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Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
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Literature in general
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Classical Studies, Biblical Studies, Patristics, Buddhist Studies -- (current)/
慈雲著『法華陀羅尼略解』をめぐる文献学的ならびに密教史学的研究2012 -- 2014Japan Society of for the Promotion of Science/挑戦的萌芽研究4,030,000Yen
古典古代学を基盤とした「東方予型論」による包括的学問体系の構築2009 -- 2011Japan Society of for the Promotion of Science/基盤研究(C)4,160,000Yen
古典古代学を基盤とした「東方予型論」の構築と可能性をめぐる研究         2006 -- 2008Japan Society of for the Promotion of Science/基盤研究(C)4,000,000Yen
東欧・スラブ諸国における西洋古典学の継承と展開2003 -- 2005Japan Society of for the Promotion of Science/基盤研究(C)3,100,000Yen
中世東西地中海世界の神学体系を基礎とした西洋古典文献伝承史の再構成2000 -- 2001Japan Society of for the Promotion of Science/奨励研究(A)2,100,000Yen
西洋古典文献の伝承史と中世東西地中海世界の修道制をめぐる実証的研究1999 -- 2000Japan Society of for the Promotion of Science/特定領域研究(A)2,800,000Yen
古代地中海世界における神話理解と言語観1998 -- 1999Japan Society of for the Promotion of Science/奨励研究(A)2,000,000Yen
Career history
2015-04 -- (current)筑波大学 人文社会系 教授
1991-04 -- 1997-09東京大学教養学部助手
1997-10 -- 2004-03筑波大学文芸・言語学系講師
2004-04 -- 2015-03筑波大学大学院人文社会科学研究科文芸・言語専攻助教授⇒准教授
Academic background
-- 1986The University of Tokyo Faculty of Literature 西洋古典学
-- 1999The University of Tokyo Graduate School, Division of General Culture 超域文化科学専攻
Academic societies
2016 -- (current)Associazione PATRES
2014 -- (current)International Conference of Gregory of Nyssa
2011 -- (current)European Society for Catholic Theology
2009 -- (current)Association internationale d'études patristiques
2009 -- (current)Szeged International Biblical Conference
2008 -- (current)古典古代学会
2005 -- (current)Colloquium Origenianum
2005 -- (current)Magyar Patrisztikai Társaság
1990 -- (current)The Japanese Society of Medieval Philosophy
Honors & Awards
2011-09-09Konferencia Baratja a XXIII. Szegedi Nemzetkozi Biblikus Konferencian優れた研究活動を当学会において公にし,かつ大会委員会とともに当学会を支援することにより,社会への奉仕という目的の実現のために貢献したことを称える.
  • Structure of the Byzantine Liturgy and the "Byzantine Triad" of the Comic Dramatist Aristophanes: On the Basis of the Midnight Prayers in the Byzantine RIte
    秋山 学
    Studies in Language and Literature: Literature/80・81/pp.1-23, 2022-03
  • On the Matins of Jerusalem: With Special Reference to the "Enkomia"
    秋山 学
    Studies in language and literature/80・81/pp.25-57, 2022-03
  • Silenzio del Verbo nel tempo transitorio del Sabato Santo
    秋山 学
    Tsukuba Classical Studies/(14)/pp.75-98, 2022-01
  • The Inner Significance of the Communal Recitation of the Psalms According to St. Basil the Great
    秋山 学
    Studies in medieval thought/(63)/pp.5-20, 2021-09
  • Mentor as a Good Father: A Memorial Essay on Rev. Fr. Péter Nemeshegyi, S.J.
