雷 中方(ライ チュウホウ; Lei, Zhongfang)

Natural Science Building B306 (理科棟 B306)
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+81 29 853 6703
A Sustainable and Recycling-oriented Wastewater Industry by Maximizing Valuable Resources and Energy Recovery Using the Novel Al2018-04 -- 2022-03雷中方日本学術振興会/科学研究費助成事業(科学研究費補助金)(基盤研究B)15,860,000円
フロッキュレーション解析に基づく環境界面工学の展開2016-04 -- 2021-03足立泰久日本学術振興会/基盤研究S113,460,000円
バイオガス発電効率化に関する研究2015-11 -- 2018-08雷 中方株式会社フソウ/5,833,000円
Formation of Granules with High Phosphorus Content to Realize Efficient Phosphorus Recovery from Waste Activated Sludge by Using2015-04 -- 2018-03雷 中方日本学術振興会/科学研究費(基盤研究C)4,810,000円
有機性廃棄物からの窒素回収及びアンモニア阻害を抑制可能な乾式メタン発酵法の実現2013-04 -- 2016-03張 振亜日本学術振興会/科学研究費助成事業(基盤研究B)17,160,000円
The Demonstration Engineering Project on 'Pollution Control and Reclamation of Baimi Village’s Swine Wastes'2009-03 -- 2011-12雷 中方Kunshan municipal government, Jiangsu Province, China/
Investigation of Dry- and Wet-separated Anaerobic Fermentation of Livestock Wastes and Safe Disposal of Fermentation Effluent2009-03 -- 2012-12雷 中方Kunshan Asset Management Co., Ltd, China/
Application Study on the Improvement of Discharge Standards for Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants2009-06 -- 2011-11雷 中方Changzhou Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, China/
Development of Monitoring System for Water Environment Based on Self-Organized Wireless Sensor Technology2008-09 -- 2010-07雷 中方The Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission, China/
Study of Cleaner Energy Production from Agricultural Wastes and Its Application2007-04 -- 2008-10雷 中方The Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission, China/
1997-01 -- 1998-12上海石化-復旦大学ポスドクワークステーション Postdoctoral Researcher
1999-01 -- 2012-03復旦大学環境科学と工程系 Lecturer, Associate Professor
2012-04 -- (現在)筑波大学 生命環境系 准教授
1994-03 -- 1996-12中国同済大学 環境工学修了
2017-01 -- (現在)国際水協会
2016-04 -- (現在)日本水環境学会
2011-04 -- (現在)日本水処理生物学会
2002-12Outstanding Individual at Laboratory Management in Academies and Universities in Shanghai between 1998-2002
2004-06-20the Best Teacher in the Hearts of Undergraduate Students
2009-01-12the Best Teaching Material in the 9th China Petroleum and Chemical Industry(the Second Award)Publishment of the book ‘Experiments of Environmental Engineering'
2009-06-25the Best Teacher in the Hearts of Undergraduate Students
  • 环境工程学实验
    Lei Zhongfang
    化学工業出版社, 2007-06
  • Fertilizer potential of liquid product from hydrothermal treatment of swine manure
    Yuan Tian; Cheng Yanfei; Huang Weiwei; Lei Zhongfang; Zha...
  • Recent Research Progress on Sustainable Management of Manure Waste through Energy and Resources Recovery
    Lei Zhongfang; Zhang Zhenya
    2018 Symposium on Technological Innovations in Environmental Pollution Control and Resources Recovery & Utilization/2018-5-30--2018-6-2
  • Research on Wastewater Treatment in Tsukuba
    Lei Zhongfang; Zhang Zhenya
    The China-Japan Joint Seminar on Water Environment Technology/2018-5-29--2018-5-30
  • Energy and Resources Recovery from Waste and Wastewater Treatment
    Lei Zhongfang; Zhang Zhenya
    International Workshop on Environmental Science Technology and Sustainability Assessment/2017-8-3--2017-8-6
  • Hydrothermal pretreatment and its effects on resources and energy recovery from organic solid wastes
    Lei Zhongfang; Zhang Zhenya
    The 15th IWA World Conference on Anaerobic Digestion, Side Event III - Workshop on Anaerobic Fermentation Biotechnology for Organic Solid Waste/2017-10-14--2017-10-16
  • 有毒藍藻類産生毒Micrcystin-LRの吸着に及ぼす物理化学的に異なる畑作土壌構成要素におけるpHの影響特性
    Lei Zhongfang; 類家翔; 稲森隆平; 稲森悠平; 張振亜
  • 灌漑用水中藍藻毒Micrcystin-LRの異なる構成成分の畑作土壌における吸着に及ぼすpH影響の特性解析
    Lei Zhongfang; 類家翔; 稲森隆平; 稲森悠平; 張振亜
  • 金属ヘキサシアノ錯体吸着剤を用いた消化槽内アンモニアの除去技術の検討
    Lei Zhongfang; 藤本雅之; 南公隆; 桜井孝二; 内田達也; 川本徹
  • 配位高分子を用いた下水処理におけるアンモニア吸着
    Lei Zhongfang; 南公隆; 藤本雅之; 桜井孝二; 内田達也; 田中...
