Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences
Official title
Associate Professor
Research Center for Western Asian Civilization, Graduate School of Business Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Tsukuba Degree Programs in Humanities and Social Sciences, Subprogram in Linguistics, College of Humanities, Department of Linguistics, General Linguistics Course
Other affiliation
National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics Research DepartmentInvited Associate Professor
Research fields
History of Asia and Africa
Library and information science/ Humanistic social informatics
Research keywords
Egyptian Monasticism
Early Christianity
Oriental Christianity
Late Antiquity
Research projects
Studies on Definite Articles in Coptic Egyptian and the History of Egyptian-Coptic Language2015 -- 2015So MiyagawaJapan Society of the Promotion of Science/Research Grant for JSPS Special Researchers1,100,000Yen
Development of a multilingual dictionary of Japanese linguistics terminology and a glossing standard for Japonic languages2019-04 -- 2023-03ジスク マシュー・ヨセフ; Irwin Mark; 李 勝勲; 黒木 邦彦; 佐々木 冠; 下地 理則; Narrog Heiko; 宮川 創Japan Society for the Promotion of Science/Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (B)17,290,000Yen
Solutions to Problems in Archiving Field Data2021-07 -- 2024-03中川 奈津子; 田窪 行則; 籠宮 隆之; 山田 真寛; 小西 いずみ; 宮川創Japan Society for the Promotion of Science/Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research Grant-in-Aid for Challenging Research (Exploratory)6,500,000Yen
Studies of Coptic Vowels in Historical Phonology of Egyptian Language2021-04 -- 2026-03宮川 創Japan Society for the Promotion of Science/Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (C)4,030,000Yen
Research on Moving of Royal Necropolis centering Meidum Remains in the Old Kingdom Period in Egypt2022-04 -- 2026-03大城 道則; 林武文; 宮川創; 角道 亮介Japan Society for the Promotion of Science/Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (B)16,770,000Yen
Study of Language Layers in Vedic Literature for the Development of a Program for Age Estimation2021-10 -- 2027-03Kyoto Amano; Hiroaki Natsukawa; So MiyagawaJapan Society for the Promotion of Science/Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research Fund for the Promotion of Joint International Research (Fostering Joint International Research (B))18,720,000Yen
生理指標付き自然談話コーパスに基づく危機言語の擬似動態保存と脳内処理過程の解明2024-04 -- 2027-03小泉 政利; 伊藤 彰則; 那須川 訓也; 大塚 祐子; 小野 創; 大滝 宏一; 里 麻奈美; 木山 幸子; 安永 大地; 山田 真寛; 大関 洋平; 新国 佳祐; 矢野 雅貴; 宮川 創; 遊佐 麻友子日本学術振興会/科学研究費助成事業50,000,000Yen
Construction and application of dictionaries for morphological analysis of Japanese dialects2023-04 -- 2027-03小木曽智信; 五十嵐陽介; 坂井美日; 村上謙; 近藤明日子; 平子達也; 大槻知世; 宮川創; 中川奈津子; 小西いずみ; 久保薗愛; 中澤光平Japan Society for the Promotion of Science/Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research46,930,000Yen
Studies of Coptic Vowels in Historical Phonology of Egyptian Language2021-04 -- 2026-03So MiyagawaJapan Society of for the Promotion of Science/Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research(C)4,030,000Yen
SFB 1136 Sonderforschungsbereich 1136 Bildung und Religion in Kulturen des Mittelmeerraums und seiner Umwelt von der Antike bis zum Mittelalter und zum Klassischen Islam Research Grant2015-10 -- 2019-06So MiyagawaDeutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft/1,319,384Yen
Career history
2024-04 -- (current)The University of TsukubaFaculty of Humanities and Social ScienceAssociate Professor
