Tokunaga Tomoko

Faculty of Human Sciences
Official title
Associate Professor
Research fields
Sociology of education
Research keywords
Anthropology of Education
Comparative Education
Immigrant and Education
Multicultural Co-existence
Participatory Action Research
Research projects
日米における移民の学生支援に関する参加型アクションリサーチ(PAR)2022-04 -- (current)Tomoko TokunagaJapan Society of for the Promotion of Science/科学研究費基盤研究(C)
次世代を担う学生との協働によるDE&I(Diversity, Equity and Inclusion)に基づく居場所研究2022-04 -- (current)河野禎之リシュモンジャパン株式会社/企業との共同研究
学びの場におけるCLD生徒の言語使用の分析とデータベースの構築2022-04 -- (current)Hiroko SawadaJapan Society of for the Promotion of Science/Grant in Aid for Scientific Research (B)
主体的エンパワメントの可視化:多様な声と場所をめぐる外国人生徒との批判的実践研究2021-04 -- (current)Satoko KobayashiJapan Society of for the Promotion of Science/Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (C)
Integrating Children of Immigrants and Refugees through Culturally Relevant Pedagogy: A Cross-National Study2020-10 -- (current)Misako NukagaJapan Society of for the Promotion of Science/Fund for the Promotion of Joint International Research (Fostering Joint International Research (B))
Creating Ibasho and Empowering Immigrant Youth: Using Community-Based Participatory Research2018-04 -- (current)Tomoko TokunagaJapan Society for the Promotion of Science/Grant-in-Aid for Early-Career Scientists
Foreign senior high school students confronting the COVID-19 crisis: Youth participatory action research and online support2020-05 -- 2021-02Tomoko TokunagaOrganization for the Support and Devlopement of Strategic Initiatives, University of Tsukuba/Employing the University Wisdom to Fight against the Covid-19 Crisis
Study Abroad Students’ Identification Practices, Motivations, and Learning Evaluations: Examining Heterogeneity and Fluidity2017-04 -- 2020-03Gregory PooleJapan Society of for the Promotion of Science/Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (C)
Creating Ibasho for Immigrant Children: Community Engagement and Collaboration in Japan and the United States2015-04 -- 2018-03Tomoko TokunagaJapan Society for the Promotion of Science/Grant-in-Aid for Young Scientists (B)
Ethnography of Constructions of Home for Asian Immigrant Children in Japan and the United States2013-04 -- 2015-03Tomoko TokunagaJapan Society for the Promotion of Science/Grants-in-Aid for JSPS Fellows
Career history
2022-09 -- (current)University of TsukubaInstitute of Human SciencesAssociate Professor
2019-04 -- 2022-08University of TsukubaFaculty of Human Sciences, Division of EducationAssistant Professor
2018-04 -- 2019-03Gunma Prefectural Women's UniversityFaculty of International CommunicationLecturer
2015-01 -- 2018-03Keio UniversityInternational CenterProject Assistant Professor
2014-03 -- 2014-08University of Massachusetts BostonVisiting Scholar
2013-04 -- 2014-12Japan Society for the Promotion of SciencePostdoctoral Fellow (International Christian University)
2010-08 -- 2012-06University of Maryland, College ParkOffice of Diversity and InclusionIntergroup Dialogue Program Specialist
Academic background
-- 2013University of Tokyo Graduate School of Education Doctoral Course
-- 2012University of Maryland, College Park Department of Teaching and Learning, Policy and Leadership Doctoral Course
-- 2007University of Tokyo Graduate School of Education Master Course
-- 2005University of Tsukuba 第三学群 College of International Studies
2012-12Ph.D. (Educational Leadership and Policy Studies)University of Maryland, College Park
2007-3M.A. (Education)University of Tokyo
Licenses and qualifications