  • Effect of Alkalinity on Dry Anaerobic Digestion of Swine Manure in A Prototype Cylindrical Digester
    Lei Zhongfang; Andole Ondiba Hesborn; Huang Weiwei; Cai W...
  • 好気性グラニュール法における共存藻類等の有無による人工排水を基質とした処理性能の比較
    Lei Zhongfang; 小倉舜; 稲森隆平; 稲森悠平; 張振亜; 類家翔...
  • Study on Algal Granules’ Growth and Stability under Controlled Artificial Sunlight
    Lei Zhongfang; Jin Meishan; Cai Wei; Ahmad Johan Syafri M...
  • Effect of Direct Current Electric Field on Mature Aerobic Granular Sludge during Synthetic Ammonia Wastewater Treatment
    Lei Zhongfang; Zhang Boaiqi; Zhang Zhenya
  • Study on Stability of Aerobic Algal-bacterial Granular Sludge in A Continuous Flow Reactor
    Lei Zhongfang; Ahmad Johan Syafri Mahathir; Cai Wei; Jin ...
  • 曝気量の違いによる共存藻類等の有無による好気性グラニュール法の処理性能の比較
    Lei Zhongfang; 小倉舜; 稲森隆平; 稲森悠平; 趙子文; 張振亜
  • Performance of semi-dry anaerobic co-digestion of swine manure with rice straw under biogas slurry addition
    Qian Xiaoyong; Shen Genxiang; Wang Zhenqi; Li Jinwen; Lei...
    2nd International Conference on Machinery, Materials Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology (MMECEB)/2015-11-28--2015-11-29
  • Phosphorus species, distribution and bio-availability in aerobic granular sludge
    Wenli Huang; Wei Cai; Weiwei Huang; Zhenya Zhang; Lei Zho...
    サマースクール「土・水・生命環境とコロイド界面現象 - コロイドの凝集と沈降 - 」/2015-7-31--2015-07-31
  • 嫌気性発酵システムの優位性と国際戦略
    Zhenya Zhang; 雷 中方
  • 有毒藍藻類産生毒Micrcystin-LRの物理化学的に異なる畑作土壌構成要素への吸着特性からの影響解析
    類家 翔; 神蔵 雄生; 稲森 隆平; 稲森 悠平; 雷 中方; Zhenya...
  • Study on biosorption of chromium(VI) onto aerobic granules and its influence factors
    Dapeng Zhang; Wei Cai; Lei Zhongfang; Zhenya Zhang
  • Adsorbent development from primary sludge treated by hytrothermal technology for ammonia recovery from wastewater
    M. Reza Huseini; Lei Zhongfang; Zhenya Zhang
  • 中国畜産廃棄物を湿式及び乾式嫌気性消化処理する二つの事例
    Lei Zhongfang; Zhang Zhenya
  • 短期間乾式豚糞の嫌気性消化における揮発性脂肪酸及びアンモニアの生産とそれらの分離
    黄薇薇; Zhenya Zhang; Lei Zhongfang
  • Short-term Dry Anaerobic Digestion for Ammonia and Volatile Fatty Acids Accumulation in Swine Manure and Their Subsequent Separation from Phosphorus Resource
    Weiwei Huang; Lei Zhongfang; Zhang Zhenya
    International Symposium on Environmental Education and Sustainability Sciences/2016-05-31--2016-06-01
  • Anaerobic Fermentation Systems: Advantages and International Strategies
    Zhang Zhenya; Lei Zhongfang
    International Symposium on Environmental Education and Sustainability Sciences/2016-05-31--2016-06-01
2018-10 -- 2019-02International Field Appraisal I筑波大学
2018-10 -- 2019-02International Field Appraisal II筑波大学
2018-10 -- 2018-12Field and Laboratory Practices in Environmental Sciences筑波大学
2018-10 -- 2018-12環境科学実習筑波大学
2018-10 -- 2018-12Exercises in Environmental Sciences筑波大学
2018-10 -- 2018-12環境科学演習筑波大学
2018-04 -- 2018-08International Field Appraisal I筑波大学
2018-04 -- 2018-08International Field Appraisal II筑波大学
2018-10 -- 2019-02生物資源科学演習筑波大学
2018-07 -- 2018-08生物資源科学演習筑波大学
2017-05 -- 2017-062017 上海国際インターンシップ筑波大学
2016-09 -- 2016-092016 米軍子弟教育高大連携プロジェクト筑波大学
2016-09 -- 2016-09モンゴルインターンシップ筑波大学
2016-05 -- 2016-062016 上海国際インターンシップ筑波大学
2015-06 -- 2015-062015 Shanghai International Field Appraisal/Special InternshipUniversity of Tsukuba
2014-09 -- 2014-09Minamata Field Exercise: Minamata Unit 2014Kyushu University
2014-09 -- 2014-092014米軍子弟教育高大連携プロジェクト筑波大学