2024-04 -- (current)University of TokyoResearch Center for Advanced Science and Technology (RCAST), Religion and Global Security, the RCAST Open Laboratory for Emerging Strategies (ROLES)Humanitas Futura Member
2022-04 -- (current)Tohoku UniversityGraduate School of International Cultural StudiesAdjunct Lecturer
2024-04 -- (current)Komazawa UniversityGraduate Division of Arts and SciencesAdjunct Lecturer
2021-04 -- (current)Tokyo University of Foreign StudiesOpen AcademyAdjunct Lecturer
2023-04 -- 2024-03Daito Bunka UniversityFaculty of Literature Department of History and CultureAdjunct Lecturer
2022-04 -- 2024-03National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics (NINJAL)Research DepartmentAssistant Professor
2017-08 -- 2020-03エジプト博物館・パピルスコレクション ベルリン州立博物館群欧州研究委員会プロジェクト 「エレファンティネ:4,000年にわたる文化史のローカライズ、エジプト・エレファンティネ島のテクストと文字」Digital Humanities Advisor
2020-04 -- 2021-03Kansai UniversityOpen Research Center for Asian Studies "KU-ORCAS" (in Institute for Oriental and Occidental Studies)Post-Doctoral Fellow
2021-04 -- 2022-03Kyoto UniversityGraduate School of Letters, Center for Studies of Cultural Heritage and Inter HumanitiesAssistant Professor
Academic background
2015-10 -- 2022-03Georg-August-Universität Göttingen Faculty of Humanities Seminar for Egyptology and Coptic Studies
2015-04 -- 2021-03Kyoto University Graduate School of Letters Division of Behavioral Studies, Department of Linguistics, Doctoral Course
2013-04 -- 2015-03Kyoto University Graduate School of Letters Division of Behavioral Studies, Department of Linguistics, Master's Course
2009-04 -- 2013-03Hokkaido Univerisity Faculty of Letters Course for Languages and Literature, Seminar for Linguistics and Informatics
2013-03B.A.Hokkaido University
2015-03M.A.Kyoto University
2022-03Doktor der Philosophie (Dr.phil.)Georg-August-Universität Göttingen
Academic societies
2015-01 -- (current)International Association of Egyptologists
2021-04 -- (current)ReMeDHe (working group for Religion, Medicine, Disability, Health, and Healing in Late Antiquity)
2017-08 -- (current)Society of Biblical Literature
2018 -- (current)European Association for Digital Humanities
2017-05 -- (current)International Association of Manichaean Studies
2016-02 -- (current)International Association for Coptic Studies
2020-04 -- (current)Japanese Association for Digital Humanities
2023-06 -- (current)Association for Computational Linguistics
2020-11 -- (current)TEI (Text Encoding Initiative) Consortium
2020-04 -- (current)Australian Association for Digital Humanities
Honors & Awards
2023-1127th President PrizePublication of an excellent paper
2023-03Yamashita Memorial Research PrizePublication of an excellent research article
2023-03Board Member Special PrizePublication of an excellent academic article
2022-1125th President PrizeExcellent research output
2022-11第4回学術賞(著書)一般財団法人人文情報学研究所(監修), 石田友梨, 大向一輝, 小風綾乃, 永崎研宣, 宮川創, 渡邉要一郞(編)『人文学のためのテキストデータ構築入門 : TEIガイドラインに準拠した取り組みにむけて』 文学通信. 2022年
2013-03Clark PrizeExcellent GPA through 4 academic years at the Faculty of Letters
2010-05Nitobe PrizeExcellent GPA in the first academic year
2015Annual Travel Grant for Research Fellow 2015
2015-11Travel Bursary
2016Annual Travel Grant for Research Fellow 2016
2017Annual Travel Grant for Research Fellow 2017
2017-03Travel Bursary
2018Annual Travel Grant for Research Fellow 2018
2018-01Travel Grant for Visiting Research Fellow
2019Annual Travel Grant for Research Fellow 2019
2020-01Travel Bursary
2020-02Travel Bursary
  • 『世界のピラミッドWonderland』
    河江 肖剰; 佐藤 悦夫; 宮川 創
    グラフィック社, 2021-01-07
  • 『はじまりが見える世界の神話』
    植 朗子; 石黒 大岳; 市川 彰; 植田 麦; 柏原 康人; 紙村 徹; 河島 思朗; 木村 武...