2005-03First Class Teaching Certificate (junior high school, English)
2005-03First Class Teaching Certificate (senior high school, English)
2008-06Social Researcher Certificate
2008-06Expert Social Researcher
Academic societies
2008 -- (current)Association for Asian Studies
2009 -- (current)Comparative and International Education Society
2010 -- (current)American Educational Studies Association
2012 -- (current)American Anthropological Association
2015 -- (current)Japan Comparative Education Society
2022 -- (current)American Educational Research Association
2022 -- (current)The Japan Society for Senior High School Education
Honors & Awards
2020-10University of Tsukuba Young Faculty Award
2019-09Young Scholar Book Award, Japan Society of Educational SociologyTokunaga, T. (2018) Learning to Belong in the World: An Ethnography of Asian American Girls. Singapore: Springer
2013-11Concha Delgado Gaitan Presidential Early Career Fellowship Award
2013-09Japan Society of Educational Sociology (JSES) International AwardTokunaga, T. (2011) ‘I’m Not Going to Be in Japan Forever’: How Filipina Immigrant Youth in Japan Construct the Meaning of Home
2013-04American Educational Research Association (AERA), SIG: REAPA, Outstanding Dissertation AwardTokunaga, T. (2012) Sites of Belonging, Sites of Empowerment: How Asian American Girls Construct ‘Home’ in a Borderland World
2008Fulbright Fellowship, Graduate Study
  • Towards a New Sociology of Education
    相澤真一; 伊佐夏実; 内田良; 德永 智子
    Yuhikaku, 2023-1
  • ハイブリディティ
    德永 智子
    異文化間教育事典/明石書店/p.252, 2022-06
  • 居場所
    德永 智子
    異文化間教育事典/明石書店/pp.173-174, 2022-06
  • NPO's Educational Support of Chinese Immigrants in the US: A Strength-Based Approach
    德永 智子
    The Japanese Educational Challenge in a New Global Era: Multicultural Society from a Comparative Education Worldview/University of Tokyo Press/pp.113-128, 2021-5
  • 〈わたし〉から始める教育開発:日米における移民の子どものエスノグラフィー
    德永 智子
    国際教育開発への挑戦:これからの教育・社会・理論/東信堂/pp.138-154, 2021-01
  • Refracting Global Imaginations through Collaborative Autoethnography and Teaching: Reflections from Two “Border Crossing”/“Returnee” Academics in Japan
    Imoto Yuki; Tokunaga Tomoko
    The Global Education Effect and Japan: Constructing New Borders and Identification Practices/Routledge/pp.175-190, 2020-03
  • Nonformal Education and Ibasho: Nighttime Junior High School, NPO, Ethnic Association and Media
    德永 智子; 住野満稲子
    Rethinking Education from Migrants/Nakanishiya/pp.219-231, 2019-09
  • Minority
    德永 智子; 高橋史子
    SDGs時代の教育:すべての人に質の高い学びの機会を/Gakubunsha/pp.134-149, 2019-04
  • “To Find a Better Way to Live a Life in the World”: An Autoethnographic Exploration of Ibasho Project with Chinese Immigrant Youth in the United States
    Tokunaga Tomoko
    Children and Globalization: Multidisciplinary Perspectives/Routledge/pp.148-164, 2019-04
  • Bringing into Language Experience that Cannot Be Brought into Language: Reflecting on the Practice of Multicultural Team Ethnography
    井本由紀; 德永 智子
    Past, Present, and Future of Language Education from Anthropological and Sociological Points of View: Ideologies on Language and Language Education/Sangensha/pp.246-266, 2018-11
  • Growing Up in Multicultural Japan: Diversifying Educational Experiences of Immigrant Students
    Tokunaga Tomoko; Nukaga Misako; Takahashi Fumiko
    Japanese Education in a Global Age: Sociological Reflections and Future Directions/Springer/pp.155-174, 2018-08
  • Japanese Education in a Global Age: Sociological Reflections and Future Directions
    Yonezawa Akiyoshi; Kitamura Yuto; Yamamoto Beverley; Toku...