    秋山 学
    Catholic Studies/(90)/pp.1-35, 2021-08
  • Enarratio Martini Lutheri et Theodoreti Cyrrhensis
    秋山 学
    Okortudomanyi folyoirat/(13)/pp.43-67, 2021-03
  • From the 51st Psalm to the Book of Isaiah: on the basis of the Byzantine Rite
    秋山 学
    Studies in language and literature/(79)/pp.1-21, 2021-03
  • Essence of the Byzantine Monastic Office: Concerning the Significance of the Psalm 119(118) in the Byzantine Midnight Office
    秋山 学
    Studies in language and literature/(78)/pp.49-77, 2020-10
  • "Virtue" in the Works of Clement of Alexandria: Taking Special Notice of the "Prudence"
    秋山 学
    Studies in medieval thought/62/pp.101-109, 2020-09
  • (書評)Bugár M. István, A teológia kezdetei a jánosi tradícióban: a Melitón- és a Hippolütosz-dosszié
    秋山 学
    Studies in medieval thought/62/pp.128-131, 2020-09
  • 「古典古代学」の恩師たち─ニュッサのグレゴリオスを機縁として─
    秋山 学
    Studies in language and literature/77/pp.15-38, 2020-03
  • “Redenzione” nel “Canto del servo del Signore” (Is 52,15): alla luce della preghiera di Gesù
    秋山 学
    Ókortudományi Folyóirat/(12)/pp.105-128, 2020-03
  • From the Era of History to the Era of Individuals: Meaning of the Greek World in the 4th Century B.C.
    秋山 学
    AREA STUDIES Tsukuba/(41)/pp.31-50, 2020-03
  • Possibilità dell'incontro di San Paolo apostolo con la comunità di San Giovanni apostolo
    秋山 学
    Studies in language and literature/77/pp.57-68, 2020-03
  • Comments on the Text of Quis Dives Salvetur? of Clemens Alexandrinus on the Basis of the Edition of Sources Chrétiennes
    秋山 学
    Studies in language and literature/76/pp.47-71, 2019-09
  • Perspective of the Name "A remnant will return" (Is 7,3) in the Book of Isaiah
    秋山 学
    Studies in Language and Literature: Literature/76/pp.1-19, 2019-09
  • (書評)Ivancsó István:A magyar görög katolikus papság szentelési emlékképeinek gyűjteménye (1914-2007)
    秋山 学
    中世思想研究/61/pp.166-169, 2019-09
  • Introduzione alla mitologia liturgica: Pindaro e la portata dell"inno epinicio"
    秋山 学
    Okortudomanyi folyoirat/(11)/pp.43-82, 2019-03
  • Significance of the "Reverse-translation into Sanskrit" from the Viewpoint of Classical Studies: On the Basis of the "Commentary on the Vajrasekhara-sutra: First Chapter" of Jiun (1718-1804)
    秋山 学
    AREA STUDIES Tsukuba/(40)/pp.35-52, 2019-03
  • Liturgical Texts as Declamation of Community: Descendants of Prodicus of Ceos
    秋山 学
    Studies in Language and Literature: Literature/75/pp.1-25, 2019-03
  • (書評)Enrico Cattaneo S.J., Il Commento a Isaia di Basilio di Cesarea
    秋山 学
    Studies in medieval thought/(60)/pp.124-127, 2018-09
  • On the Meaning of the Title of the Section of Sarvartha-siddhi in the Index of the Vajrasekhara-sutra Yoga in Eighteen Sections
    秋山 学
    文藝言語研究 文藝篇/74/pp.1-25, 2018-09
  • Theological Background and Universality of Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri: in Special Relation to its Purgatory
    秋山 学
    AREA STUDIES Tsukuba/(39)/pp.71-90, 2018-03
  • 哲人と政治 ─孔子とギリシア哲学者たちをめぐって─
    秋山 学
    儀礼空間の表象 釈奠─東アジアの孔子祭典を考える/pp.91-100, 2018-03
  • From the Commentary on the Mahavairocana-sutra to the Sarvasiddhartha
    秋山 学
    文藝言語研究 文藝篇/73/pp.1-18, 2018-03
  • more...