    創元社, 2018-04-20
  • KELLIA White Paper on Transcription and Encoding Standards for Digital Coptic
    Schroeder Caroline T; Schmid Ulrich; Miyagawa So; Plat...
    National Endowment for the Humanities, 2019-03-27
  • TEXTBOOK:Thanatology of Buddhism Meta‐Cognition,Grief Care Resilience
    Nakano Tozen; Hirai Toyomi; Wills James P.; Kyogoku Y...
    風詠社, 2019-09-01
  • Introducing Quotations in Selected Coptic Monastic Writings (Shenoute, Canon 6 and Besa): A Linguistic Analysis
    MIYAGAWA So; Behlmer Heike
    Crossroads VI: Between Egyptian Linguistics and Philology/pp.147-157, 2024-04
  • Proceedings of the Joint 3rd International Conference on Natural Language Processing for Digital Humanities and 8th International Workshop on Computational Linguistics for Uralic Languages
    Hämäläinen Mika; Öhman Emily; Pirinen Flammie; Alnajja...
    Association for Computational Linguistics, 2023-12
  • Noun Incorporation in Coptic
    Pharaonen, Mönche und Gelehrte: Auf dem Pilgerweg durch 5000 Jahre ägyptische Geschichte über drei Kontinente. Heike Behlmer zum 65. Geburtstag/Harassowitz Verlag/pp.556-574, 2023-07
  • デジタル化された人文資料をどのように活用するか—人文学におけるオープンサイエンス̶—
    宮川 創
    西洋古代史研究における史資料の安定的利用をめざして/東洋大学人間科学総合研究所/p.35, 2023-05
  • エジプト語史における コプト語の名詞化接頭辞 pet-
    宮川 創
    コーパスからわかる言語変化・変異と言語理論3/開拓社/pp.404-412, 2022-12
  • 『人文学のためのテキストデータ構築入門: TEIガイドラインに準拠した取り組みにむけて』
    一般財団法人人文情報学研究所; 石田 友梨; 大向 一輝; 小風 綾乃; 永崎 研宣; 宮川 創; 渡邉...
    文学通信, 2022-08-04
  • Quotative Index Phrases in Shenoute’s Canon 6: A Case Study of Quotations from the Psalms
    Uses and Misuses of Ancient Mediterranean Sources: Erudition, Authority, Manipulation./Mohr Siebeck/pp.101-116, 2022-06
  • ディープラーニングを用いた歴史的手書き文献の自動翻刻—コーパス開発の効率化に向けて
    宮川 創
    KU-ORCASが開くデジタル化時代の東アジア文化研究/遊文舎/pp.323-335, 2022-03
  • Shenoute, Besa and the Bible: Digital Text Reuse Analysis of Selected Monastic Writings from Egypt
    Niedersächsische Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek Göttingen, 2022-03
  • 『古代エジプト人名事典』
    大城 道則; 石田 真衣; 坂本 翼; 橋本 幸実; 波部 雄一郎; 宮川 創; 山下 真理亜
    柊風舎, 2022-02-22
  • 『欧米圏デジタル・ヒューマニティーズの基礎知識』
    一般財団法人人文情報学研究所; 小風 尚樹; 小川 潤; 纓田 宗紀; 長野 壮一; 山中 美潮; 宮川...