    Springer, 2018-08
  • Learning to Belong in the World: An Ethnography of Asian American Girls
    Tokunaga Tomoko
    Springer, 2018-03
  • Co-producing Glocal Knowledge: Possibilities of International Education Courses in Japan
    Tokunaga Tomoko
    Conceptual Shifts and Contextualized Practices in Education for Glocal Interaction: Issues and Implications/Springer/pp.127-146, 2017-11
  • Breaking in or Dropping out? Filipina Immigrant Girls Envisioning Alternative Lives in a Globalized World
    Tokunaga Tomoko
    Globalization and Japanese "Exceptionalism" in Education: Insiders' Views into a Changing System/Routledge/pp.95-111, 2017-09
  • Crossing Borders and Conducting Fieldwork in Education: A Collaborative Autoethnography
    井本由紀; 德永 智子
    Engaging Language: An Invitation to Dialogic Education and Research/University of Tokyo Press/pp.115-140, 2017-05
  • Empowerment of Immigrant Children in a Globalized World: Possibilities of NPOs in the US
    Education of Immigrant Children: Human Resources Development for ‘Internal Internationalization’/Kanyou Shuppan/pp.75-82, 2017-03
  • "I Feel Proud to Be an Immigrant": How a Youth Program Supports Ibasho Creation for Chinese Immigrant Students in the US
    Tokunaga Tomoko; Huang Chu
    Chinese-Heritage Students in North American Schools: Understanding Hearts and Minds Beyond Test Scores/Routledge/pp.164-179, 2016-03
  • Global Sociology of Education: Solving Social Problems through Education
    Aizawa Shinichi; Uchida Ryo; Tokunaga Tomoko
    Utopian Education? Possibilities and Challenges of Establishing a Secure Society through Japanese Schooling (written in English and translated into Russian)/Novgorod State University Publishing Co/pp.186-216, 2015-12
Conference, etc.
  • The Second Generation Immigrants in Japan: Cross-Ethnic Comparison of ‘Newcomer’ Children Today
    Nukaga Misako; Tokunaga Tomoko
    Book Talk Series The UTokyo Center for Contemporary Japanese Studies/2023-01
  • Japanese Education from the Perspective of Immigrant Youth: Lessons from Participatory Action Research
    德永 智子
    Kyoto University Webinar Series 5 Can Japanese ‘model’ of education withstand the diversity challenges?/2022-12
  • 地域貢献とグローバル展開のはざまで―越境する研究者の視点から―
    德永 智子
  • 後期中等教育における移民生徒の教育機会と進路保障―都立高校調査にもとづく問題提起―
    額賀美紗子; 布川あゆみ; 髙橋史子; 金侖貞; 德永 智子; 角田仁
  • 外国につながる生徒の把握と包括的支援に向けた課題―都立高校における質問紙調査とインタビューをもとに―
    額賀美紗子; 金侖貞; 三浦綾希子; 德永 智子; 角田仁
  • 移民・難民学生のキャリア形成と共創する社会へ―ダイバーシティ&インクルージョンから見る日本の雇用システムの課題とアプローチ―
    認定NPO法人Living in Peace難民プロジェクト; 髙橋史子; 額賀美紗子; 德永 智子
    Living in Peace×東大教養KOMEX社会連携部門共催シンポジウム/2022-05
  • コロナ禍の若者参加型アクションリサーチ(YPAR)プロジェクト
    德永 智子; ジョシディネス; 渡邉慎也; アルジュンシャ
  • Unpacking Collaboration in Youth Participatory Action Research during COVID-19: Reflecting on Collaborative Project with Immigrant Youth in Tokyo
    Tokunaga Tomoko
    Annual Conference of the American Anthropological Association 2021/2021-11
  • 指定討論:増田研・椎野若菜編著『現場で育むフィールドワーク教育』(古今書院、2021年)
    德永 智子
  • Co-researching with Immigrant Youth during COVID-19: Dilemma between Protection and Participation
    Tokunaga Tomoko; Dinesh Joshi
    73rd Annual Conference of the Japan Society for Educational Sociology/2021-09
