Fukushige Mizuho

Faculty of Medicine
Official title
Assistant Professor
Research fields
Epidemiology and preventive medicine
Parasitology (including sanitary zoology)
Research keywords
Neglected Tropical Diseases
Career history
2021-08 -- (current)National Cheng Kung University, Department of Internal Medicine, Visiting Assistant Professor
2017-09 -- (current)University of Tsukuba, Faculty of Medicine, Assistant Professor
2016-10 -- 2017-08University of Tsukuba, Office of Global Initiatives, Global Communications Officer
2010-04 -- 2012-08University of Tsukuba, Office of Global Initiatives, Coordinator for Ho Chi Minh City Office, Vietnam
2009-04 -- 2010-03University of Tsukuba, Academic Service Office for the Medical Sciences Area, Coordinator for Ho Chi Minh City Office, Vietnam
Academic background
2012-09 -- 2016-11University of Edinburgh, College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine, Edinburgh Medical School: Biomedical Sciences
2007-04 -- 2009-03University of Tsukuba Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences Master’s Program in Medical Sciences
2003-04 -- 2007-03University of the Ryukyus, Faculty of Science, Biology Program
2016-11PhDUniversity of Edinburgh
Conference, etc.
  • Collaborative research on infectious diseases between National Cheng Kung University and University of Tsukuba
    Fukushige Mizuho
    Tsukuba Global Science Week 2020, NCKU-UT Consortium Session, After Globalization: Problem Discovery in Process/2020-09-28--2020-09-30
  • Population level changes in schistosome specific antibody levels following chemotherapy: a systematic review and meta-analysis
    Fukushige Mizuho; Mutapi Francisca; Woolhouse Mark E.J.
    The joint symposium in infectious diseases/2019-02-22
  • 相対握力と1年後の新規高血圧発症との関連
    保木本崇弘; Chrispin Manda; 福重瑞穂; 我妻 ゆき子
    The 29th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Japan Epidemiological Association/2019-01-30--2019-02-01
  • 甲状腺超音波検査実施状況調査および検査終了後の情報発信手段の検討
    内藤舜斗; 我妻 ゆき子; 福重瑞穂
    The 77th Japanese Society of Public Health Meeting/2018-10-24--2018-10-26
  • Handgrip strength, prediabetes, type 2 diabetes and hypertension among adults in Malawi
    Chrispin Manda; Fukushige Mizuho; Crampin Mia; 我妻 ゆき子
    Tsukuba Global Science Week 2018/2018-09-20--2018-09-22
  • Lifestyle patterns associated with hyperglycemia among adults in Mito, Japan
    Manda Chrispin Mahala; Fukushige Mizuho; Wagatsuma Yukiko
    Japan Association for International Health The 33rd East Japan Annual Meeting/2018-07-07--2018-07-07
  • The effects of praziquantel treatment for schistosomiasis: a systematic review and meta-analysis
    Fukushige M.; Mutapi F.; Woolhouse M.E.J.
    Public Health and Stem Cell Therapy Symposium 2018/2018-03--2018-03
  • Identifying factors that influence cure rates during schistosomiasis treatment with praziquantel: a systematic review and meta-analysis.
    Fukushige M.; Mutapi F.; Woolhouse M.E.J
    the British Society for Parasitology spring meeting/2016
  • Changes in antibody isotype levels after schistosomiasis chemotherapy: a systematic review and meta-analysis.
    Fukushige M.; Mutapi F.; Woolhouse M.E.J.
    the British Society for Parasitology spring meeting/2015
  • A meta-analysis of experimental studies of radiation attenuated schistosome vaccines in the animal model.
    Fukushige M.; Mitchell K.M.; Bourke C.C.; Woolhouse M.E....
    Tsukuba Global Science Week/2015
  • Preliminary results of the one-year follow-up study using Neem oil ad a prevention against visceral leishmaniasis in Bangladesh.
    Fukushige M.; Alam M.S.; Haque R; Wagatsuma Y.
    the International Congress of Tropical Medicine and Malaria/2008
2022-04 -- 2022-06Clinical MicrobiologyUniversity of Tsukuba.
2022-04 -- 2022-06Introduction to Social MedicineUniversity of Tsukuba.
2022-10 -- 2023-02Frontier of Clinical Laboratory ScienceUniversity of Tsukuba.
2022-10 -- 2022-12医学検査学フロンティア筑波大学
2022-04 -- 2022-07病原微生物学筑波大学
2022-04 -- 2022-07Introduction to Social MedicineUniversity of Tsukuba
2021-10 -- 2021-12医学検査学フロンティア筑波大学
2021-04 -- 2021-07Introduction to Social MedicineUniversity of Tsukuba
2021-04 -- 2021-07病原微生物学筑波大学
2020-10 -- 2021-02病原微生物学筑波大学
University Management
2022-06 -- (current)South America Office, Bureau of Global InitiativesVice Director
2021-04 -- (current)アドミッションセンター国際入試部門委員
2019-11 -- 2021-07ヒューマンバイオロジー学位プログラム 国際連携委員会委員
2019-11 -- 2021-07ヒューマンバイオロジー学位プログラム 広報委員会委員
2018-04 -- (current)医学医療系国際連携委員会委員
2018-04 -- 2019-10フロンティア医科学専攻広報委員会委員
Other activities
2021-08 -- (current)JV-Campus:public relations/terms of service
2021-09 -- 2021-09Tsukuba Conference 2021 Special Session 5 "'New Normal' Science,' Multimodality, and Inclusive Societies" chair for session 3

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