Nakamura Kouji

Institute of Life and Environmental Sciences
Official title
Research fields
Genetics/Chromosome dynamics
Research keywords
Bacillus subtilis
noncoding RNA
Research projects
納豆製造過程における精製タンパク質のプロテオーム解析2004-04 -- 2005-03タカノフーズ/国内共同研究
生物機能を活用した生産プロセスの基盤技術の開発2004-04 -- 2005-03財団法人バイオインダストリー協会/国内共同研究
歯周病菌が生産するプロテアーゼの生産システムの開発とこれを利用した診断薬の開発2005-04 -- 2007-03ライオン(株)/国内共同研究
生物機能を活用した生産プロセスの基盤技術開発2005-04 -- 2009-03/国内共同研究
環境汚染物質応答性遺伝子の解析 -- (current)/
Structural analysis of secretory machinary, signal recognition particle(SRP) -- (current)/
Analyis of network on transcription and translation directed by small RNAs. -- (current)/
真正細菌における非翻訳型RNAによって遂行される遺伝子発現制御機構の解析2004 -- 2006Japan Society of for the Promotion of Science/基盤研究(B)6,900,000Yen
未来型バイオプロスペクティングの技術創成のための企画調査2005 -- (current)Japan Society of for the Promotion of Science/基盤研究(C)5,000,000Yen
病原性細菌の毒素産生に関与する低分子RNAの構造・機能解析2003 -- (current)Japan Society of for the Promotion of Science/基盤研究(C)3,600,000Yen
Career history
1989-04 -- 1990-06日本学術振興会特別研究員
1990-07 -- 1992-05筑波大学生物科学系助手
1992-06 -- 2002-04筑波大学生物科学系講師
2002-05 -- 2004-03筑波大学生物科学系助教授
2004-04 -- 2007-03筑波大学大学院生命環境科学研究科助教授
2007-04 -- 2011-01筑波大学大学院生命環境科学研究科准教授
2011-02 -- (current)University of TsukubaGraduate school of Life and environmental sciences教授
Academic background
-- 1989University of Tsukuba Graduate School, Division of Bioresearch 生物物理化学
Academic societies
-- (current)The Molecular Biology Society of Japan
-- (current)RNA Society
Honors & Awards
  • Temperature-regulated heterogeneous extracellular matrix gene expression defines biofilm morphology inClostridium perfringens
    Obana Nozomu; Nakamura Kouji; Nomura Nobuhiko
  • Super-Agrobacterium ver. 4: Improving the Transformation Frequencies and Genetic Engineering Possibilities for Crop Plants
    Nonaka Satoko; Someya Tatsuhiko; Kadota Yasuhiro; Nakamur...
    Frontiers in plant science/10, 2019-10
  • Immunoactive clostridial membrane vesicle production is regulated by a sporulation factor
    Obana Nozomu; Nakao Ryoma; Nagayama Kyoko; Nakamura K...
    Infection and immunity/85(5), 2017
  • A sporulation factor is involved in the morphological change of Clostridium perfringens biofilms in response to temperature
    Nozomu Obana; Kouji Nakamura; Nobuhiko Nomura
    Journal of Bacteriology/196(8)/pp.1540-1550, 2014-04
  • Morphological change of biofilm in response to temperature in Clostridium perfringens
    尾花 望; 中村 幸治; 野村 暢彦
    日本生物工学会大会講演要旨集/64/p.54, 2012-09
  • Stabilization of Clostridium perfringens collagenase mRMA by VR-RNA-dependent cleavage in 5' leader sequence.
    Nakamura Kouji
    Molecular Microbiology/77(6)/pp.1416-1428, 2010-07
  • A Bacillus subtillis secretion vector system derived from the B. subtilis α-amylase promoter and signal sequence region and secretion of Escherichia coli β-lactamase by the vector system.
    Ohmura K Shiroza T Nakamura K Nakayama A Yamane ...
    J. Biochem./95/p.87-93, 1984-01
  • Length and structural effect of signal peptide derived from B. subtilis α-amylase on secretion of E. coli β-lactamase in B. dubtilis cells.
    Ohmura K Nakamura K Yamazaki H Shiroza T Yamane ...
    Nucleic acids Res./12/p.5307-5319, 1984-01
  • Bacillus subtilis secretion vectors for proteins and oligopeptides constructed from Bacillus subtilis α-amylase genes.
    Ohmura K Shiroza T Nakamura K Nakayama A Yamane ...