  • Prudenza e lo ‘spirito di percezione’ secondo Clemente Alessandrino
    Manabu AKIYAMA
    Studia Patristica. Vol. CX, Volume 7: Clement of Alexandria/Peeters/pp.187-195, 2021-12
  • «Dal Figlio» (De oratione dominica, III, GNO 43,1-2; SC424,1-2)
    Manabu Akiyama
    Gregory of Nyssa: Homilies on the Our Father. An English Translation with Commentary and Supporting Studies/Brill/pp.609-620, 2021-09
  • Johannine Eschatology of the In Canticum
    Manabu AKIYAMA
    Studia Patristica. Vol. CI - Gregory of Nyssa's Mystical Eschatology, ISBN 978-90-429-4138-0/pp.151-159, 2021-02
    AKIYAMA Manabu
    ACTAS 2º CONGRESO INTERNACIONAL DE ESTUDIOS PATRÍSTICOS/EDITORIAL UNIVERSITARIA UCCUYO http://uccuyosj.edu.ar/index.php/publicaciones-digitales/125-secciones/1443-estudios-patristicos/pp.13-21, 2020-11
  • 「ビザンティン三部作」をめぐって─古典学と神学のあわい─
    秋山 学
    Dancing Wisteria/Bibliotheca Wisteriana/pp.135-158, 2020-10
  • Is 43,21 as the Source of Jn 7,38
    Akiyama Manabu
    Biblical interpretation – Eras, Methods, Contexts/JATE Press/pp.3-13, 2020-08
  • “Praise to God" as Virtue in the Book of Second Isaiah: With Special Regard to the Septuagint Version
    Akiyama Manabu
    Virtue or Obligation: 30th International Biblical Conference Szeged, 26–28 August 2019/pp.17-25, 2020-04
  • 東方のキリスト教【コラム4】
    秋山 学
    世界哲学史4─中世Ⅱ個人の覚醒/筑摩書房/pp.180-181, 2020-04
  • Significance of the High-Priestly Prayer of Jesus (Jn 17) in comparison with the Structure of the First Half of Homer's Odyssey (Od. 1-12)
    Akiyama Manabu
    The Hellenistic and Judaic Background to the New Testament: 29th International Biblical Conference Szeged 27-29 August, 2018/JATE Press/pp.33-42, 2019-08
  • Lo "gnostico" e Chrésis secondo Clemente Alessandrino
    Akiyama Manabu
    Chrésima: Exemplarische Studien zur frühchristlichen Chrésis/Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co.KG/pp.45-56, 2019-06
  • The "Spiritual Worship" (Rm 12,1) in Contrast with the "Dedication" (Jm 2,21)
    Manabu Akiyama
    Interpretation of the Letter to the Romans: 28th International Biblical Conference Szeged 28-30 August, 2017/JATE Press/pp.39-49, 2018-08
  • 律から密へ ─晩年の慈雲尊者─
    秋山 学
    春風社, 2018-05
  • キリスト教教父著作集4/Ⅱ アレクサンドリアのクレメンス2 ストロマテイス(綴織)Ⅱ
    秋山 学
    教文館, 2018-05
  • キリスト教教父著作集4/I アレクサンドリアのクレメンス1 ストロマテイス(綴織)Ⅰ
    秋山 学
    教文館, 2018-01
  • "L'Unigenito Dio come "esegeta" (Gv. 1,18) secondo Clemente Alessandrino"
    Manabu AKIYAMA
    Studia Patristica vol.LXXIX, vol.5 Clement of Alexandria/pp.153-160, 2017-12
  • Il significato della «giustizia resa ai santi dell’Altissimo» (Dn 7,22) nell’interpretazione di Giovanni e di Padri greci
    Manabu AKIYAMA
    Krisis e cambiamento in età tardoantica: Riflessi contemporanei/EDUSC (Edizioni dell'Università di Santa Croce)/pp.149-165, 2017-11
  • A „quartodecimánusok” álláspontja: Hogyan értékelhetjük ezt ma?
