Madarbakus Naheen

Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences
Official title
Assistant Professor
Research fields
Foreign language education
Research keywords
Metacognitive Instruction
Teacher Training
Learner Perceptions
Listening Pedagogy
Curriculum Design
Listening Strategies
Research projects
Investigating the dynamic nature of listening comprehension in EMI lectures: A comparison of Japan, Hong Kong, and Sweden.2023-04 -- (current)Nathan Thomas DuckerJapan Society for the Promotion of Science/ Grant-in-aid for Scientific Research B 年度 基盤研究(B)(一般)/4,000,000Yen
JALT Listening SIG2021-09 -- 2023-09The Japan Association for Language Teaching (JALT)/100,000Yen
Using Metacognitive Strategy Instruction in a TED Talks-based L2 Listening Programme2020-08 -- 2020-10/Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand514,000Yen
Listening Strategies in the Korean EAP Classroom2017-04 -- 2017-10KOTESOL/KOTESOL Research Grant20,000Yen
Career history
2022-09 -- (current)University of TsukubaFaculty of Humanities and Social Sciences - CEGLOCAssistant Professor
2020-11 -- 2022-08Nagoya University of Commerce and BusinessFaculty of International StudiesLecturer
2018-02 -- 2020-10Victoria University of Wellington,Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences - LALSTeacher
2012-09 -- 2017-08Korea UniversityInstitute of Foreign Language StudiesAssistant Professor
Academic background
2017-11 -- 2021-09Victoria University of Wellington, Linguistics and Applied Language Studies
2013-04 -- 2015-04Sheffield Hallam University, Department of Information and Society
2001-09 -- 2002-09University of Leeds, Faculty of Communication
1998-09 -- 2001-07Staffordshire University, School of Culture and Media Studies
2021-09Applied Linguistics (PhD)Victoria University of Wellington
2015-04TESOL (MA)Sheffield Hallam University
2002-09Communication Studies (MA)University of Leeds
2001-07Media studies and Journalism (BA Hons)Staffordshire University
Licenses and qualifications
2012-09Trinity Diploma in TESOL
2009-09Trinity Certificate in TESOL
Academic societies
2022-03 -- (current)JACET
2022-02 -- (current)KOTESOL
2021-02 -- (current)Listening SIG Coordinator (JALT)
2021-02 -- (current)JSLA
2020-10 -- (current)The Japan Association for Language Teaching (JALT)
2015-10 -- 2017-10KOTESOL
  • Journal Jargon: Using online listening diaries to measure the learning process.
    Madarbakus Naheen; Ring Liam
    Creating Motivational Online Environments for Students/IGI Global, 2023-07
Conference, etc.
  • Journal Jargon: Learners’ Reflections from Extensive Listening
    Madarbakus Naheen; Ring Liam
    J-SLA 2023/2023-10-14--2023-10-15
  • Notes from the desk: Tutor and Tutee Writing Reflections
    Madarbakus Naheen; Schwendeman FDY
    J-SLA 2023/2023-10-14--2023-10-15
  • High-level and Low-level Learner reflections from the L2 listening journal
    Madarbakus Naheen
    SOLPHE 2023/2023-10-06--2023-10-07
  • Listening with TED Talks Textbooks: A Keynote Lexical Analysis
    Madarbakus Naheen; Benson Stuart
    H-LRF 2023/2023-09-09--2023-09-10
  • Reflecting on Listening: Learner Journal insights from the Japanese University Context
    Listening SIG Conference 2023/2023-07-15--2023-07-15
  • Listening SIG Conference 2023
    Listening SIG Conference 2023/2023-07--2023-07
  • Academic Writing Support Desk: First Anniversary Event.
    Madarbakus Naheen; Yung Schwendeman Faye Dorcas
    AWSD/CEGLOC, 5th CEGLOC Conference 2022/2023-02-21--2023-02-21
  • Academic Writing Support Desk: First Year Reflections
    Madarbakus Naheen; Yung Schwendeman Faye Dorcas
    JALT PanSIG 2023/2023-05-13--2023-05-14
  • Experience sharing by a. newly established academic writing support service at the University of Tsukuba
    Madarbakus Naheen; Yung Schwendeman Faye Dorcas; Suemor...
    WCAJ 13th Symposium on Writing Centers in Asia/2023-02-18--2023-02-18
  • Reflecting on listening: Learner journal insights from the Japanese University context.
    Madarbakus Naheen
    RELC 2023/2023-03--2023-03
  • 5th CEGLOC Conference
    Madarbakus Naheen
    5th CEGLOC Conference/2022-12--2022-12
  • Investigating the lexicon of tertiary-level commercial textbooks in Japan
    Madarbakus Naheen; Benson Stuart
    ALANZ 2022/2022-11--2022-11
  • Self-led and classroom instruction. Listening insights into metacognitive strategy instruction
    Madarbakus Naheen
    SSU4 2022/2022-11--2022-11
  • Using listening tasks in metacognitive strategy-based instruction
    Madarbakus Naheen
    JALT 2022/2022-11--2022-11
  • JALT Listening SIG Forum 2022
    Madarbakus Naheen
    JALT 2022/2022-11--2022-11
  • Using general and Japanese context -specific word lists to analyze listening vocabulary in commercial textbooks.