    Mol. Biol. Microbial. Differentiation./p.117-123, 1985-01
  • Stable hyper-production of Escherichia coli β-lactamase by Bacillus subtilis grown on 0.5 M succinate-medium using a B. subtilis α-amylase secretion vector.
    Nakamura K Furusato T Shiroza T and Yamane K
    Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun./128/p.601-606, 1985-01
  • Enhanced secretion β-lactamase on structural modification of the Bacillus subtilis α-amylase signal peptide.
    Nakamura K; Itoh Y; Yamane K
    J. Biochem./104(2)/pp.265-269, 1988-01
  • Modification of length, hydrophobic properties and electric chage length, hydrophobic properties and electric charge of Bacillus subtilis α-amylase signal peptide and their different effects on the production of secretory proteins in B. subtilis and Escherichia coli cells.
    Nakamura K; Fujita Y; Itoh Y; Yamane K
    Molec. Gen. Genet./216(1)/pp.1-9, 1989-01
  • Cloning and characterization of a Bacillus subtilis gene homologous to E. coli secY
    Nakamura K; Nakamura A; Takamatsu H; Yoshikawa H; Yamane K
    J. Biochem./107(4)/pp.603-607, 1990-01
  • Artificial insertion of propeptides between signal peptide and mature protein : effect on secretion and processing of hybrid thermostable α-amylase in Bacillus subtilis and Escherichia coli cells.
    Itoh Y Kanoh K Nakamura K Takase K and Yamane K
    J. Gen. Microbiol./136/p.1551-1558, 1990-01
  • Complementation of the protein of the protein transport defect of an Escherichia coli secY mutant (secY24) by Bacillus subtilis secY homologue.
    Nakamura K; Takamatsu H; Akiyama Y; Ito K; Yamane K
    FEBS letters/273(1-2)/pp.75-78, 1990-01
  • Processing of NH2-terminally extended thermostable α-amylase by Bacillus subtilis alkaline protease.
    Itoh Y; Nakamura K; Sumi M; Yamane K
    Journal of biochemistry/108(6)/pp.954-959, 1990-01
  • Sequencing reveals the similarity of the wild-type div-341+ gene of Bacillus subtilis to the Escherichia coli secA gene.
    Sadaie Y Takamatsu H Nakamura K and Yamane K
    Gene/98/p.101-105, 1991-01
  • Maturation of an NH2-terminally extended thermostable α-amylase in Bacillus subtilis : a possible mechanism examined by in vitro experiments.
    Itoh Y Oguro A Nakamura K Ishizuka Y and Yamane K
    Biosci. Biotech. Biochem./56/p.867-871, 1992-01
  • Small cytoplasmic RNA (scRNA) of Bacilus subtilis : Functional relationship with human SRP 7S RNA and Escherichia coli 4.5S RNA.
    Nakamura K Imai Y Nakamura A and Yamane K
    J. Bacteriol./174/p.2185-2192, 1992-01
  • in vivo and in vitro characterization of the secA gene product of Bacillus subtilis.
    Takamatsu H; Fuma S; Nakamura K; Sadaie Y; Shinkai A; Mat...
    J. Bacteriol./174(13)/pp.4308-4316, 1992-01
  • Conserved residues and secondary structure found in small cytoplasmic RNA from thirteen Bacillus species.
    Nakamura K; Minemura M; Nishiguchi M; Honda K; Nakamura ...
    Nucleic Acids Res./20(19)/pp.5227-5228, 1992-01
  • Structural requirements of Bacillus subtillis α-amylase signal peptide for efficient processing ; In vivo pulse chase experiments with mutant signal peptides.
    Sakakibara Y; Tsutsumi K; Nakamura K; Yamane K
    J. Bacteriol./175(13)/pp.4203-4212, 1993-01
  • Cloning and Characterization of a Bacillus subtilis gene encoding a homolog of the 54-kilodalton subunit of mammalian signal recognition particle and Escherichia coli Ffh.
    Honda K; Nakamura K; Nishiguchi M; Yamane K
    J. Bacteriol./175(15)/pp.4885-4894, 1993-01
  • Structural requirements of Bacillus subtilis small cytoplasmic RNA for cell growth, sporulation, and extracellular enzyme production.
    Nishiguchi M; Honda K; Amikura R; Nakamura K; Yamane K
    J. Bacteriol./176(1)/pp.157-165, 1994-01
  • Small cytoplasmic RNA of Bacillus brevis : transcriptional and phylogenetic analysis.
