Bogdanova Anna

Faculty of Engineering, Information and Systems
Official title
Assistant Professor
Research fields
Computational science
Research keywords
Machine Learning, Distributed Data Analysis, Privacy, Interpretability
Career history
2018-10 -- 2021-06University of TsukubaCenter for Artificial Intelligence Researchpostdoctoral researcher
Academic background
2013-04 -- 2016-03University of Tsukuba School of Comprehensive Human Sciences World Heritage Studies
2016-03Ph.D.University of Tsukuba
  • Using Agent-Based Simulator to Assess Interventions Against COVID-19 in a Small Community Generated from Map Data
    Mitsuteru Abe; Tanaka Fabio; Junior Jair Pereira; Bogdano...
    AAMAS '22: Proceedings of the 21st International Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems, 2022-03
  • Accuracy and Privacy Evaluations of Collaborative Data Analysis
    Imakura Akira; Bogdanova Anna; Yamazoe Takaya; Omote Kaz...
    Proceedings of AAAI-21 Workshop on Privacy-Preserving Artificial Intelligence, 2021-02
  • Federated Learning System without Model Sharing through Integration of Dimensional Reduced Data Representations
    Bogdanova Anna; Nakai Akie; Okada Yukihiko; Imakura Akir...
    Proceedings of IJCAI 2020 International Workshop on Federated Learning for User Privacy and Data Confidentiality, 2021-01
  • Risk and Advantages of Federated Learning for Health Care Data Collaboration
    Bogdanova Anna; Attoh-Okine Nii; Sakurai Tetsuya
    ASCE-ASME Journal of Risk and Uncertainty in Engineering Systems, Part A: Civil Engineering/6(3), 2020-06
  • Franken-Swarm: Grammatical Evolution for the Automatic Generation of Swarm-like Meta-heuristics
    Bogdanova Anna; Jair Pereora; Claus Aranha
    Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference Companion (GECCO ’19 Companion), 2019-07
  • Henkel Subspace Method for Efficient Gesture Representation
    Bernardo Gatto; Bogdanova Anna; Lincoln Souza; Eulanda S...
    Proceedings of IEEE Machine Learning for Signal Processing, 2017-09
  • The Effects of Heritage Protection Policies on Living Vernacular Heritage: The Case of Ukrainian Wooden Churches
    Bogdanova Anna; Yasufumi Uekita
    Journal of World Heritage Studies/(2)/pp.55-68, 2016-12
  • Community-Based Maintenance of Historical Wooden Churches in Lviv Region
    Bogdanova Anna; Yasufumi Uekita
    Journal of Asian Architecture and Building Engineering/14(3)/pp.499-504, 2015-09

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