Bando Yosuke

Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences
Official title
Associate Professor
Research fields
Research keywords
Japanese Confucianism
Japanese Intellectual History
Japanese Ethical Thoughts
Research projects
An Inquiry into the Nativism(Kokugaku)2009-04 -- 2012-03Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science/Grant-Aid for JSPS Fellows
日本思想は「哲学」になりうるか─近世・近代の経典解釈史からの「日本哲学」の再構成2021-04 -- 2025-03Japan Society of for the Promotion of Science/科学研究費助成事業 若手研究4,290,000Yen
水戸学における地誌の注釈と編纂をめぐる基礎的研究2018-04 -- 2021-03Japan Society of for the Promotion of Science/科学研究費助成事業 基盤研究(C)1,040,000Yen
家族・経済・超越――近現代日本の文脈からみた共同体論の倫理学的再検討2017-04 -- 2021-03Japan Society of for the Promotion of Science/科学研究費助成事業 基盤研究(B)18,070,000Yen
日本における“善き生”の構想とは何か─「正直」の倫理思想史/比較思想史的研究2017-04 -- 2021-03Japan Society of for the Promotion of Science/科学研究費助成事業 若手研究(B)2,340,000Yen
近世日本の倫理思想からの〈作為〉観再考─労働・言語・芸術─2012-04 -- 2015-03Japan Society of for the Promotion of Science/科学研究費助成事業 特別研究員奨励費1,590,000Yen
Career history
2021-09 -- 2023-03Kogakkan UniversityFaculty of LettersPart-time Lecturer
2021-10 -- (current)University of TsukubaFaculty of Humanities and Social SciencesAssociate Professor
2016-04 -- 2021-10Kogakkan UniversityFaculty of LiteratureAssociate Professor
2019-08 -- 2019-08University of TokyoFaculty of LettersPart-time lecturer
2018-02 -- 2018-02Hirosaki UniversityFaculty of Humanities and Social SciencesPart-time lecturer
2015-04 -- 2016-03University of TokyoGraduate school of Humanities and SociologyResearcher
2015-04 -- 2016-03Tokyo University of ScienceFaculty of SciencePart-time Lecturer
2013-04 -- 2016-03Kogakuin UniversityDepartment of Liberal ArtsPart-time Lecturer
2013-01 -- 2016-03Ochanomizu UniversityFaculty of Letters and EducationPart-time Lecturer
2012-09 -- 2016-03Tokyo Woman's Christian UniversitySchool of Arts and SciencePart-time Lecturer
Academic background
2009-04 -- 2012-03University of Tokyo Graduate School of Humanities and Sciences 基礎文化研究専攻倫理学専門分野 博士課程
2007-04 -- 2009-03University of Tokyo Graduate School of Humanities and Sciologies 基礎文化専攻倫理学専門分野 修士課程
2002-04 -- 2007-03University of Tokyo College of Arts and Sciences/ Faculty of Letters
2006-03BA (Literature)University of Tokyo
2009-03MA (Literature)University of Tokyo
2016-02Ph. D. (Literature)University of Tokyo
Academic societies
-- (current)Japanese Association for Confucianism
-- (current)Association of Japanese Intellectual history
-- (current)Japanese Society for Ethics
-- (current)the Shinto History Association
-- (current)鈴屋学会
-- (current)実存思想協会
Honors & Awards
2020-09the 14th Encouragement AwardFrom the Sorai School to the Kokugaku Movement
