅野敦之; 石川尚人; 田島淳史
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  • Pretreatment of Asian elephant (Elephas maximus) spermatozoa with cholesterol-loaded cyclodextrins and glycerol addition at 4oC improves cryosurvival.
    Kiso WK; Asano A; Travis AJ; Schmitt DL; Brown JL; Pukazh...
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  • Mice lacking FABP9/PERF15 develop sperm head abnormalities but are fertile.
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  • Biochemical characterization of membrane fractions in murine sperm: identification of three distinct sub-types of membrane rafts.
    Asano A; Selvaraj V; Buttke DE; Nelson JL; Green KM; Evan...
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  • Mechanisms underlying the micron-scale segregation of sterols and GM1 in live mammalian sperm.
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  • GM1 dynamics as a marker for membrane changes associated with the process of capacitation in murine and bovine spermatozoa.
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  • Activation and penetration in vitro of pig oocytes treated with calcium ionophore.
    Asano A; and Niwa K.
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  • 初期分割期胚での凍結融解後の生存割球数が胚盤胞形成に及ぼす影響.
    藤澤郁子; 浅野敦之.
    日本臨床エンブリオロジスト学会誌/6/p.23-26, 2003-01
  • Capacitation status and in vitro fertility of boar spermatozoa: effects of seminal plasma, cumulus-oocyte-complexes-conditioned medium and hyaluronan.
    Suzuki K; Asano A; Eriksson B; Niwa K; Nagai T; and Rodr...
    International Journal of Andrology/25/p.84-93, 2002-01
  • 初期分割のグレードが胚盤胞形成におよぼす影響.
    浅野敦之; 沖津摂.
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  • Humegon 150添加培地におけるヒト卵子ならびに初期胚の透明帯消化に及ぼす諸要因の検討.
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  • Both fertilization promoting peptide and adenosine stimulate capacitation but inhibit spontaneous acrosome loss in ejaculated boar spermatozoa in vitro.
    Funahashi H; Asano A; Fujiwara T; Nagai T; Niwa K; and F...
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  • Restoration of resistance to osmotic swelling of vitrified mouse embryos by short-term culture. Cryobiology.
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