Ikeda Mariko

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  • The circumstances of inbound tourism and night-time economies in Winter resorts
    坂本 優紀; 池田 真利子
    Proceedings of the General Meeting of the Association of Japanese Geographers/2020/p.178, 2020
  • Music in Global North: Electro Music Overcoming Time-Space?
    池田 真利子; 田中 順也; 小竹 輝幸; Temesgen Assefa
    Proceedings of the General Meeting of the Association of Japanese Geographers/2020/p.169, 2020
  • ‘Night’ and music on Global North: Beyond fixation of ‘city’ and ‘nature’
    池田 真利子; 坂本優紀; 杉本興運; 田中 順也; Morgner Christian
    Proceedings of the General Meeting of the Association of Japanese Geographers/2020/p.171, 2020
  • How Language and Font shape the Urban Landscape: Case study of Linguistic Landscape of Cafés and Coffee shops in Daikanyama, Shibuya-w
    升一亜海; 張黎明; 于潍赫; 吉田正人; 池田 真利子
    Proceeding of the General Meeting of the Association of Japanese Geographers, 2020-03
  • Characteristics of Linguistic Landscape in Daikanyama: Change of Residence in Hip Quarter, Daikanyama
    池田 真利子; 松井茜
    Proceeding of the General Meeting of the Association of Japanese Geographers, 2020-03
  • Geographies of the Night in Japan
    池田 真利子
    Geographical space, 2020-03
  • A Study on the Territoriality in Ethnic Urban Spaces at Nighttime: Focusing on the Korean Nighttime Facilities in Okubo Koreatown
    金延景; 中川紗智; 池田 真利子
    Geographical space/12(3)/pp.247-262, 2020-03
  • Analysis of commercial areas in terms of restaurants agglomeration and business hours: Comparison among nightlife in Shinjuku, Ginza, and Shibuya
    杉本興運; 太田慧; 飯塚遼; 坂本優紀; 池田 真利子
    Geographical space/12(3)/pp.227-245, 2020-03
  • Night and Landscape: Invisible Night and Experienced Darkness
    池田 真利子; 坂本優紀; 中川紗智; 太田慧; 杉本興運; 卯田卓矢
    Geographical space/12(3)/pp.207-226, 2020-03
  • Exploratory Approach towards ‘Night’ of Urban Society and Natural Environment
    池田 真利子
    Geographical space/12(3)/pp.205-206, 2020-03
  • Role of Culture and Consumption in the Process of Gentrification: Case Study of the Reuter Quarter in the Former West Berlin Neukölln
    Ikeda Mariko
    Geographical review of Japan series B/92(1)/pp.10-32, 2019-01
  • 『アーバンスタディーズ』より「序論:都市の夜の地理」
    池田 真利子; Van Liempt Ilse. Van Aalst Irina. and Schwanen...
    Geographical space/pp.145-164, 2018-12
  • ジェントリフィケーションのフロンティア
    池田 真利子
    E-journal Geo, 2018-12
  • 若者×観光×地理学-大都市の若者にみるオルタナティブな観光・レジャーの可能性-
    池田 真利子; 杉本興運 飯塚遼 太田慧 磯野巧
    E-journal GEO, 2018-12
  • 若者の観光行動と地域受容基盤に関する研究経過報告―最終成果報告
    池田 真利子; 杉本興運 磯野巧 飯塚遼 太田慧 小池拓矢
    観光研究/29(2)/pp.135-138, 2018-03
  • 若者の観光行動と地域受容基盤に関する研究経過報告―2016年度の活動報告
    池田 真利子; 杉本興運 磯野巧 飯塚遼 池田真利子 太田慧 小池拓矢
    観光研究, 2017-03
  • 藤塚吉浩著『ジェントリフィケーション』書評
    池田 真利子
    地理空間, 2017-06
  • ドイツにおける文化創造的都市づくりと都市変容
    池田 真利子
    大林財団実施報告書, 2017-03
  • Regional characteristics of inbound tourism in the surrounding region of the Narita Airport: based on management of accommodation and foreign tourist behavior
    鈴木 富之; 中村 文宣; 池田 真利子; 福田 綾; 長坂 幸俊; 山下 清海
    Annals of Human and Regional Geography/(32)/pp.135-165, 2010-02
  • 須坂市における機械金属工業の構造変容と技 術基盤
    池田 真利子
    Annals of Human and Regional Geography/pp.139-155, 2011-02
  • The Development of Urban-Rural Exchange in Iida City : A Case Study of the Working Holiday Program
    池田 真利子; 永山 いちい; 大石貴之
    Annals of Human and Regional Geography/(35)/pp.121-145, 2013-02
  • Regional Characteristics of Employment Status and Lifestyle of Japanese Brazilians in Joso City with a focus on the Impact after the Global Economical Crisis of 2008 and the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake
    池田 真利子; 金 延景; 落合 李愉; 堀江 瑶子; 山下 清海; 森 誠
    Annals of Human and Regional Geography/(36)/pp.55-90, 2014-02
  • Cultural Squatting, Conflict Involved, and Role as Free Space in Urban Transformation : Case Study of the Kunsthaus Tacheles in the Former East District of Berlin
    池田 真利子
    Geographical review of Japan. Ser.A/87(3)/pp.224-247, 2014-05
  • Factors of the Japanese-Indonesian's Long-term Settlement in Oarai Town, Ibaraki Prefecture : Focusing on the Transition of Accepting Foreign Workers in Seafood Product Processing Industry
    金 延景; 栗林 慶; 川口 志のぶ; 包 慧穎; 池田 真利子; 山下清海
    Annals of Human and Regional Geography/(38)/pp.31-59, 2016-02
  • Cultural and Creative Industries in Germany with Focus on the Political Measures in Selected Federal States
    池田 真利子
    E-journal GEO/11(1)/pp.164-185, 2017-10
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