    文学通信, 2021-07-26
  • 「第2章 TEIヘッダー」『TEIガイドライン日本語訳』
    宮川 創; 菊池 信彦
    東アジアDHポータル(https://www.dh.ku-orcas.kansai-u.ac.jp/?p=791), 2020-07-21
  • 「第1章 TEIインフラストラクチャ」『TEIガイドライン日本語訳』
    宮川 創; 菊池 信彦
    東アジアDHポータル (https://www.dh.ku-orcas.kansai-u.ac.jp/?p=552), 2020-04-29
  • The ang- Morphs in Coptic and their Grammaticalization in Later Egyptian
    Proceedings of the XI International Congress of Egyptologists, Florence, Italy 23-30 August 2015/Archaeopress/pp.416-421, 2017-12
  • An early history of Egyptology in Japan with a focus on philological studies
    Nishimura Yoko; MIYAGAWA So
    Global Egyptology: Negotiations in the Production of Knowledges on Ancient Egypt in Global Contexts/Golden House Publications/pp.146-160, 2017-10
  • Coptic Egyptian (Coptic) [in Japanese]
    宮川 創
    Museum of the Languages in the World [in Japanese]/NPO法人 地球ことば村・世界言語博物館, 2014
Conference, etc.
  • Existing Digital Editions with Multi-Spectral Imaging (MSI)
    宮川 創
    Summer Workshop: Communicating Revealed Texts: Best Practices For Born-digital Editions Using Enhanced Imaging/2024-06-29--2024-06-30
  • コプト語教育と言語復興運動を支援するための機械翻訳データセットの構築
    宮川 創
    JSAI2024 – 2024年度 人工知能学会全国大会(第38回)/2023-05-28--2023-05-31
  • Shenoute the Archimandrite on Manichaeism: Egyptian Christian Perspectives in Late Antiquity
  • Sahidic Coptic Vowel System
    宮川 創
    The monthly meeting of the Society for Descriptive Lingusitics/2013-11
  • Plurality in Sahidic Coptic
    宮川 創
    The 5th Grammatical Studies Workshop of the Research Institute for Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa (ILCAA)/2014-02-01
  • Biblical Quotations and Allusions in Coptic Literature
    宮川 創
    International Conference ‘The World in Motion: Language, Culture, and Intercultural Communication in Asian and African Studies’/2016-09-30
  • The Use of the Psalms in Educational Monastic Literature in Byzantine Egypt: A Case Study of Shenoute, an Egyptian Monastic Leader of the Fourth and Fifth Centuries
    宮川 創
    Third Parekbolai Symposium on Byzantine Literature and Philology/2016-12-16
  • Views on Animals by Shenoute and Besa, Two Coptic Monastic Leaders in Byzantine Egypt
    宮川 創
    „Environment & Religion in Ancient & Coptic Egypt: Sensing the Cosmos through the Eyes of the Divine“. 1st Egyptological Conference at the People’s University of Athens, organized by the Hellenic Institute of Egyptology, the Calligraphy Centre of the Bib/2017-02-03
  • The integration of existing digital text corpora and corpus- linguistic tools into research on transitivity and valency in Coptic
    宮川 創
    The Inaugural Workshop of the GIF Project „Transitivity and Valency in Contact: The Case of Coptic“/2017-04-19
  • Utilization of Common OCR Tools for Typeset Coptic Texts
    Miyagawa So; Bulert Kirill; Marco Büchler
    DATeCH (Digital Access to Textual Cultural Heritage)/2017-06-01
  • Schriftauslegung und Bildungstraditionen im koptischsprachigen ägyptischen Christentum der Spätantike: Schenute, Kanon 6
    Miyagawa So; Delhez Julien; Behlmer Heike
    Jahrestagung "Was ist Bildung in der Vormoderne?"/2017-06-29
  • KELLIA (Koptische/Coptic Electronic Language and Literature International Alliance)
    Behlmer Heike; Miyagawa So
    49. Ständige Ägyptologenkonferenz/2017-07-14
  • Word Segmentation and Polysynthesis in Coptic
    宮川 創
    International Summer School on Typology and Lexicon (TyLex)/2017-09-07
  • Shenoute and the Bible: Digital Text Re-Use Analysis of Selected Monastic Writings from Egypt
    宮川 創
    Tag der GSGG 2017/2017-11-02
  • Digitisation of Coptic Manuscripts and Digital Humanities Initiatives in Germany, the U.S., Japan, and Israel.
