CAROLINE TAN SUE LIN(キャロライン タン スー リン)


  • CSR Initiatives Post 3-11
    Caroline Tan Sue Lin
    American Marketing Association Winter Conference, February 2016/2016-02-26--2016-02-28
  • Will you love me regardless of my reputation?
    Caroline Tan Sue Lin
    Global Marketing Fashion Conference/2015-06-25--2015-06-28
  • Food related CSR post 3-11: When risk and trust affect consumer behavior
    Caroline Tan Sue Lin
    The Conference on Management And Sustainability In Asia/2015-04-29--2015-05-01
  • Yoshinoya and It’s Cause-Related Marketing Initiative post-3.11: When Risk and Trust Affect Consumer Behavior
    Caroline Tan Sue Lin
    Tsukuba Global Science Week Conference/2014--2014
  • Food, Travel and the Capturing of Mind Share and Heart Share
    Caroline Tan Sue Lin
    International Interdisciplinary Business-Economics Advancement Conference/2014--2014
  • When Does It Matter? A Study on Eco Labels and Japanese Consumers
    Caroline Tan Sue Lin
    Eurasia Business and Economics Society Conference/2014--2014