2014-02 -- 2014-02Hakkaido InternshipUniversity of Tsukuba
2013-12 -- 2013-12Vietnam International InternshipUniversity of Tsukuba
2013-09 -- 2013-092013米軍子弟教育高大連携プロジェクト筑波大学
  • 廃水処理法における吸着及び好気性顆粒汚泥プロセスの安定性
    Lei Zhongfang; zhang zhenya
  • 廃水処理法における吸着及び好気性顆粒汚泥プロセスの安定性
    Lei Zhongfang; zhang zhenya
  • Stabilization and Reclamation of Organic Solid Wastes - with Sewage Sludge and Swine Manure as Examples
    Lei Zhongfang
    English Class for Wastewater and Waste Treatment and Recycling/2014-05-02--2014-05-07
  • Research Activities in Wastewater Treatment and Biomass Conversion in Year 2013
    Lei Zhongfang
    The 3rd SUSTEP Consirtium Meeting/2014-03-21--2014-03-23
  • Welcome to Join University of Tsukuba
    Lei Zhongfang
    Japanese University Fair in Danang, Vietnam/2012-11-22--2012-11-22
2017-08 -- (現在)Elsevier国際ジャーナルBioresource Technology Reportsの編集委員
2018-04 -- 2019-03SUSTEP
2017-04 -- 2018-03SUSTEP
2016-04 -- 2017-03SUSTEP
2015-04 -- 2016-03SUSTEP
2014-04 -- 2015-03SUSTEP
2013-04 -- 2014-03SUSTEP
2013-11 -- 2013-11During Nov 13-15, guided 11 students to attend the 50th Annual Conference of Japanese Society of Water Treatment Biology in Kobe, Japan.
2013-04 -- 2014-03Assisted Prof ZHANG Zhenya in the guidance of 13 Doctoral and 24 Master program students in addition to supervising 1 Master student of my own. During the past year 2013, 6 students obtained their Doctoral degree and 14 students got their Master degree; among them three of them were honored with the Principal Award (from University of Tsukuba) and one of them was awarded with the Dean Award (Graduate School of Life and Environmental Sciences)
2012-11 -- 2013-03As one of the coordinators with Vietnamese and Chinese Universities and co-operated with Prof Higano and Prof Yabar, be responsible for the establishment of the MoUs with Fudan University (China) and Danang University (Vietnam). Now the two MoUs are in progress.
2013-03 -- 2013-03Together with Prof Miyamoto, Prof Mizunoya and Prof Kaida, visited Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia. On 27 March, 2013, delivered a speech titled as’ Research on Wastewater Treatment and Recycling’ and sought the chance of cooperation with the Professors in UGM.
2012-11 -- 2012-11Guided two graduate students to take part in the Annual Meeting of Japanese Society of Water Treatment Biology, and delivered two presentations: 1) Nitrite removal from synthetic wastewater by electrical method; and 2) Adsorption removal of phosphate from aqueous solution through Kanuma clay.
2012-11 -- 2012-11Together with Prof Higano, visited Hanoi University of Science, JICA Vietnam Office, Vietnam International Education Development (VIED), and Danang University, Vietnam. Did preparation for SUSTEP program. On 22 Nov, 2012, gave an introduction of University of Tsukuba titled as ‘Welcome to Join University of Tsukuba’ to the Vietnamese students and young teachers at the Japanese University Fair held in Danang University
2012-05 -- 2012-05Together with Prof Masuda, visited Hanoi University of Science, Vietnam and JICA Vietnam Office. On 11 May, 2012, introduced one Master program of Environmental Sciences (UT) titled ‘Master’s Level English Program in Waste Management’ to the related departments of HUS, and started the coordination between UT and HUS.

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