Tsuji Yasutaka

Institute of Art and Design
Official title
Assistant Professor
Institute of Art and Design #B434
Research fields
Fine art history
Research projects
Since 19702024 -- (current)Yasutaka TsujiToshiaki Ogasawara Memorial Foundation/Contemporary Art Research Grant
横断的な万国博覧会の研究による新たな戦後史の叙述2022 -- 2024Mayuko Sano文部科学省/Grant-in-Aid for Publication of Scientific Research
筑波大学芸術系国際論文投稿補助2021 -- 2022Yasutaka TsujiUniversity of Tsukuba/国際論文投稿補助
-2020 -- 2025Yasutaka TsujiMinistry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Japan/Grant in Aid for Scientific Research
Tsukuba Basic Research Support Program2020 -- 2021Yasutaka TsujiUniversity of Tsukuba/Basic Research Support Program Type C
Publication Grant2019 -- 2020Yasutaka TsujiThe Kao Foundation for Arts and Science/
インターネットの時代のオーラル・ヒストリー:次世代による基盤の整備と刷新2018 -- 2020Shin SatoSuntory Foundation/人文科学と社会科学に関する学際的グループ研究助成
Exhibition Installations in Postwar Japan: The US Occupation, Rapid Economic Growth and its Aftermath2016 -- 2020Yasutaka TsujiMinistry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology/Grant in Aid for Scientific Research B
The Reconstruction of the Art Concept in the 1970s through Oral History2016 -- 2019Hiroko IkegamiMinistry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Japan/Grant in Aid for Scientific Research
Metabolism in Visual Culture: The Collective of Kiyonori Kikutake and Ikko Tanaka2014 -- 2017Yasutaka TsujiDNP Foundation for Cultural Promotion/Research Grants for Academic Studies Relating to Graphic Design and Graphic Art
Career history
2024 -- (current)Graduate School of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts
2019 -- (current)Keio UniversityFaculty of LettersLecturer
2018 -- 2020Saitama UniversityFaculty of Liberal ArtsPart-time Lecturer
2017 -- 2020Keio UniversityGraduate School of Media and GovernanceProject Assistant Professor
2015 -- 2020Shibaura Institute of TechnologyGraduate School of Engineering and SciencePart-time Lecturer
2014 -- 2016Japan Society for the Promotion of ScienceResearch Fellow
2014 -- 2015Columbia UniversityDepartment of Art History and ArchaeologyVisiting Scholar
2014-09Ph. D.The University of Tokyo
Licenses and qualifications
2011-01Curator's certificate
Academic societies
-- (current)Society of Architectural Historians
-- (current)The Japan Art History Society
-- (current)Society of Urban History
-- (current)The Association for the Study of Modern Japanese Art History
-- (current)The Association for the Study of Cultural Resources
-- (current)Architectural Institute of Japan
  • Postwar Japan as Dullness: A History of Art Movements and Exhibition Installations
    辻 泰岳
    Suiseisya, 2021
Conference, etc.
  • Postwar Japan as Dullness
    辻 泰岳
    Shuji Funo Forum/2021-09-17--2021-09-17
  • Art Movements during the Cold War: The Reason We Go to the Osaka Expo
    辻 泰岳
    Society for Expology/2021-09-04--2021-09-04
  • This is Your City: The Pop Future Foretold by Metabolism
    Tsuji Yasutaka
    Architectures for a Mutant City/2021-02-22--2021-02-23
  • Oral History Interview with Naeko Takahama, conducted by Yasutaka Tsuji and Gen Adachi, June 21, 2016
    辻 泰岳
2023-04 -- (current)Workshops on Architectural Design DUniversity of Tsukuba
2022-10 -- (current)Advanced Overseas Study 6University of Tsukuba
2022-10 -- 2023-03Workshops on Architectural Design 3University of Tsukuba
2022-10 -- (current)Special Workshops: Architectural Design IIIUniversity of Tsukuba
2022-04 -- (current)Special Workshops: Architectural Design 2University of Tsukuba
2022-04 -- (current)Advanced Overseas Study 5University of Tsukuba
2021-10 -- (current)History and Theory of ArchitectureUniversity of Tsukuba
2021-10 -- (current)Design StudiesUniversity of Tsukuba
2021-10 -- 2023-03Japan-ExpertUniversity of Tsukuba
2021-10 -- (current)Advanced Overseas Study 4University of Tsukuba
Other educational activities
2021 -- (current)小田原市民会館の壁画に関する検討小田原市
Professional activities
2024 -- (current)International Symposium on Architectural Interchanges in Asia査読委員会/委員
2016 -- (current)Architectural Institute of Japan建築討論委員会戦後建築史小委員会/委員
University Management
2023 -- (current)学群就職委員会
2023 -- 2024学群広報委員会ワーキング・グループ
2022 -- 2024附属図書館収書専門委員会
2022 -- 2024附属図書館運営委員会
2022 -- 2024系図書研究報委員会
2022 -- (current)学位プログラム教務委員会
2021 -- 2023学群学生委員会
2021 -- 2023学群カリキュラム委員会
2021 -- 2022学群オリエンテーション委員会
2021 -- 2022学位プログラム学生委員会

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