Yamada Shinzo

University of Tsukuba
Official title
Associate Professor
  • 大学における運動部活動の位置付けと その活動を通して身につけて欲しい能力
    高木 英樹; 山田 晋三; 松尾博一; 坂上輝将; 山中裕太
    大学体育研究/43/pp.69-80, 2021-03
  • The Applicability of the Risk Score Approach to Competitive Sport: Development of a Physical Success Score for the Canadian Football League Combine
    Hirokazu Matsuo; Kohei Funasaki; 山田 晋三
    Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, 2022-03
  • Unraveling the Current Issues in and Defining the Status of University Athletics in Japan: A Scoping Study
    Haruka Kasahara; Shinzo Yamada; Randeep Racwal; Matsuo H...
    Asian Sports Management Review/16/pp.45-59, 2022-04

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