    Madarbakus Naheen; Benson Stuart
    J-SLA 2022/2022-10--2022-10
  • JALT Listening SIG Conference 2022
    Madarbakus Naheen
    JALT Listening SIG Conference 2022/2022-09-25--2022-09-25
  • Conducting listening research in L2 classrooms
    Madarbakus Naheen
    JALT Listening Conference 2022/2022-09-25--2022-09-25
  • Reading and Listening vocabulary in second language learning textbooks
    MADARBAKUS NAHEEN; Benson Stuart
    H-LRF 2022/2022-09-10--2022-09-12
  • Commercial of in-house tertiary level textbooks? A vocabulary load analysis
    Madarbakus Naheen; Benson Stuart
    JACET 2022/2022-08-24--2022-08-26
  • JALT Listening SIG Showcase
    Madarbakus Naheen; Beuckens T; Goldberg P; Jones M
    PanSIG 2022/2022-07
  • Reflecting on listening: Learner insights from metacognitive journals.
    Madarbakus Naheen
    KOTESOL 2022/2022-05
  • Selecting, Grading, and Teaching TED Talks-based Listening Lessons (short workshop).
    Madarbakus Naheen
    KOTESOL 2022/2022-05
  • Using context specific word lists to analyze the lexicon of academic ELT textbooks
    Madarbakus Naheen; Benson Stuart
    KOTESOL 2022/2022-05
  • Selecting, Grading, and Teaching TED Talks-based Listening Lessons: An interactive workshop. Workshop presentation (Invited Speaker)
    Madarbakus Naheen
    JALT Nagano Chapter/2022-03
  • more...
  • The Listening SIG: Hear Us Out
    Madarbakus Naheen
  • Planning a classroom-based listening research project
    Madarbakus Naheen
  • Applying Research 4
    MADARBAKUS NAHEEN; Benson Stuart
  • SIG Focus: The Listening SIG
  • Using TED Talks in the Listening Classroom
  • Applying Research 3
    MADARBAKUS NAHEEN; Benson Stuart
  • Applying Research 2
    MADARBAKUS NAHEEN; Benson Stuart
  • Applying Research 1
    MADARBAKUS NAHEEN; Benson Stuart
  • Teacher Abroad From Corona to conference: Moving overseas in times of COVID-19.
  • Stop press!: Using effective listening strategies in Academic English.
  • Academic listening: A practical approach.
  • Teacher Podcast: Using Listening Skills in the EAP Classroom
  • Teacher Podcast: Listening Skills
    Madarbakus Naheen
2023-04 -- 2023-08English Reading Skills ICEGLOC
2023-04 -- 2023-08English Presentation Skills ICEGLOC
2023-04 -- 2023-08English Academic ReadingCEGLOC
2022-10 -- 2023-02English Presentation Skills IICEGLOC
2022-10 -- 2023-02English Academic PresentationCEGLOC
2022-10 -- 2023-02English Academic ReadingCEGLOC
Other educational activities
2023-05 -- 2023-05Handbook Editor, PanSIG 2023JALT PanSIG 2023
2023-02 -- 2023-02Abstract Vetting, PanSIG 2023JALT PanSIG 2023
2022-04 -- 2022-12Mentor, Mentoring programme, Victoria University of Wellington,Mentoring programme, Victoria University of Wellington,
2022-07 -- 2022-07Handbook Editor, PanSIG 2022JALT PanSIG 2022
2022-03 -- 2022-03Abstract Vetting, PanSIG 2022JALT PanSIG 2022
2021-03 -- 2021-03Abstract Vetting, PanSIG 2021JALT PanSIG 2021
2021-02 -- (current)Listening SIG Coordinator, JALT Listening SIG.JALT
University Management
2022-09 -- (current)Academic Writing Desk CommitteeAWSD Tutor
2022-11 -- (current)Academic Writing Desk CommitteeWorkshop Organizer
2022-11 -- (current)Academic Writing Desk CommitteeEvents Organizer
2022-11 -- (current)Academic Writing Desk CommitteeFeedback Coordinator
Other activities
2023-02 -- (current)Reviewer for IGI Global.
2022-10 -- (current)Reviewer for CEGLOC Journal.
2022-05 -- (current)Reviewer for International Journal of Listening.
2022-03 -- (current)Reviewer for Applied Cognitive Psychology Journal.
2021-12 -- (current)Reviewer for New Zealand Studies in Applied Linguistics Journal.

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