    宮川 創
    The 21st Century Curatorship Seminar Series for the Staff at the British Library/2018-03-01
  • A Semantic Map of the Coptic Complementizer če Based on Corpus Analysis: Grammaticalization and Areal Typology in Africa
    Miyagawa So; Zeldes Amir
    International Workshop on Semantic maps: Where do we stand and where are we going?/2018-06-27
  • The Use of Digital Tools in Studies of Biblical Intertextuality in Early Christian Authors: The Case of Shenoute and Besa, Coptic Abbots in the 4-5th Centuries
    Miyagawa So; Büchler Marco
    Society of Biblical Literature, 2018 International Meeting/2018-08-02
  • Building Linguistically and Intertextually Tagged Coptic Corpora with Open Source Tools.
    Miyagawa So; Zeldes Amir; Büchler Marco; Behlmer Heik...
    The 8th Conference of Japanese Association for Digital Humanities/2018-09-11
  • Quotation from the Psalms and Its Authority in Shenoute's Monastic Education
    Miyagawa So
    Workshop: ‘As It Is Written’? Uses of Sources in Ancient Mediterranean Texts (Georg-August-Universität Göttingen)/2018-11-10
  • Role of Kyoto (Imperial) University in Early History of Egyptology in Japan
    Nishimura Yoko; Miyagawa So
    The 12th International Congress for Egyptologists/2019-11-05
  • An Overview of the Coptic Wordnet Project
    Slaughter Laura; Miyagawa So; Morgado Luis; Costa da; ...
    Digital Coptic 3/2020-07-12--2020-07-13
  • Introduction to Coptic Language and Literature in Digital Age
    Miyagawa So
    Lecture Series "Levant, cradle of Abrahamic Religions" at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Levant Culture and Civilization Centre of Excellence of the World Academy of Art & Science, University of Bucharest/2020-09-30--2020-09-30
  • Digital Public History during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Discussion on the Corona Archive @ Kansai University
    Kikuchi Nobuhiko; Uchida Keiichi; Okada Tadakatsu; Hay...
    The Japanese Association for Digital Humanities (JADH), 10th annual conference, JADH2020: “A New Decade in Digital Scholarship: Microcosms and Hubs”(査読あり)/2020-11-21--2020-11-22
  • On-going Digital Humanities Projects at Kansai University Open Research Center for Asian Studies
    Miyagawa So; Kikuchi Nobihiko
    2020 Korea-Japan Symposium on Digital Humanities "Zooming-in and zooming-out —Principles and methods in Digital Humanities—"/2020-11-29--2020-11-29
  • Levenshtein Distance and Conceptual Blending in Psalm Quotations in Shenoute, Canon 6
    Miyagawa So; Behlmer Heike
    22nd St. Shenouda-UCLA Conference of Coptic Studies July 16-17, 2021/2021-07-16--2021-07-17
  • more...
  • Sahidic Old Testament, Coptic SCRIPTORIUM (tagged digital corpus)
    Feder Frank; Miyagawa So; Platte Elisabeth; Schroeder ...
  • Apophthegmata Patrum Sahidic 7, Coptic SCRIPTORIUM (tagged digital corpus)
    Ghaly Marina; Miyagawa So; Marquis Christine Luckritz; ...
  • On Lack of Food, Letters and Sermons of Besa, Coptic SCRIPTORIUM (tagged digital corpus)
    Miyagawa So; Schroeder Caroline
  • On Vigilance, Coptic SCRIPTORIUM corpus (TEI XML, ANNIS XML, Paula XML, CoNNL-U)
    Miyagawa So; Delhez Julien; Behlmer Heike; Zeldes Ami...