  • コロナ禍を生きる移民の若者との協働実践―若者参加型アクションリサーチ(YPAR)を通して―
    德永 智子
    55th Annual Conference of the Japanese Society of Cultural Anthropology/2021-05
  • アメリカにおける中国系移民生徒の居場所づくりに関する参加型アクションリサーチ
    德永 智子
  • Is Japan Home? Is the US Home? Diverging Paths of Asian Immigrant Girls in Japan and the US
    Tokunaga Tomoko
    Annual Conference of AAS (Association for Asian Studies)-in-Asia 2020/2020-09
  • Tabunka Kyousei: Ideologies of Multiculturalism and Integration in Japanese Education
    Sáenz- Hernández Isabel; Tokunaga Tomoko
    20th International Conference on Diversity in Organizations, Communities & Nations/2020-06
  • 越境する女性の「日本」をめぐるマルチサイテッド・エスノグラフィー:「わたし」との協働的な再想像/創造
    德永 智子
  • 越境する若者の「日本」をめぐるマルチサイテッド・エスノグラフィー:日本とアメリカを生きる「アジア系」移民女性
    德永 智子
  • (Un)Learning Forms of Knowledge and Positionings: Dialogic Autoethnography of Transnational Female Academics in Japan
    Tokunaga Tomoko; Imoto Yuki
    Annual Conference of the American Anthropological Association 2019/2019-11
  • 定時制高校における参加型アクションリサーチの可能性と課題-居場所づくりの協働実践をふりかえる-
    德永 智子
  • Diverging Academic Trajectories of Immigrant Students in Japan: The Possibilities of In-and-Out of School Policies and Practices
    Tokunaga Tomoko; Nukaga Misako
    Annual Conference of the Comparative and International Education Society 2019/2019-04-16
  • Multicultural Team Ethnography as Border-Crossing Practice: Reflections from Two ‘Returnee’ Academics at a Japanese University
    Imoto Yuki; Tokunaga Tomoko
    Annual Conference of the Association for Asian Studies 2019/2019-03-21
  • Exploration of Collaborative Ibasho Creation Project with Youth in Tokyo: Using Participatory Action Research
    Tokunaga Tomoko
    Annual Conference of the American Anthropological Association 2018/2018-11-16
  • Ibasho Creation and Chinese Immigrant Youth in the United States
    德永 智子
    29th Annual Conference of Intercultural Education Society of Japan/2018-06-09
  • "To Find a Better Way to Live a Life in the World”: Co-Constructing Ibasho with Chinese Immigrant Youth in the United States
    Tokunaga Tomoko
    Annual Conference of the American Anthropological Association 2017/2017-12--2017-12
  • Beyond Integration or Inclusion: Reimagining the Role of Support Classes for Minority Students in Japanese Schools
    McGuire Jennifer M.; Tokunaga Tomoko
    The Annual Conference of the Association for Asian Studies 2017/2017-03
  • Building Ibasho, Creating Homes on the Move: The Experiences of Asian Immigrant Girls in Japan and the US
    Tokunaga Tomoko
    International Conference Sponsored by The Bahá’í Chair for World Peace on Children and Youth in an Interconnected World, University of Maryland, College Park/2016-09
  • more...
2022-10 -- 2023-02Methodology on Sociology of Education IIIUniversity of Tsukuba.
2022-04 -- 2022-08Methodology on Sociology of Education IIIUniversity of Tsukuba.
2022-04 -- 2022-08Methodology on Sociology of Education IUniversity of Tsukuba.
2022-10 -- 2023-02Methodology on Sociology of Education IUniversity of Tsukuba.
2022-10 -- 2023-02Research Methodology for Sociology of Education IIUniversity of Tsukuba.
