CAROLINE TAN SUE LIN(キャロライン タン スー リン)

Harnessing 'Digital India' - Scope for Technology Adoption by Unorganized Retailers2019-02 -- (現在)Dr.S. Selvabaskar (India), Caroline S.L. Tan (Japan)Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India/8,000,000円
Exploring Digital Media Contents in Transforming Lower Level Sports Fans2019 -- 2022CAROLINE TAN SUE LIN日本学術振興会/若手研究4,290,000円
サステイナブル・マーケティングのための消費者行動:どのように市場にアプローチし、 どのようにサステイナブル・マーケティングを日本と海外で成功させるかを理解する2015 -- 2017CAROLINE TAN SUE LIN日本学術振興会/若手研究(B)3,900,000円
2014-04 -- (現在)筑波大学大学ビジネスサインス系准教授
2015-10 -- (現在)慶応義塾大学商学部特別招聘准教授
2013-04 -- (現在)立教大学経営学部非常勤講師
2011-04 -- 2014-03東洋大学経済学部国際経済学科講師
2010-04 -- 2012-03麗澤大学外国語学部非常勤講師
2009-04 -- 2014-03サイコムブラインズ株式会社グローバルリーダー育成スクール講師
2004-05 -- 2004-09Teleplan NVサプライチィーンアジアパシフィックサプライチィーンマネジャー
2003-10 -- 2004-05Agilent Technologiesグロバル Oracle ERP チームGlobal ERP Deployment Support マネジャー
2002-07 -- 2003-10Agilent Technologiesマテリアル調達マネジャー
2002-02 -- 2002-07Agilent Technologiesマテリアル上級調達イグゼクティブ
2005-10 -- 2012-06慶應義塾大学 政策・メディア マーケティング 
2004-10 -- 2005-09慶應義塾大学 政策 メーディア研究科 研究生
2002-04 -- 2005-04ポーツマス大学 経営 経営学修士
1994-06 -- 1999-04マレーシア科学大学 社会科学 社会開発運営
2023-08 -- (現在)Society for Consumer Psychology
2022-03 -- (現在)American Psychological Association
2017-02 -- (現在)Americann Marketing Association
2014-07 -- (現在)Association of Consumer Research
2018-05 -- 2019-04日本マーケティング学会
2022-08Winner of Outstanding Paper in the 2022 Emerald Literati Awards
2020-07Waseda University Teaching Award (WBS)Best Professor
  • Examining the effect of gender on advertising on ad and brand attitude: Through the lens of Japanese consumers
    Caroline Tan Sue Lin
    28th International Conference on Corporate and Marketing Communication/2024-03-26--2024-03-27
  • I choose NOT to travel: Gen Z tourists’ Boycott Behaviour in the face of social justice activism
    Caroline Tan Sue Lin
    Mediterranean Tourism Knowledge Exchange And Policy Forum 2023/2023-11-21--2023-11-23
  • Seeing Is Believing? Trust Cues and Consumer Involvement in Online Reviews'
    Caroline Tan Sue Lin
    IEEE International Conference on Technology Management, Operations and Decisions (IEEE ICTMOD)/2022-11-23--2022-11-25
  • Building brands ‘softly’: A study on the effect of country image, affinity, and fan engagement on soft power in sport.
    Caroline Tan Sue Lin
    International Marketing Trends/2023-01-19--2023-01-21
  • Are you going to share on social media? Examining consumer behavioral intentions on social media toward brand activism campaigns
    Caroline Tan Sue Lin
    26th Corporate and Marketing Communications Conference/2022-04-18--2022-04-20
  • Which value matters more? Examining the different luxury value perceptions between rental and second-hand luxury goods
    Caroline Tan Sue Lin
    2021 AUS-Chalhoub Symposium on Luxury Marketing and Branding/2021-11-15--2021-11-16
  • Feeling Well Through Gamification: Exploring The Use of Gamification in Managing Mental Health and Brand Attitude
    Caroline Tan Sue Lin
    Interactive Marketing Research Conference/2021-10-20--2021-10-26
  • The effect of racial diversity in advertising of luxury and masstige brands
    Caroline Tan Sue Lin
    25th International Conference on Corporate and Marketing Communications/2021-04-14--2021-04-16
  • The effect of racial diversity in advertising of luxury and masstige brands
    Caroline Tan Sue Lin
    International Conference on Corporate and Marketing Communications,/2012-4-14--2021-4-16
  • Renting the runway: A study on luxury value perception on designer bag rental.