    Akiyama Manabu
    Vallási és kulturális konfliktusok a bibliában és az ősegyházban: 27. Nemzetközi Biblikus Konferencia, 2016. augusztus 29-31./pp.25-33, 2017-08
  • Interview with Famous Biblical Scholars: John Akiyama Manabu
    Akiyama Manabu
    Interview with Famous Biblical Scholars: John Akiyama Manabu/JATE Press/pp.349-354, 2017-08
  • Il significato misterioso della profezia nelle Omelie su Ezechiele di Gregorio Magno
    Manabu AKIYAMA
    Origeniana Undecima: Origen and Origenism in the History of Western Thought/Peeters/pp.563-574, 2016-10
  • Felülkerekedés a gyűlöleten János evangéliumában
    Akiyama Manabu
    Gyűlölet és kiengesztelődés a Bibliában: 26. Nemzetközi Biblikus Konferencia 2015. augusztus 27-29./JATE Press/pp.17-26, 2016-08
  • 慈雲尊者最晩年期の密教思想─『理趣経講義』から『法華陀羅尼略解』へ
    秋山 学
    異文化理解とパフォーマンス/春風社/pp.282-300, 2016-07
  • L'"eredità" nella Gerusalemme celeste (Ap 21,7)
    Manabu AKIYAMA
    The Bible and Economics: 25. Nemzetközi Biblikus Konferencia/pp.37-46, 2014-08
  • Nagy Szent Bazil liturgiája és a "mindenség megújulása"
    AKIYAMA Manabu
    Studia Patrum V/pp.109-120, 2014-06
  • Nagy Szent Bazil a keresztség szentségéről
    AKIYAMA Manabu
    Studia Patrum V/pp.121-130, 2014-06
  • 『カトリック東方諸教会に関する教令』解説
    秋山 学
    『第二バチカン公会議公文書 改訂公式訳』/pp.742-761, 2013-09
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Conference, etc.
  • A Process of Reconciliation: An Interpretation of Aeschylus’ “Byzantine Triad” in consideration of the theological background around that time
    Manabu Akiyama
    International Online Conference: "The Ancient and Byzantine World in the Light of Interdisciplinary Research"/2021-09-22--2021-09-24
  • “Another Vision” (Hab 2:3) according to Saint Paul
    Akiyama Manabu
    32th Szeged International Biblical Conference/2021-08-23--2021-08-25
  • Isten igéjének vasárnapja
    Akiyama Manabu
    Isten igéjének vasárnapja/2021-01-24--2021-01-24
  • 大バシレイオスによる詩編唱和の内的意義 ─詩編第119(118)編を中心に─
    秋山 学
  • Interpretation on the Psalm 51 from the Viewpoint of Eucharist: with special regard to the Writings of John and of the Byzantine Theologians
    Akiyama Manabu
    31th Szeged International Biblical Conference/2020-08-24--2020-08-26
  • アレクサンドリアのクレメンスにおける「徳」
    秋山 学
  • “Praise to God” as Virtue in the Book of Second Isaiah: with special consideration to the Septuagint version
    Akiyama Manabu
    30th International Biblical Conference Szeged/2019-08-26--2019-08-28
  • Prudence and the “Spirit of the Sense” in Clement of Alexandria
    Manabu Akiyama
    18th International Conference on Patristic Studies/2019-08-19--2019-08-23
  • “Dal Figlio” (De oratione dominica, Oratio III, GNO VII/II 43,1-2)
    Manabu Akiyama
    14th International colloquium on Gregory of Nyssa/2018-09-04--2018-09-07
  • “Jézus főpapi imájának jelentősége (Jn 17) összehasonlítva az Odüsszeia első részének szerkezetével (Od. 1-12)”
    Akiyama Manabu
    29. Nemzetközi Biblikus Konferencia/2018-08-27--2018-08-29
  • On the political activity of two philosophers: Confucius and Plato
    秋山 学
    The Shidian: Confucius festival in East Asia/2018-01-26--2018-01-26
  • The “spiritual worship” (Rom 12,1) in contrast with the “dedication” (Jas 2,21)
    Akiyama Manabu
    XXVIII. Nemzetközi Biblikus Konferencia/2017-08-28--2017-08-30
  • “I «quartodecimani» e il testo del libro di Isaia profeta letto dalla comunità di Qumran”
    Manabu AKIYAMA
    II Congreso Internacional de Estudios Patrísticos/2017-03-28--2017-03-31
  • 宗教概念の翻訳をめぐって ─聖書翻訳史と仏典漢訳史をもとに─
    秋山 学
    日本語文化の保存・刷新・発信 ─和英混淆文の可能性と問題点─/2016-11-17
  • The Standpoint of the Quartodecimans: How can it be evaluated today?