  • Exhortations, Coptic SCRIPTORIUM corpus (formats: TEI XML, Paula XML, ANNIS XML, CoNLL-U)
    Miyagawa So; Delhez Julien; Behlmer Heike; Zeldes Ami...
2020-09 -- 2021-02アカデミックスキルズB大阪樟蔭女子大学
2020-09 -- 2021-02言語の歴史と類型大阪樟蔭女子大学
2021-04 -- 2021-08古代エジプト語・コプト語(初級)京都大学
2021-04 -- 2021-08情報基礎演習[文学部] (月1)京都大学
2021-04 -- 2021-08情報基礎演習[文学部] (水2)京都大学
2021-10 -- 2022-01Ancient Egyptain and Coptic (Intermidiate)Kyoto University
2021-09 -- 2022-02言語学概論大阪樟蔭女子大学
2021-09 -- 2022-02言語の歴史と類型大阪樟蔭女子大学
2022-08 -- 2022-08Corpus Linguistics IITohoku University
2022-09 -- 2023-02言語の類型と歴史大阪樟蔭女子大学
Other educational activities
2020-12 -- 2020-12古代エジプト語・ヒエログリフの初歩NHK文化センター梅田教室
2021-10 -- 2021-10エジプト学:古代エジプトとコプトの言語と文字の歴史朝日カルチャーセンター名古屋教室
2021-04 -- 2021-09『ピラミッド・テキスト』を読んで学ぶ古エジプト語とヒエログリフNHK文化センター梅田教室
-- (current)コプト語入門コプト語・コプト文化研究会
-- (current)コプト語大阪大学外国語学部アラビア語専攻仲尾周一郎研究室アフロアジア諸語勉強会Season 3
2020-07 -- 2020-07Field Linguist’s Toolboxとコーパス分析ツールの初歩LingTechワークショップ(Technical WS for Fieldworkers)
2018-07 -- 2018-07Text- und Wortanalysen mit korpuslinguistischen ToolsUniversity of Göttingen
  • Coptic Studies and Digital Humanities
    宮川 創
    Digitale Unterstützung in den Geistes- und Gesellschaftswissenschaften/2016-12-01
  • Text- und Wortanalysen mit korpuslinguistischen Tools
    Miyagawa So
    Einführung in digitale Forschungsmethoden der Digital Humanities (DH) in der Ägyptologie und Koptologie/2018-07-20
  • Corpus Linguistics and Computational Text Reuse Analysis
    Miyagawa So
    Summer School in Coptic Literature and Manuscript Tradition, The Centre for the Study of Manuscript Cultures, University of Hamburg/2018-09-19
  • Field Linguist’s Toolboxとコーパス分析ツールの初歩
    宮川 創
    LingTechワークショップ(Technical WS for Fieldworkers)/2020-07-18--2020-07-18
  • 古代エジプトとコプトのデジタルアーカイブ
    宮川 創; 永井 正勝
  • Digital History of Egypt and Nubia in Late Antiquity and Medieval Period
    Miyagawa So
    Nubia Fest 2020/2020-09-13--2020-09-19
  • 文献資料および音声資料のデジタルアーカイブの構築
    宮川 創
  • コプト語の受動態
    宮川 創
  • エジプト学:古代エジプトとコプトの言語と文字の歴史 (
    宮川 創
  • 「古代エジプト語とコプト語 —200年前、シャンポリオンは如何にしてヒエログリフを解読したか—」
    宮川 創
  • Time and Space in Coptic
    Miyagawa So
    The Annual Interdisciplinary School of Ancient Greek, Egyptology and Oriental Studies — Third Edition: Time and Space in Antiquity/2022-09-05--2022-09-11
  • Champollion and Ancient Egyptian and Coptic Knowledge Before Him
    Miyagawa So