2022-04 -- 2022-08Research Methodology for Sociology of Education IIUniversity of Tsukuba.
2022-10 -- 2023-02Research Methodology for Sociology of Education IIIUniversity of Tsukuba.
2022-04 -- 2022-08Research Methodology for Sociology of Education IIIUniversity of Tsukuba.
2022-04 -- 2022-08Research in Sociology of EducationUniversity of Tsukuba.
2022-10 -- 2023-02Research in Sociology of EducationUniversity of Tsukuba.
Other educational activities
2022-12 -- 2022-12筑波大学インクルーシブ・リーダーズ・カレッジ アドバンスト・プログラム「ともに考える多文化共生への道」 モデレーター筑波大学エクステンションプログラム
2022-11 -- 2022-11筑波スクールリーダーズカレッジ―教員・指導主事・管理職の学びとネットワークづくり―「異文化のはざまを生きる子ども達」 講師筑波大学エクステンションプログラム
2022-08 -- 2022-09令和4年度リーダー研修 多様な教育ニーズへの対応を学ぶ研修会「多様なマイノリティが包摂される学校づくり」講師山梨県総合教育センター
2022-07 -- 2022-08子どもたちの日本語学習支援研修2022「子どもの強みを引き出す地域支援ネットワークづくり」・「子どもを支える地域のネットワーク」 講師筑波大学エクステンションプログラム
2022-06 -- 2022-06令和4年度第1回家庭教育支援研修会「多文化共生について知る・考える―外国籍等児童生徒の現状と課題」 講師埼玉県立総合教育センター
2022-03 -- 2022-03Room’s Circle「移民の子ども・若者の強みが発揮される教育・社会のあり方」ゲストNPO法人ミラツク
2021-07 -- 2021-08「子どもたちの日本語学習支援研修2021」 講師筑波大学
2021-07 -- 2021-07令和3年度教員免許状更新講習「学校を巡る近年の状況の変化:マイノリティと教育」講師筑波大学
2021-05 -- 2021-07「日本語指導担当教員の指導力向上のための研修動画作成」 講師茨城NPOセンタ―・コモンズ
2020-12 -- 2021-01筑波大学「子どもたちの日本語学習支援研修Ⅰ・Ⅱ」講師University of Tsukuba Extension Program
  • 移民の若者の居場所とエンパワメント:エスノグラフィー研究から参加型アクションリサーチへ
    德永 智子
  • Youth Empowerment through Participatory Action Research in Tokyo: Taking Collaborative Action with Immigrant Youth
    Tokunaga Tomoko; Dinesh Joshi; Watanabe Shinya; Shah Arjun
    Education for Multicultural Futures of Asia Research (EMFAR) Dialogue Series, Diversity through Understanding Equity in Teaching (DUET), The Education University of Hong Kong/2021-02
  • 多様な文化が混ざり合う場をつくる:「越境」から「出会い」へ
    德永 智子
    アーツカウンシル東京Tokyo Art Research Lab「思考と技術と対話の学校」ディスカッション3『ゆるやかに混ざり合う社会はどう生まれる?「違い」を「出会い」に変換する』/2020-02
  • Immigrants in Multicultural Japan
    德永 智子
    Japan Foundation Asia Center Forum "Designing Multicultural Coexistence Societies: An Asian Perspective"/2019-10
  • 多文化の若者たちの居場所づくりと大学の役割
    德永 智子
    アーツカウンシル東京・一般社団法人kuriya主催 「Betweens Passport Initiativeシェアリング・セッションー多文化な若者たちの居場所づくりそれぞれの現場から見えてきた今-」/2018-03
  • 移民の若者たちを取り巻く環境
    德永 智子
    アーツカウンシル東京・一般社団法人kuriya主催「Betweens Passport Initiativeシェアリング・セッション-学び合いからエンパワメントへ-」/2017-02
  • グローバル社会を生きる移民の子どものエンパワメント:アメリカのNPOの取り組みから
    德永 智子
    明治学院大学教養教育センター・社会学部共同プロジェクト「内なる国際化」に対応した人材の育成 第2回シンポジウム「内なる国際化」を考えるII-外国につながる子どもたちの教育について-/2016-10