    Caroline Tan Sue Lin
    2020 Atlantic Marketing Association Conference/2020-10-2--2020-10-2
  • Absence of Luxury Brands in Japan
    Caroline Tan Sue Lin
    The Mystique of Luxury Brands Conference/2019-09
  • Examining the five-factor model of personality in eWOM via social media
    Caroline Tan Sue Lin
    International Symposium in Consumer Personality/2019-09
  • Can we both advertise diversity the same way? Examining diversity in advertising for masstige and luxury brands
    Caroline Tan Sue Lin
    The Mystique of Luxury Brands Conference/2019-09
  • Why do I Follow and When Do I Stop? A study on the motives and behavior of social media influencer followers
    Caroline Tan Sue Lin
    10th International Research Meeting in Business and Management/2019-07-08--2019-07-10
  • Exploring the effect of social media influences in the creation of consumer negativity and its impact on consumer brand experience, perception and online behavior.
    Caroline Tan Sue Lin
    4th International Colloquium on Design, Branding and Marketing/2018-12--2018-12
  • What do we post? A study on photos used in social media to effectively communicate CSR initiatives
    Caroline Tan Sue Lin
    8th Japan Forum of Business and Society/2018-09--2018-09
  • The Good Samaritan: A Study on Brand Perception and Repurchase Intention From Cause Marketing Campaigns.
    Caroline Tan Sue Lin
    International Conference on Brand Relationships/2017-05-18--2017-05-20
  • Tasting with your eyes: Country of Origin and Organic Information Bias Taste Perception.
    Caroline Tan Sue Lin
    12th Global Brand Conference,/2017-04-26--2017-04-28
  • “When Scandal Meets Cause Related Marketing.”
    Caroline Tan Sue Lin
    7th International Conference on Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility,/2016-09-14--2016-09-16
  • “Color Me Green. A Study on the Effect of Cause-Related Marketing on Green Behavior.”
    Caroline Tan Sue Lin
    Japan Forum of Business and Society Conference,/2016-09-08--2016-09-09
  • “Crowd funding Involvement and Satisfaction in Social Enterprise.”
    Caroline Tan Sue Lin
    3 rd  International Conference on CSR, Sustainability, Ethics and Governance,/2016-08-01--2016-08-03
  • “Does Luxury Really Care? How Cause Related Marketing Shapes Brand Perception and Purchase Intention In The Japanese Luxury Market.”,
    Caroline Tan Sue Lin
    Global Marketing Conference/2016-07-21--2016-07-24
  • “Are You Still Who I Think You Are? A Study on The Influence of Corporate Food Scandals On Trust and Purchase Intention Case: Japanese Consumers.”,
    Caroline Tan Sue Lin
    Global Marketing Conference/2016-07-21--2016-07-24
  • Can I still count on you? The impact of corporate scandal towards customers' support on csr activities
    Caroline Tan Sue Lin
    Academy of Multinational Enterprises/2016-05-14--2016-05-14
  • CSR Initiatives Post 3-11
    Caroline Tan Sue Lin
    American Marketing Association Winter Conference, February 2016/2016-02-26--2016-02-28
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2023-04 -- 2023-08Overseas Study Seminar IV筑波大学
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2015-06 -- 2015-06MBA-IB Open CampusMBA-IB
  • When my money becomes my voice: Examining consumer politics at the checkout counter.
    Caroline Tan Sue Lin
    Southeast Asia Research Academy (SEARA) Online Meeting/2023-07-12--2023-07-12
2018-04 -- (現在)Tsukuba MBA-IBEducation Committee Chair
2017-04 -- 2018-03Seminar 1 Lead
2017-04 -- 2018-03Tsukuba MBA-IBCommencement Lead
2016-03 -- 2017-03Tsukuba MBA-IBCommencement Lead
2014-10 -- (現在)University of TsukubaSuper Global High School Project Member
2014-04 -- (現在)Tsukuba MBA-IBStudent Liaison/ Alumni
2014-04 -- (現在)Tsukuba MBA-IBEducation Committee Member
2014-04 -- (現在)Tsukuba MBA-IBOpen Campus Committee
2014-04 -- (現在)Tsukuba MBA-IBDAAD (Person in Charge)
2014-04 -- (現在)Tsukuba MBA-IBTsukuba Short Term Study Program Head
2015-04 -- 2017-03Tsukuba MBA-IBPR Web/Network Team Member
2023-11 -- (現在)Young Consumers: Insight and Ideas for Responsible Marketers

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