HARVEY BENJAMIN Paul(ハーベイ ベンジャミン ポール)

Climate Change
Ocean Acidification
Marine Heatwaves
Community Shifts
Community Ecology
Demonstrating ocean acidification-driven changes in the ecological role of benthic macroherbivores in controlling algal habitats2023 -- 2026Harvey Benjamin Paul日本学術振興会/基盤研究(B)18,590,000円
岩礁域の生物群集に対する海洋酸性化の間接効果の実証2022-04 -- 2026-03今 孝悦日本学術振興会/基盤研究(B)17,290,000円
海洋酸性化が沿岸生態系の炭素隔離能(ブルーカーボン)に及ぼす影響2022-04 -- 2026-03和田 茂樹日本学術振興会/基盤研究(A)41,860,000円
海洋酸性化に対する海藻藻場生態系のエネルギーフローの応答2019-04 -- 2023-03和田 茂樹日本学術振興会/Kiban (B)17,290,000円
海洋酸性化に対する生物群集の応答評価:直接効果と間接効果の統合理解2018-04 -- 2022-03Koetsu Kon日本学術振興会/基盤研究 (B)17,160,000円
Habitat choice and settlement of coral larvae of high latitude coral species under ocean acidification2018-01 -- 2020-03Sylvain Agostini日本学術振興会/二国間交流事業共同研究 Sakuraプログラム2,000,000円
酸性化が引き起こす殻の溶解は巻貝の生存にとって脅威となるのか2017-04 -- 2018-03Benjamin Paul Harvey財団法人日本科学協会/Sasakawa Scientific Research Grant630,000円
海洋酸性化が生態系サービスに及ぼす影響-未来の海:CO2 シープを利用した解析2017-04 -- 2020-03Shigeki Wada環境省/18,768,000円
Understanding the Impacts of Ocean Acidification: from Biodiversity to Ecosystem Functioning2017-04 -- 2020-03Benjamin Paul Harvey日本学術振興会/基盤研究3,250,000円
2016-05 -- (現在)筑波大学下田臨海実験センター助教
2015-09 -- 2015-12Aberystwyth UniversityInstitute of Biological, Environmental and Rural SciencesLecturer
2015-05 -- 2015-09Aberystwyth UniversityInstitute of Biological, Environmental and Rural SciencesPost-Doctoral Researcher
2011-04 -- 2011-08Bangor UniversitySchool of Ocean SciencesResearch Technician
2010-10 -- 2011-03Bangor UniversitySchool of Ocean SciencesResearch Assistant
2011-09 -- 2015-05Aberystwyth University Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences PhD: Marine Climate Change Ecology
2009-09 -- 2010-09Bangor University School of Ocean Sciences MSc: Marine Environmental Protection
2005-09 -- 2008-06University of Plymouth School of Marine Science and Engineering BSc (Hons): Ocean Science
2015-05PhD Marine Climate Change EcologyAberystwyth University
2010-09MSc Marine Environmental ProtectionBangor University
2008-06BSc (Hons) Ocean ScienceUniversity of Plymouth
2013-07 -- (現在)Global Ocean Acidification - Observation Network
2013-07 -- 2015-12UK Ocean Acidification Research Programme
  • Marine Ecology: Temperate to Tropical
    Agostini Sylvain; Harvey Benjamin Paul; Shigeki Wada
    Japanese Marine Life: A Practical Training Guide in Marine Biology, 2020-05
  • Experimental Design in Marine Environmental Sciences
    Sylvain Agostini; Harvey Benjamin Paul; Shigeki Wada
    Japanese Marine Life: A Practical Training Guide in Marine Biology, 2020-05
  • Survey Techniques in Marine Ecology
    B Harvey; Kon Koetsu; S. Agostini
    Japanese Marine Life -A Practical Training Guide in Marine Biology-, 2020-06
  • BSc (Hons): The rejuvenation of juvenile coral on carbonate and granitic reefs after a mass coral bleaching event
    Harvey Benjamin Paul
    University of Plymouth, 2008-03
  • MSc: measures of ecosystem functioning for marine biodiversity research
    Harvey Benjamin Paul
    Bangor University, 2010-09
  • PhD: Determining the impacts of ocean acidification and global warming on biotic interactions in shallow-water marine environments
    Harvey Benjamin Paul
    Aberystwyth University, 2015-05
  • Functional decline of sea urchins due to ocean acidification can mediate changes in biogenic habitat
    Harvey Benjamin Paul
    23rd International Temperate Reef Symposium/2023-01-09
  • Feedback mechanisms stabilize degraded turf algal systems at a CO2 seep site
    Harvey Benjamin Paul
    5th International Symposium on The Ocean In A High CO2 World/2022-09-15
  • Rise of the turfs: the simplification of marine ecosystems under ocean acidification
    Harvey Benjamin Paul
    Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST) - Marine Climate Change Unit/2021-12-09
  • Simplification of marine ecosystems under ocean acidification
    Harvey Benjamin Paul
    GOA-ON - Ocean Acidification Week/2021-09-16
  • Simplification of marine ecosystems under ocean acidification: a case study of the Shikine Island CO2 seep
    Harvey Benjamin Paul
    Tsukuba Global Science Week/2021-09-07
  • The dominance of turf-forming diatoms under ocean acidification and their role in community succession
    Harvey Benjamin Paul; Allen Ro; Agostini Sylvain; Hoffman...