2019-12the 41th Suntry Prize for Social Sciences and humanitiesFrom the Sorai School to the Kokugaku Movement
2010-10Watsuji Reward「和歌・物語の倫理的意義について─本居宣長の「もののあはれ」論を手がかりに」
  • 犬をめぐる論争─国儒論争における動物観の対立と帰趨
    板東 洋介
    日本文学研究ジャーナル/25/pp.49-63, 2023-03
  • 書評:裵寛紋著『宣長はどのような日本を想像したか─『古事記伝』の「皇国」』
    板東 洋介
    『日本思想史学』/50/pp.224-229, 2018-09
  • 書評:天野聡一『近世和文小説の研究』
    『鈴屋学会報』/36/pp.59-67, 2019-12
  • 書評:中村春作『徂徠学の思想圏』
    板東 洋介
    『図書新聞』1月18日号, 2020-01
  • 【Interview】Leaning the Sustainable Way to Manage City from Edo
    アズビー・ブラウン 板東 洋介
    Cel(Institution of Osaka Gas for Energy and Culture)/116/pp.18-23, 2017-07
  • 芭蕉における造化
    板東 洋介
    『思想史研究』/11/pp.9-25, 2010-03
  • 技術の思想としての徂徠学
    板東 洋介
    『倫理学紀要』/18/pp.156-180, 2011-03
  • 近世儒者の『詩経』観
    板東 洋介
    『思想史研究』/13/pp.17-38, 2011-03
  • 近世日本对“敬”的受容与展开—以中江藤树、山崎暗斋为中心(曲明訳・中文)
    板東 洋介
    『福州大学学報(哲学社会科学版)』(中華人民共和国・福建省) 2014年2期/28(2), 2014-05
  • Ethical Meaning of Waka and Mono-Gatari : Clued by Motoori Norinaga's Arguments of "Mono-no-Aware"
    板東 洋介
    Annual of Ethics/59/pp.217-231, 2010-03
  • A Man Who Weeps : Kamo no Mabuchi's View of Humans
    板東 洋介
    Annual of Ethics/61/pp.201-214, 2012-03
  • Awe and Reverence : The Adoption and Development of Arguments Regarding Jing in Early Modern Japan
    板東 洋介
    Journal of Japanese Intellectual History/44/pp.138-155, 2012-09
  • Logic and Ethics of the Enjoyment of the Tale of Genji
    板東 洋介
    Quarterly of Japanese Intellectual history/80/pp.3-20, 2012-11
  • Between Hermits and Patriots: the Transfiguration in the Nature of Kokugaku Movement thinkers
    Yosuke Bando
    Bulletin of Ethics/21/pp.1-19, 2014-03
  • From "Keisei-Saimin" to "Keizai"
    板東 洋介
    Nyx/01/pp.96-107, 2015-01
  • Flame of Love in Edo: Several Aspects of Love in the Early Modern Japan
    板東 洋介
    Nyx/02/pp.220-233, 2015-12
  • The Controversies and Consequences about the Discussion of Human Nature in Early Modern Japan
    板東 洋介
    Kogakuin University bulletin/53(2)/pp.1-13, 2016-03
  • Ogyu Sorai and the Thoughts of Arts(Geido)
    板東 洋介
    Shiso/1112/pp.30-50, 2016-12
  • Dream of Antiquity: a Critical Re-examination of Japanese Nationalism
    板東 洋介
    Annuals of ethics/66/pp.30-37, 2017-03
  • On the ethical meaning of waka and mono-gatari: Clued by Motori Norinaga's mono-no-aware arguments
    BANDO Yosuke
    Special Issue of the Annuals of Ethics 2019/pp.57-69, 2019-12
  • 儒教の伝来と朱子学・陽明学/古学/…/国家意識の高まりと社会主義/近代的自我の成立/近代日本哲学の成立/近代日本の思想傾向への反省/現代の日本と日本人としての自覚
    菅野覚明; 熊野純彦; 山田忠彰; 板東 洋介
    『高等学校新倫理 最新版 指導と研究』/清水書院/pp.p.277-284, 311-332, 2013-03
  • 「2011-12年日本朱子学研究綜述」(中国語訳:林松濤)
    朱子学会; 板東 洋介
    朱子学年鉴(2011-2012)/厦门大学出版社/pp.pp.148-153, 2013-07
  • 【reading Classics】"Kojiki-den" by Motoori Norinaga
    黒住 真 阿部 泰郎 林 淳 西村 玲 菅原 光 若尾 政希 清水 正之 片岡 龍 ブレット ウォ...