  • グローバル社会を生きるフィリピン系女子生徒のライフコース選択:国際化と多文化化の狭間で
    德永 智子
Professional activities
2022-03 -- (current)Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology中央教育審議会臨時委員
2021-09 -- (current)THE JAPAN SOCIETY OF EDUCATIONAL SOCIOLOGYEditorial board member
2021-06 -- (current)INTERCULTURAL EDUCATION SOCIETY OF JAPANグローバル展開委員会副委員長
2021-04 -- (current)SpringerBook manuscript reviewer
2019-11 -- (current)JAPANESE EDUCATIONAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATIONCommittee member, International Exchanges Committee
2019-06 -- 2021-06INTERCULTURAL EDUCATION SOCIETY OF JAPANVice Chair, Research Committee
2019-06 -- (current)International Journal of Qualitative Studies in EducationManuscript reviewer
2019-02 -- (current)SpringerBook proposal reviewer
2018-11 -- 2019-09THE JAPAN SOCIETY OF EDUCATIONAL SOCIOLOGYCommittee member, Working Group on Research Ethics
University Management
2022-04 -- (current)教学マネジメント室室員
2022-04 -- (current)人間系研究戦略委員会委員
2022-04 -- (current)次世代学校教育創成サブプログラム広報委員
2021-04 -- (current)人間学群教育学類クラス担任
2020-04 -- (current)人間学群教育学類FD窓口委員
2021-04 -- 2022-03次世代学校教育創成サブプログラム入試委員
2020-04 -- 2021-09次世代学校教育創成サブプログラム/教育研究科SL副専攻長・SL2年担任
2020-04 -- 2022-03教育基礎科学サブプログラム(前期課程)・(博士後期課程)経理委員
2020-04 -- 2022-03全学委員安全衛生担当者
2020-04 -- 2022-03全学委員全学FD委員会委員
Other activities
2022-03 -- 2022-03筑波大学人文社会系シンポジウム「多文化共生社会の持続可能な学びの場のデザインを目指して」 パネルセッション「多文化共生社会における教育課題 解決を目指した産官学連携によるプラットフォーム・ モデル」司会
2021-02 -- 2021-02Tsukuba Global Science Week (TGSW) 2020「Interdisciplinary and International perspective on Diversity and Inclusion: Effective Approaches in Education」The Ohio State University College of Education and Human Ecology & University of Tsukuba, Presenter
2020-11 -- 2020-11第2回筑波大学産学連携シンポジウム「多様性が社会の力になる!企業主導の教育を通じた共生社会づくり」(徳永智子・タスタンベコワクアニシ・菊地かおり)
2020-09 -- 2020-09Tsukuba Global Science Week (TGSW) 2020「学際的・国際的視点からみたダイバーシティとインクルージョン:LGBTQを巡る今日的課題に焦点を当てて」コメンテーター
2020-04 -- 2020-04一般社団法人kuriya主催「Sharing Sessionコロナ危機と外国ルーツの⼦ども達『誰もが取り残されない社会』へ」ファシリテーター
2019-06 -- (current)茨城NPOセンター・コモンズ グローバルセンター「グローバル・サポート事業」アドバイザー
2019-06 -- 2020-01Advisor, EYES for Embracing Diversity: Multicultural Coexistence and Art, Asia Center, Japan Foundation
2018-12 -- 2018-12東京都・アーツカウンシル東京・一般社団法人kuriya主催「Betweens Passport Initiative シェアリング・セッション」「『日本人』/『移民』を超えて:若者のリーダーシップを育てる」モデレーター
2017-01 -- 2017-01和光鶴川小学校公開研究会「『知りたい』『話したい』を育てる異文化・国際理解教育」共同研究者

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