    Nakamura K Nishiguchi M Minemura M Honda K and Yam...
    Microbiology/140/p.493-498, 1994-01
  • more...
  • Bacillus subtilis secretion vectors for proteins and oligopeptides constructed from Bacillus subtilis alpha amylase genes.
    中村 幸治;
    Molecular Biology of Microbial Differentiation (American Society for Microbiology), 1985-01
  • Secretion activity of the Bacillus subtilis alpha-amylase signal peptides with different lengths in Bacillus subtilis and Escherichia coli
    Ohmura; K.; Shiroza; T.; Nakamura; K.; Yamane; K.; +中村 幸治
    In Bacillus subtilis Molecular genetics and biotechnology, 1986-01
  • Signal peptide cleavage and processing of artificial extracellular hybrid alpha-amylase in Bacillus subtilis
    Yamane; K.; Nakamura; K.; Takamatsu H.; +中村 幸治
    In Bacillus subtilis Molecular genetics and biotechnology application (Academic Press), 1990-01
  • タンパク質分泌系におけるシグナルペプチドの機能
    中村 幸治
    微生物の機能開発-バイオ研究の最前線(東大出版会), 1992-01
  • 枯草菌における蛋白質分泌系と分泌装置
    山根國男; 中村幸治
    日本農芸化学会誌, 1995-01
  • 細菌性シグナル認識粒子SRP-構造・機能の哺乳類SRPとの比較
    中村幸治; 高松宏治; 山根國男
    蛋白質・核酸・酵素, 1996-01
  • 真正細菌SRP RNAの多機能性
    中村幸治; 山根國男
    日本生化学会誌, 1997-01
  • 食品安全性辞典
    中村 幸治
    共立出版, 1998-01
  • Signal transduction, competence development and protein secretion in Bacillus subtilis
    小倉光雄; 田中暉夫; 山根國男; 熊野みゆき; 佐野和良; 広瀬績; 中村幸治
    蛋白質・核酸・酵素, 1999-01
  • 真正細菌SRP RNAのタンパク質分泌・翻訳過程における多機能性についての研究
    日本農芸化学会誌, 2002-01
  • 試料の発現・調製法 ~微生物での発現~
    中村 幸治
    ポストシークエンスタンパク質実験法2(東京化学同人), 2002-01
  • 小さなRNAの大きな仕事
    化学, 2003-01
  • 21世紀型バイオプロスペクティング
    宮崎均; 礒田博子; 安部征雄; 中村幸治
    化学と生物(日本農芸化学会), 2005-01
  • 真正細菌におけるnon-coding RNAによる遺伝子発現制御機構.
    中村幸治; 安藤吉成
    機能性RNA(クバプロ), 2006-01
  • 非翻訳型RNA(ncRNA)
    中村 幸治
    RNA工学の最前線(シーエムシー), 2006-01
  • 枯草菌のミニマムゲノムファクトリー-枯草菌MGFを用いた異種タンパク質生産技術、微生物機能を活用した革新的生産技術の最前線-ミニマムゲノムファクトリーとシステムバイオロジー
    荒勝俊; 尾崎克也; 掛下大視; 中村幸治; 山根國男; 児玉武子; 関口順一; 門屋りょう介; 森本拓也; 小笠原直毅
    シーエムシー, 2007-12
2023-07 -- 2023-08Introduction to GeneticsUniversity of Tsukuba.
2023-10 -- 2023-12Essential BiologyUniversity of Tsukuba.
2023-10 -- 2024-02Regulatory Aspects in BioindustryUniversity of Tsukuba.
2023-04 -- 2023-08Regulatory Aspects in BioindustryUniversity of Tsukuba.
2023-04 -- 2023-08Bioindustrial Sciences Seminar IIIAUniversity of Tsukuba.
2023-04 -- 2023-08Methodology on Genomics and Bioinformatics ISUniversity of Tsukuba.
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2023-04 -- 2023-08Seminar on Genomics and Bioinformatics ISUniversity of Tsukuba.
2023-04 -- 2023-08Bioindustrial Sciences Seminar IIAUniversity of Tsukuba.
2023-04 -- 2023-08Essential BiologyUniversity of Tsukuba.
Professional activities
2005-04 -- 2010-03最高裁判所裁判所書記官等試験委員会臨時委員
2005-10 -- 2010-03最高裁判所家庭裁判所調査官試験委員会臨時委員
2006-07 -- 2008-06内閣府Secretory of Council for Science and technology policy at cabinet Office

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