    Nature and Artificiality :the Translation of the Notion of "Nature"(the Iwanami Course of Japanese Thoughts Vol. 4)/Iwanami Shoten/pp.pp.306-316, 2013-08
  • 2013年日本朱子学研究綜述(中国語訳:林松濤)
    朱子学会; 板東 洋介
    朱子学年鉴(2013)/商务印书馆/pp.pp.155-159, 2014-10
  • 《近世日本“敬”说的容受与展开─以近世前期的中江藤树与山崎暗斋为中心》(曲明訳・中文)、「近世日本における「敬」説の受容と展開─中江藤樹と山崎闇斎を中心として」
    朱人求; 井上厚史; 板東 洋介
    东亚朱子学的新视野(汉日对照)/商务印书馆/pp.376-391, 392-410, 2015-01
  • 「2014年日本朱子学研究綜述」(中国語訳:林松涛)
    朱子学会; 板東 洋介
    朱子学年鉴(2014)/商务印书馆/pp.168-172, 2015-08
  • Intectual History of East and Southern Asia including Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, the Way of Samurai, and Shinto
    菅野 覚明; 山田忠彰; 用語集「倫理」編集委員会; 板東 洋介
    Glossary for Ethics(Revised Second Edition)/Shimizu Shoin/pp.pp.63-93, pp.100-175, 2016-02
  • 「2015年日本朱子学研究綜述」(中国語訳:林松濤)
    朱子学会; 板東 洋介
    朱子学年鉴(2015)/pp.128-139, 2016-10
  • 「2016年日本朱子学研究綜述」(中国語訳:林松濤)
    朱子学会; 板東 洋介
    Annual of Zhou Xi Schools/商务印书馆/pp.164-175, 2017-10
  • Translation with Notes for Chapter 7
    吉田 真樹; 板東 洋介
    Hagakure(Translation with Notes) Vol.2/Chikuma Shobo/pp.424-511, 2017-11
  • Translation with Notes for Chapter 8
    佐藤 正英; 吉田 真樹; 板東 洋介
    Hagakure (Translation with Notes) Vol.3/Chikuma Shobo/pp.11-193, 2017-12
  • From the Sorai School to the Kokugaku Movement
    板東 洋介
    Pelican-She, 2019-03
  • Editorial Councilor, "Shojiki (Honesty) and Makoto (Sincerity)", "Motoori Norinaga and his disciples"
    日本思想史事典編集委員会:編; 板東 洋介
    Encyclopedia of Japanese Intellectual History/Maruzen Publishing/pp.52-55, 421, 430-433, 2020-04
  • Tanizaki Jun'ichiro
    板東 洋介
    清水書院, 2020-08
  • Analects in the severe time: on Watsuji Tetsurō's Confucius
    木村 純二; 吉田 真樹編; 板東 洋介
    The Humanities of Watsuji Tetsurō/Nakanishiya Publishing/pp.176-210, 2021-03
  • A Man who Represents: an Inquiry about the Relation between the Sorai school and Kamo no Mabuchi(Doctoral Thesis)
    板東 洋介
Conference, etc.