    Ancient Egypt: discoveries, materials, techniques, scripts, linguistics and genres of writing throughout three millennia of pharaonic history THE HYPERION-IMOC PAS SCHOOL OF EGYPTOLOGY. BUCHAREST-WARSAW FIRST EDITION/2022-09-26--2022-09-29
  • Tagged Corpora, Universal Dependencies Treebanking, and NLP with Deep Learning
    Miyagawa So
    Corpus Annotation and Data Analysis (CAnDA) An Equinox School @ Gauss's Observatory/2022-09-19--2022-09-30
  • 「ブリュッセル王立美術・歴史博物館収蔵品のヒエログリフを読む」
    宮川 創
  • 「国際コプト学会、国際マニ教学会、国際ヌビア学会、言語類型論学会参加報告、及び、各地の博物館での調査報告など」
    宮川 創
  • 「ツタンカーメン関連のヒエログリフを読む」
    宮川 創
  • 「ギリシャ語は、かつて一千年間、エジプトの公用語であった」
    宮川 創
  • 「世界の消滅危機言語・文化を研究する:エジプトと日本の諸言語を中心に」
    宮川 創
    2022年度2月 [ことばの扉]講演会/2023-02-20
  • 「人工知能時代における多様性の保全」
    宮川 創
    Grammar Writing 2023/2023-04-02--2023-04-02
  • 「ChatGPTを活用したコーパス構築」
    宮川 創
  • 「コプト語の言語学的・文献学的研究とデジタルヒューマニティーズ」
    宮川 創
  • INTRODUCTION TO THE DIGITAL HUMANITIES: Digital Humanities and Textual Cultural Heritage
    Miyagawa So
    Spring Semester (HIPS) Academic Writing I "Materials, Memories, Monuments: Public History in the Age of Reproduction"/2023-05-31--2023-05-31
  • 「⼈⼯知能との向き合い⽅: ⼈とAIによる学びとキャリアの共創」
    宮川 創
    神⼾学院⼤学 グローバル・コミュニケーション学部 講演会/2023-06-28--2023-06-28
  • 「文字と文明:古代エジプト文字の歴史と周辺文明への影響 - 古代エジプト文字のうちのヒエログリフの概説とその歴史」
    宮川 創
  • 「文字と文明:古代エジプト文字の歴史と周辺文明への影響 - 古代エジプト文字の解読の歴史」
    宮川 創
  • more...
Professional activities
2023-11 -- (current)The Society for Japanese LinguisticsInternationalization Committee
2023-04 -- (current)Information Processing Society of Japan人文科学とコンピュータ研究会運営委員会/委員
2023-04 -- (current)言語処理学会プログラム委員会/委員
2023-04 -- (current)JAPAN ART DOCUMENTATION SOCIETY国際交流員会/委員長
2021-09 -- (current)英文ウェブマガジン「The Digital Orientalist」編集委員
2022-04 -- (current)英文学術誌「Digital Life」編集委員
2021-07 -- (current)Japan Society for Digital ArchiveDAフォーラム運営委員会/委員
2022-01 -- 2023-12日本歴史言語学会監事
2023-04 -- 2024-03人間文化研究機構DH推進委員会 委員
2022-04 -- 2023-03人間文化研究機構DH部会員
University Management
2021-04 -- 2022-03京都大学 大学院文学研究科・文学部 情報委員会委員
Other activities
2017-07 -- 2018-03A Journey through Western Christianity: from Persecuted Faith to Global Religion (200 - 1650)
2017-07 -- 2018-03Grammar and Punctuation
2022-04 -- 2022-06SAMURAI ENGINEER(侍エンジニア)エキスパートコース(12週間)
My research interests include ancient Egyptian and Coptic language, Egyptology, Coptic Studies, Old Nubian, Japanese and Ryukyuan languages, Bible translation, patristics, natural language processing, corpus linguistics, historical linguistics, and documentary linguistics.

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