    AKIYAMA Manabu
    XXVII. Szegedi Nemzetközi Biblikus Konferencia/2016-08-29--2016-08-31
  • Il significato della «giustizia resa ai santi dell’Altissimo» (Dn 7,22) nell’interpretazione di Giovanni e di Padri greci
    Manabu AKIYAMA
    Krisis e cambiamento in età tardoantica: Riflessi contemporanei/2016-04-06--2016-04-07
  • Felülkerekedés a gyűlöleten János evangéliumában
    AKIYAMA Manabu
    XXVI. Biblikus konferencia ("Gyűlölet és kiengesztelődés a Bibliában")/2015-08-27--2015-08-29
  • L'esegesi per mezzo dell'Unigenito Dio secondo Clemente Alessandrino
    Manabu AKIYAMA
    XVII. International Conference on Patristic Studies/2015-08-10--2015-08-14
  • Üldözés alatt élő japán keresztények (17. század elején) és az ő tanításuk
    AKIYAMA Manabu
    Pázmany Péter Katolikus egyetemen tartott előadás/2014-09-23
  • La caratteristica escatologica del Cantico dei cantici secondo Gregorio di Nissa
    Manabu AKIYAMA
    XII. International Colloquium on Gregory of Nyssa ("Gregory of Nyssa's In Canticum")/2014-09-17--2014-09-20
  • Il significato di "segno" nell'interpretazione biblica di Clemente Alessandrino
    Manabu AKIYAMA
    Colloquium Clementinum Secundum ("Biblical Exegesis in Clement")/2014-05-29--2014-05-31
  • Il significato misterioso della profezia nelle Omelie su Ezechiele di Gregorio Magno
    Manabu AKIYAMA
    Colloquium Origenianum Undecimum (“Origen and Origenism in the History of Western Thought”)/2013-08-26--2013-08-30
  • "Örökség" a mennyei Jeruzsálemben (Jel 21,7)
    AKIYAMA Manabu
    XXV. Biblikus konferencia ("A Biblia és a gazdagság")/2013-08-22--2013-08-24
  • „A püspökség és a Szentírás értelmezése Nagy Szent Gergely műveiben”
    AKIYAMA Manabu
    A Magyar Patrisztikai Társaság XIII. konferenciája („Vallás és hatalom az egyházatyák korában")/2013-06-27--2013-06-29
  • "Istennek a világ iránti szeretete János evangéliumában: a bizánci teológia tükrében"
    AKIYAMA Manabu
    XXIV. Biblikus konferencia ("Jézustól Krisztusig")/2012-08-21--2012-08-23
  • more...
2021-10 -- 2022-02Study of Research Papers in Classical Greek IIUniversity of Tsukuba.
2021-04 -- 2021-06Greek: Intermediary Course AUniversity of Tsukuba.
2021-10 -- 2021-12European Thought and ReligionUniversity of Tsukuba.
2021-07 -- 2021-08European and American Culture: Special Topic IIIUniversity of Tsukuba.
2021-10 -- 2021-12Latin: Intermediary Course BUniversity of Tsukuba.
2021-04 -- 2021-06Thought and Religion in Middle East and North AfricaUniversity of Tsukuba.
2021-10 -- 2022-02Study of Latin Language and Culture IIUniversity of Tsukuba.
2021-04 -- 2021-08Study of Latin Language and Culture IUniversity of Tsukuba.
2021-10 -- 2021-12Greek: Intermediary Course BUniversity of Tsukuba.
2021-04 -- 2021-08Study of Research Papers in Classical Greek IUniversity of Tsukuba.
Other educational activities
2017-07 -- 2017-07教員免許状更新講習講師(選択C「古典に学ぶ:百科全書としてのダンテ『神曲』」)文部科学省
  • 晩年の慈雲尊者 ─律から密へ─
    秋山 学
  • 慈雲尊者と悉曇学
    秋山 学
Professional activities
2021-11 -- (current)The Japanese Society of Medieval Philosophy理事・評議員・編集委員
2015 -- 2018日本聖書協会新翻訳事業 協会共同訳 旧約聖書続編編集委員
2011 -- 2015The Japanese Society of Medieval Philosophy監事
2008 -- (current)古典古代学会編集主幹

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