  • Transfiguration of Transmission: the eighteenth-century Confucianism and Shintō
    Bando Yosuke
    Transmission in the Eastern Philosophy and Religion (TGSW2022 session)/2022-09-27--2022-09-27
  • 神道の哲学再考:特に穢れ観念に注目して
    板東 洋介
    筑波大学哲学・思想学会 第43回学術大会/2022-10-22--2022-10-22
  • 犬に道ありや?─近世的「禽獣」観の中の賀茂真淵と曲亭馬琴
    板東 洋介
  • 儒学と国学─衝突から融合へ
    板東 洋介
  • 本居宣長と和辻哲郎 カミ観念と神話解釈をめぐって
    板東 洋介
  • The Meaning of "kusushi" ("mysterious") in the Works of Mootori Norinaga
    板東 洋介
  • Passion and Form : clued by a Noh Song Kinuta
    板東 洋介
    Annual Convention in FY 2010 of Japanese Society for Ethics/2010-10-09
  • Sorai school's View of Confucius
    板東 洋介
    Annual Convention in FY2012 of the Association of Japanese Intellectual History/2012-10-28
  • Scholarship and Ordinariness : from the Problematics of "Foreign Thoughts(Kara-gokoro)" and "Indigenous Heart(Ma-gokoro)"
    板東 洋介
    Workshop on the Japanese Society for Ethics/2014-10-03
  • The Margin of Chinese Classics : on the "Comparative" Tradition of Nativism
    板東 洋介
    2nd Customary Workshop of Comparative thoughts in Tokyo/2015-03-07
  • What is the "Human Nature(Umaretsuki)"? : the Controversies and Consequences about the Notion of "Nature" in the Early Modern Japan
    板東 洋介
    Network of Japanese Philosophy 5th Meeting/2015-03-15
  • "Conversation for the Japanese Intellectual History"
    前田 勉 板東 洋介
    Special Research Meeting arranged by the Association of Japanese Intellectual History/2015-09-12
  • Dream of Antiquity : Critical re-thinking of Japanese Nationalism
    板東 洋介
    "Re-thinking of Nationalism"(Symposium)/2016-10-02
  • How to teach "Reverence"? (Symposium)
    川又 俊則 森 一郎 新田 均 板東 洋介 渡邊 毅
    Conference of Moral Education 4th General Meeting/2017-11-26
  • "Mortality(Bu)" in the Sorai and the Nativist School
    板東 洋介
    The 8th Workshop of Japanese Intellectual History in Tokai/2017-12-09
  • Comment and General Overview as Chairman
    板東 洋介
    "Time Sense in the Medieval Japan"(Symposium)/2018-08-01
  • Does 'Eastern Nothingness' Really exist?
    Yosuke Bando
    Nature, Technology, Metaphysics: An Encounter Between German And Japanese Philosophy/2019-06-06
  • The Reformation of Administrative Division and the Observation of Hitachi Fudoki in the Mito Clan
    板東 洋介
    Fundamental Inquiry on the Geographical Commentaries and the Compilation in the Mito school/2020-11-14
  • "Japanese-ness" in Philosophy?
    Yosuke Bando
    The Philosophical Significance of the Pre-Modern Intellectual Heritage -Latin American / Japanese Philosophy as World Philosophy/2021-05-16
  • 第25回小泉信三賞次席
    板東 洋介
  • 第29回銀杏並木文学賞大賞
    板東 洋介
2023-04 -- 2023-07History of Japanese Ethical Thought (4) AUniversity of Tsukuba.
2023-10 -- 2023-12History of Japanese Ethical Thought (2) BUniversity of Tsukuba.
2023-04 -- 2023-09Project Seminar on Philosophy (1) AUniversity of Tsukuba.
2023-10 -- 2023-12History of Japanese Ethical Thought (4) BUniversity of Tsukuba.
2023-10 -- 2024-03Project Seminar on Philosophy (1) BUniversity of Tsukuba.
2023-04 -- 2023-07Master's Thesis Seminar in Philosophy AUniversity of Tsukuba.
2024-01 -- 2024-02Advanced Ethics III-bUniversity of Tsukuba.
2023-04 -- 2023-09Seminar in Presentation SkillsUniversity of Tsukuba.
2023-04 -- 2023-08Guidance to the Graduation Thesis on Philosophy and Ethics-aUniversity of Tsukuba.
2023-10 -- 2023-12Introduction to Ethics-bUniversity of Tsukuba.
Professional activities
2021-10 -- (current)THE JAPANESE SOCIETY FOR ETHICSEditor-in-chief
2021-04 -- (current)The Japanese Society of EthicsCouncilor
2018-10 -- (current)Association of Japanese Intellectual HistoryEditorical Board
2018-10 -- (current)Association of Japanese Intellectual HistoryCouncilor
2018-06 -- (current)The Shinto History AssociationCommittee member
2018-06 -- (current)Japanese Association for Comparative PhilosophyCouncilor
2016-04 -- 2019-09Association of Japanese Intellectual HistoryManager of "Conversation of Intellectual History" meeting
University Management
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2022-04 -- (current)メンタルヘルスに関する学生支援対応チームメンバー
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