Nishino Yoshitaka

University of Tsukuba
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Nuclear engineering
Energy engineering
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Start-ups Strategy
Industry collaboration
Product Development
Strategic Planning
Research projects
大学発新産業創出プログラム 社会還元加速プログラム(SCORE)大学推進型2020-10 -- 2025-03Yoshitaka Nishino国立研究開発法人科学技術振興機構/
Career history
2017-04 -- 2020-03Hitachi, LtdEnergy sectorChief Technology Officer
2016-04 -- 2017-03Hitachi, LtdTechnology Strategy OfficeGeneral Manager
2014-04 -- 2015-03Hitachi, LtdHitachi Research LaboratoryGeneral Manager
2012-04 -- 2014-03Hitachi, LtdHitachi Research Laboratory, Mechanical Engineering centerGeneral Manager
2009-10 -- 2012-03Hitachi, LtdPower system company, Nuclear research centerGeneral Manager
2003-04 -- 2009-09Hitachi, LtdEnergy and Environmental Research LaboratoryDepartment Manager
1994-08 -- 2003-03Hitachi, LtdPower and Industry Research LaboratorySenior Researcher
1992-10 -- 1993-09Argonne National Laboratory, DOE, USAChemistry DivisionVisiting Scientist
1990-02 -- 1994-08Hitachi, LtdEnergy Research LaboratoryResearcher
1985-04 -- 1990-02Hitachi, LtdHitachi Research LaboratoryResearcher
Academic background
2013-06 -- 2013-08Stanford University Graduate School of Bussiness SEP
1984-04 -- 1985-03Hokkaido University, graduate School Doctor Course of Engineering Department of Applied Chemisry
1982-04 -- 1984-03Hokkaido University graduate School Master of Engineering Department of Applied Chemisry
1978-04 -- 1982-03Hokkaido University Faculty of Engineering Department of Applied Chemisry
2013-8SEPStanford University
1992-5PhD(Doctor Of Engineering)The University of Tokyo
1984-3Master of EngineeringHokkaido University
Licenses and qualifications
Academic societies
1985-10 -- (current)Atomic Energy Society of Japan
  • Forecast of Area Prices in Japanese Day-Ahead Electricity Market using Open Data:—Examination of Approach to Combine Multiple Forecasting Schemes—
    大村 愛花; 藤本 悠; 林 泰弘; 澤 敏之; 佐々木 浩人; 福山 直人; 西野 由高
    IEEJ Transactions on Power and Energy/141(5)/pp.366-373, 2021-05
  • 非凝縮性ガスを含む水蒸気の凝縮伝熱
    西野 由高
    北海道大学工学部研究報告/(122)/pp.29-39, 1984
  • Hydrazine and Hydrogen Co-injection to Mitigate Stress Corrosion Cracking of Structural Matrials in Boiling Water Reactors, (III) Effect of Adding Hydrazine on Zircaloy-2 Corrosion
    Nishino Yoshitaka; Hidetoshi Karasawa Kazushige Ishida ...
    Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 2006-10
  • Initial Oxidation of zirconium and Zircaloy-2 with oxygen and water vapor at room temperature
    Nishino Yoshitaka; Alan R Krauss Yuping Lin Dieter Gruen
    Journal of Nuclear Materials/228/pp.346-353, 1996
  • Formation and dissolution of oxide film on zirconium alloys in 288℃ pure water under γ-ray irradiation
    Nishino Yoshitaka; Masao Endo Eishi Ibe Takayoshi Yasuda
    Journal of Nuclear Materials/248/pp.292-298, 1997
  • Deposition of Nickel and Cobalt Ions with Iron Crud on Heated Stainless Steel Surface under Nucleate Boiling Water
    Nishino Yoshitaka; Yamato Asakura Toshio Sawa Shunsuke ...
    Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology/28(0)/pp.848-857, 1991-9
  • Magnetic Measurements of NiFe2O4 Formation from Iron Hydroxides and Oxide in High Temperature Water
    Nishino Yoshitaka; Toshio Sawa Katsuya Ebara Hisao Itoh
    Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology/26(2)/pp.357-363, 1989-2
  • Rection Rates of Amorphous Iron Hydroxide with Nickel and Cobalt Ions in High Temperature Water
    Nishino Yoshitaka; Toshio Sawa Katsumi Ohsumi Hisao Itoh
    Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology/26(12)/pp.1121-1129, 1989-12
  • Deposition of Nickel and Cobalt Ions on Heated Surface under Nucleate Boiling Water
    Nishino Yoshitaka; Yamato Asakura Makoto Nagase Shunsuk...
    Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology/26(12)/pp.1112-1120, 1989-12
  • Studies of Thin-film Growth, Adsorption, and Oxidation by In-situ, Real-time, and E-situ Ion Beam Analysis
    Nishino Yoshitaka; Yuping Lin A.R.Krauss O.Auciello Y....
    Journal of Vacuum Science Technology/4/p.A12, 1994-7
  • 水化学管理高度化の実績と将来課題
    西野 由高; 石榑顕吉、酒井利明、牧野一郎、瀧口英樹、笠原和男、長尾博之、安倍勝洋、木戸俊哉、北端琢也、西野由高、...
    日本原子力学会誌/41(8)/pp.842-852, 1999-8
  • 高温水中でのγ-FeOOHの脱水反応と水酸化ニッケルとの複合化反応
    西野 由高; 沢俊雄、伊藤久雄
    化学工学論文集/15(2)/pp.357-363, 1989-2
  • 高温水中での水酸化鉄粒子からのニッケルフェライト生成速度
    西野 由高; 沢俊雄、江原勝也、高橋燦吉
    化学工学論文集/16(1)/pp.108-115, 1990-1
  • 高温水中での鉄の水酸化物および酸化物粒子とニッケルの複合化挙動―鉄の化学形態の影響と鉄水酸化物の脱水反応速度
    西野 由高; 沢俊雄、江原勝也、伊藤久雄
    化学工学論文集/15(2)/pp.276-283, 1989-2
Conference, etc.
  • 大学発ベンチャー・エコシステム構築~共同研究による資金循環の観点からの分析~
    野村 豪; 西野由高
  • 学生ベンチャー創業とアントレプレナー教育の関係性に関する事例研究
    尾内 敏彦; 五十嵐浩也; 西野由高; 尾崎典明
  • 複数予測結果の統合による電力スポット市場価格予測ー精度向上に向けた状況別統合の検討ー
    大村 愛花; 藤本 悠; 林 泰弘; 澤 敏之; 西野 由高
Professional activities
2024-04 -- (current)公益財団法人 日立財団アジアイノベーションアワード/選考委員
2024-02 -- (current)Tsukuba City産業戦略策定懇話会/委員(座長)
2021-05 -- (current)茨城県茨城県産業技術イベーション研究会 顧問
2021-04 -- (current)公正取引委員会独占禁止政策協力委員
2020-07 -- 2023-06Atomic Energy Society of Japan企画委員会
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