    Marine Biotechnology Conference 2019/2019-09-09--2019-09-13
  • Degraded turf algal systems are ‘locked-in’ by ocean acidification
    Ben Harvey; Ro Allen; Agostini Sylvain; Linn J Hoffmann; ...
    Japan Geoscience Union Meeting 2021/2021-05-30--2021-06-06
  • Epizootiology of a temperate coral disease driven by thermal stress and macroalgal interactions
    Joshua M. Heitzman; Sung-Ying Yang; Benjamin Paul Harvey...
    Japan Geoscience Union Meeting 2021/2021-05-30--2021-06-06
  • Effects of ocean acidification on net community production in coastal ecosystems: In situ assessment in natural CO2 seep
    Kurosawa Shingo; Wada Shigeki; Sylvain Agostini; Harvey ...
    PICES 2018 Annual Meeting/2018-10-28--2018-10-28
  • Photosynthetic activity of early successional phytobenthos at a shallow CO2 seep off Shikine Island, Japan
    Wada Shigeki; Sylvain Agostini; Harvey Ben; 大森裕子; Hall-Spe...
    PICES 2018 Annual Meeting/2018-10-28--2018-10-28
  • Turf algae dominance under ocean acidification - are positive feedback mechanisms locking this degraded system in place?
    Harvey Benjamin Paul; Agostini S.; Allen R.; Hall-Spencer...
    The 12th Meeting of the International Temperate Reefs Symposium 2019/2019-01-06--2019-01-11
  • Dissolution: the Achilles’ heel of gastropods in an acidifying ocean
    Harvey Benjamin Paul; Agostini S.; Wada S.; Inaba K.; Hal...
    PICES 2018 Annual Meeting/2018-10-25--2018-11-04
  • The ecosystem effects of ocean acidification
    Harvey Benjamin Paul
    Joint Meeting of the Japan Geoscience Union (JPGU) & American Geoscience Union (AGU)/2017-05-20--2017-05-24
  • Beyond individual-level responses to ocean acidification
    Harvey Benjamin Paul; Hall-Spencer Jason M.
    Interdisciplinary Symposium on Ocean Acidification and Climate Change/2016-12-05--2016-12-09
  • The consequences of future ocean acidification and warming
    Harvey Benjamin Paul
    Japanese Society of Zoology/2016-11-20--2016-11-20
  • Individual and population-level responses to climate change
    Harvey Benjamin Paul; N.J. McKeown; S.P.S. Rastrick; C. ...
    Aquatic Biodiversity and Ecosystems Conference/2015-08-30--2015-09-04
  • Direct and indirect effects of ocean acidification and global warming on predator-prey dynamics
    Harvey Benjamin Paul; Moore Pippa J
    The 10th International Temperate Reef Symposium/2014-01-12--2014-01-17
2023-09 -- 2023-09マリン生態環境科学筑波大学
2023-04 -- 2023-08生態学セミナーIIIS筑波大学
2023-10 -- 2024-02生態学セミナーVF筑波大学
2023-10 -- 2024-02生態学セミナーIIF筑波大学
2023-10 -- 2024-02生態学セミナーIIIF筑波大学
2023-04 -- 2023-08生態学セミナーIS筑波大学
2023-10 -- 2024-02生態学セミナーIF筑波大学
2023-04 -- 2023-08生態学セミナーVS筑波大学
2023-04 -- 2023-08マリンバイオロジー特論筑波大学
2023-10 -- 2024-02マリンバイオロジー特論筑波大学

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